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Note: this article has been updated for v1.10 of OAR. If you're running a version below that, not all of the side quests listed below will show up. If you're looking for details on the quests added by the Project Valkyrie expansion, see here.  If you are looking for Fusion City Rising quest details, see here.

Main quests

1) Initiation:  Talk to Chuck Finley at the B.O.G. Bunker.  This quest takes you to the Raider Emporium in Natick Banks and to various exterior locations in the Commonwealth to track down a missing weapon.  Play-through video here.

2) In Plain Sight: Talk to Jesse Porter at the B.O.G. Bunker after completing the quest "Initiation".  This quest takes you through a mysterious Gunner bunker on the southern shore of Lake Cochituate.  Play-through video here.

3) Prepared for the Future: Activates automatically after completing "In Plain Sight".  The first part of the quest requires tracking down clues to find a hidden Vault-Tec bunker.  Then infiltrate the vault where you will encounter a new faction.  Play-through video here

4) Connecting the Commonwealth: Talk to Mike McBride at the B.O.G. after completing "Prepared for the Future".  This quest involves fighting massive battles and gathering parts throughout the Commonwealth to build a teleportation network.  Play-through video here.

Side Quests

1) Back in Time: Talk to Dr. Alexander Brown, an escaped Institute scientist, in the basement of the Raider Emporium.  Help him gather parts to repair the time machine he is working on.  Then travel back in time to fight a new faction.  Play-through video here.

2) Pimpin' Ain't Easy: Talk to Sam Cruel in the Raider Emporium after completing the part of the quest "Initiation" where you return the bat to Vatiwah.  This quest involves rescuing some kidnapped prostitutes and helping the Natick Banks Raiders obtain better weapons.  Play-through video here.

3) Excess Baggage: Talk to Nate in the B.O.G. Bunker after completing the quest "Prepared for the Future". This quest is a rescue operation that will take you to various locations in the Commonwealth, and yields an optional companion, Shannon. Play-through video here.

4) Quantitative Easing: Talk to Sam Cruel in the Raider Emporium after completing the quests "Pimpin' Ain't Easy" and "Connecting the Commonwealth".  This a bounty quest to track down "Vertibird Ben", leader of a group of economists called The Children of Mises, who stole the bottle cap press from Shamrock Taphouse and are running a counterfeiting operation out of the Boston Federal Reserve Bank building.  Play-through video here.

5) Paradise Lost: Talk to Mike McBride at the B.O.G. Bunker after completing the quest "Quantitative Easing". He'll ask you to track down his brother Gabriel, which will lead you on a mission to find a missing G.E.C.K., encountering three large battles along the way as you journey through Deathclaw Valley, South Boston Docks, and East Boston.

6) Pimp Quests (Sawyer): Head to Club Snuggle, home of the Back Bay Players, across the river from Greenetech Genetics, and talk to Sawyer behind the counter. He'll give you a series of quests, in the following order:

- Tools of the trade: Track down some audio, lighting, camera, and printing equipment to help the pimps get into the adult magazine business. This will involve negotiating with Piper and Travis the radio DJ, and exploring a couple locations downtown.

- Pimp Drugs: Obtain supplies so the club can continue making its custom chems, PimpJet and Berry HoTats.

- Selling Skin: Head to the photo studio in Club Snuggle and grab the Pimp Camera and Pimp Magazine Holotape you'll need for the optional photo shoot quests.

- Secret Ingredients: Obtain ingredients for the club to continue serving a couple of its more popular drinks.

- Pimpin' for Parts: Help the pimps gather the electrical components, chemistry supplies and plumbing parts they need to keep Club Snuggle running smoothly.

- Sending a message: Repeatable bounty quest to take out Raider gangs who have crossed the pimps.

- Photoshoot: There are 11 of these, all optional, all repeatable. Initiate a photo shoot quest using the Pimp Magazine Holotape you obtained in "Selling Skin". Convince a model to pose, and you get paid two ways: once when providing the pics to Club Snuggle, and a second time as a royalty.  Payments are deposited to the wall receptacle in the Photo Studio of Club Snuggle. You can collect payment whenever you want.

If you have any trouble, all of the Pimp quests can be cancelled by talking to Sawyer, or in the case of the photo shoot quests, by accessing the Pimp Magazine Holotape.

7) Pimp Quests (Dirty Fred): Fred usually hangs out in the back office of Club Snuggle, or he'll tour the dance floor. He will give you two quests. The first is "Raw Deal", to negotiate a weapons deal with a buyer.  The second is "Pimp Errands", to kill a gang that has crossed Dirty Fred and retrieve some parts.  "Pimp Errands" is repeatable to new locations. If any trouble, the quests can be cancelled by talking to Dirty Fred.

