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Just a mesh edit to fix the Red Rocket up a little.

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Note: It looks like I forgot I had bUseCombinedObjects=0 under [General] in the Fallout4.ini. Straight mesh edits won't work without that ini edit, so if it doesn't show up in game that is why. If you don't use the ini edit (which will cause noticeable performance hits in the city and similar areas), you need the esp as well. Download the esp and one of the meshes.

Someone asked if they could port this mod for XBox 1, I gave permission and it can be found here: . Due to the limitations of the site, it is only a single version (from the description, it appears to be the No Pump, no window version). 

Edit: Have gotten a few reports that it caused the cell reset bug, so if you keep a bunch of power armor there or use the pre-existing containers keep that in mind. I haven't noticed it myself, and it;s just been two reports so far (last one was before I updated the esp). If it actually is causing the bug, then there is nothing I can do about it, since the esp does not one bit more than it needs to do to be able to work (without the ini edit), and the method I used is the same one that Spring Cleaning did to allow you to scrap the things it enables scrapping for (which reportedly doesn't cause the reset bug). So if it is causing the reset bug then it is impossible to edit a vanilla mesh without causing it. I don't think the ini version causes the bug (1st report was using esp, second didn't say). 

Just a mesh replacer that fixes up the Red Rocket, repairing the sign and the moulding (?) around the outside roof. There are two version: one with all the vanilla parts, and one with the hanging pump and semi-spheres on the ground removed. I copied the install path structure, so it should install fine with NMM, or just copy the "meshes" folder into your data folder.

Compatability: should be compatible with pretty much everything. It's just a mesh edit of a single mesh, so it will work fine with anything that doesn't touch the same mesh. This includes the various Red Rocket retextures. Both esp version should be compatible with pretty much everything.

A note: if you get the version with the hanging pump removed, the collision for it is still there. Unfortunately, it is all one big collision mesh, so there was no way for me (with my limited understanding of FO4 collision) to change the collision mesh without removing it for the whole thing.

Only issue I could find was with Red Rocket's Glare. It wasn't so much a compatability issue, but a change he made to the material file the mesh uses caused some weirdly stretched textures on the parts I edited. I figured out the cause, and included the fix as an optional file (requires his mod, this just changes the material file, it doesn't provide the needed glow map).
Fixed with 1.1.

Explanation for why I made this mod:

Someone requested the Red Rocket with the hanging pump and small semi-circular domes on the ground removed so they could build in that space without them getting in the way.

I figured I could do it pretty quickly, so I went ahead and did made the tweaks, learned a few things about using Nifskope that let me fix the no collision problem that making the edits in 3ds max caused, and sent it to them.

Unfortunately (for me), this got me interested in fixing the Red Rocket up a bit so it looked better. While it helped me learn a lot about using 3ds Max, fixing the damn moulding (?) where it was missing/severely bent in vanilla was a pain in the ass, and fixing the UV map for it was even worse. I finished the damn thing a few days ago, but there were a few bits where the textures didn't match up quite right (slight color mismatches near the borders of UV subsets, that were glaringly obvious to me but most people probably wouldn't notice). At that point I had spent probably 10 hours over two days tweaking first the mesh and then the fucking UV map, and decided I didn't want to see that UV map ever again. After a few days, and dealing with a few tests, I went back, fixed it, and feel it is now ready to upload.

This is pretty much finished, so I am unlikely to be releasing any updates. I am probably going to make a craftable Red Rocket at some point, but I have to decide what meshes I want to combine (the main building is two meshes and definitely going together, but I have to decide if I want to bother with the garage door, and am also thinking about adding the bits of sidewalk in, and if so I'll want to fix them up first). I'll also have to play around with things so it is easily placeable, so it could be a little while before I get that released. Also unsure if I'll upload it as part of this, or just make it a separate mod.

Also, if anyone knows why 3ds max went from importing the textures properly, to importing the materials so it will load properly in game but not render in 3ds max or Nifskope, to not even properly reading the materials (forcing me to learn how to assign textures in Nifskope), please let me know. It's really weird (as a check I tried importing the same mesh I initially did when it fully imported the textures, and it couldn't even properly read the materials), and really annoying.

I would also like some help with editing collisions, my first mesh edit was an attempt at making the Sentinel Site bunker craftable, and after finally getting it to the point I was satisfied with it (Bethesda loves half-assing meshes), I realized that I couldn't get the collision to work. I (now) know the 3ds max plugin can't do anything with collision, but I have seen some new structure mods with custom collision. Primarily from DDproductions83, most other mods mix and match pieces of vanilla meshes. I am figuring out how to do that a bit in Nifskope, but that's not going to be very useful for the bunker, which is fairly unique in shape, and also absolutely huge (only about the top 1/3-1/2 of it is visible in game). Hell, if I could figure out a way to invert the collision mesh I would be ecstatic (the original mesh has collision only for outside to inside), but I would definitely like to learn how to do things properly.

Mods visible in the images:

Red Rockets Glare for the glow on the building/Sign
Homemaker used to make most of the building visible on top of the Red Rocket
Red Rocket in Wood for the wall and floor textures visible in the garage
Snap 'n Build for some of the of the building
DDproductions AIO mod for the floor supports