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This removes the limits on Gunslinger and Rifleman that keep them from working on automatic weapons, and modifies Commando to do 5% more damage per level (because they now stack), and also to work on Heavy weapons. This is a rebalance to work more like advertised, and what makes more sense.

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Does it bug you that a weapon with automatic firing suddenly loses all of your bonuses? Has no one heard of select firing? What is with these arbitrary limitations on the perks?

Well, I was tired of dealing with this silliness. Gunplay rebalances the perks and removes these arbitrary limitations.

Full List of Changes:
  • Removed the 'non-automatic' limitation on Gunslinger and Rifleman.
  • Lowered Commando's bonus damage to 5% per level (since they now stack).
  • Removed Commando's biased against heavy weapons, it now stacks with Gunslinger, Rifleman, and Heavy Gunner. (So long as the weapon is automatic.)
  • (New) Removed the non-automatic limitation on the Rank 2 and 3 Sniper perks.

  • Yes, this does mean that end game damage bonuses are higher for automatic weapons. However:
  • Automatic weapons already eat your ammo like a crack addict.
  • You will be spending more perk points to get these two to stack.
  • The early game is where this really matters. In the early game, you can't easily choose to have -all- automatic or non-automatic weapons. It gives you more flexibility when ammo and guns are more scarce: early on.

If you have any suggestions for the mod, go ahead and post them. It really is a simple mod to anyone who opens it up in FO4Edit. I just couldn't easily find a mod that solved this annoyance.

If you want to modify the automatic weapons themselves to make more sense, I suggest downloading Autocorrect as it is an excellent mod.

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