8) B.O.G Side Quests: Access the terminal on the top floor of the B.O.G. Bunker, grab a B.O.G. Mission Holotape, and play it to access the following quests:

- B.O.G. Bounty: Track down and kill a bounty target.
- B.O.G. Tech Retrieval: Help the B.O.G. recover valuable tech.
- Hunt down the Gunners: This becomes available after completing "In Plain Sight".
- Troll the Brotherhood of Steel: Steal tech that the B.O.S. has located and staked out (B.O.S must have arrived in Commonwealth to trigger).
- Harass the Institute: Hunt Coursers.

All the B.O.G. side quests are repeatable to new locations. If you have any trouble, you can use the B.O.G. Mission Holotape to cancel the quest and get a new one. You don't need to return to the B.O.G. bunker each time to complete the quest. You can collect payment whenever convenient. This should avoid waiting through extra load screens.

9) Preston Garvey Must Pay: This quest will auto-start at the end of "In Plain Sight". You can forgive Preston, send him to jail, kill him, or let him off with a hefty fine. If you kill him, obviously you won't be able to proceed with the Minutemen Ending of the vanilla main quest..

Troubleshooting a Quest (WARNING: Potential SPOILER Alerts Below)

This section is for use only if you get stuck on a quest.

The "xx" below in the quest ID's should be replaced by order of Outcasts and Remnants in your load order.  To find the full quest ID, use console command: help <editor id of quest you want to find> 0

To advance a quest stage, console command: setstage <questid> <stage #>

Advancing a quest with a console command is a last resort if nothing else works, and can have adverse unintended consequences.

Troubleshooting if you can't get the main quest to start:

The quest "Initiation" should start automatically after you complete the main Fallout 4 quest "Reunions", where you confront Kellogg at Fort Hagen. If you've already completed Reunions at the time of installing the mod, the quest "Initiation" will start as soon as you load the game.

If it doesn't auto-start, just head to the B.O.G. Bunker south of Oberland Station and talk to Chuck Finley behind the counter.

Some of the quest stages involving "search" or "investigate" do not have quest markers.  If you want hints though, check the log section of your Pipboy.

Initiation: Quest ID xx079716, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_Initiation, Stages:

5 Talk to Chuck at the B.O.G Bunker
7 Find the Natick Banks Church
10 Investigate Natick Banks church for clues
15 Talk to Sam Cruel at Raider Emporium
20 Talk to Vatiwah at Raider Emporium
25 Find the bus northwest of Fort Hagen
30 Investigate the bus for clues
35 Find Will at the Fort Hagen parking garage
40 Search the garage for clues
50 Retrieve the bat from the Gunners
60 Return the treasure map in the bat to Vatiwah
70 Return Grabthar's sledgehammer to Chuck Finley
80 Quest complete

In Plain Sight: Quest ID xx080A71, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_InPlainSight, Stages:

10 Talk to Jesse Porter
20 Acquire intel on Cochituate Bunker
21 (Optional) Talk to Ash
30 Search for intel on the Gunner leadership
40 Get intel on the Modified FEV strain
50 Gather intel on the Enclave agenda
60 Obtain intel on the secret weapon
70 Acquire intel on Enclave enemies
80 Quest complete

Prepared for the Future: Quest ID xx0819B8, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_PreparedForTheFuture, Stages:

10 Get to Vault-Tec Regional HQ
15 Search the Vault-Tec Regional HQ basement terminals for clues
20 Get to Layton Towers
25 Search the wall safe in Davidson's residence at Layton Towers for clues
27 Read "A Memo from Vault Tec HQ"
30 Get to the Harbormaster Hotel
35 Search Mitch Murray's room at Harbormaster Hotel for clues
40 Find the Underwater Vault-Tec Employee Bunker
50 Gather intel on Vault-Tec
60 Infiltrate deeper into the Vault-Tec bunker
70 Escape the prison cell
80 Kill the guards, loot a prison key, free the prisoners, and get your stuff back.
90 Talk to Elaine Redding
100 Retrieve the teleportation schematics
110 Kill Overseer Lincoln and retrieve his overseer key card
112 Examine Overseer Lincoln's terminal for clues
115 Retrieve the key card from the safe
120 Talk to Jesse Porter at the B.O.G HQ
130 Quest complete

Connecting the Commonwealth: Quest ID xx01004B, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_ConnectingTheCommonwealth, Stages:

10 Talk to Mike McBride
20 Retrieve biometric scanner parts from Concord
30 Retrieve distress pulser parts from Concord
40 Retrieve high powered magnet parts from Malden
50 Retrieve dampening coil parts from Malden
60 Retrieve circuit board parts from Lexington
70 Retrieve battery parts from Lexington
80 Retrieve relay coil parts from Cambridge
90 Retrieve vacuum tube parts from Cambridge
100 Retrieve sensor module parts from Cambridge
110 Retrieve relay sensor parts from Cambridge
120 Return the teleporter parts to Mike
130 Visit Vault-Tec Teleportation Services central hub
140 Talk to Elaine Redding
150 Visit the active teleport hub
160 Collect your teleport network income
170 Quest complete

Back In Time: Quest ID xx005DD7, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_BackInTime, Stages:

10 Talk to Dr. Alexander Brown in the basement of the Raider Emporium
20 Acquire a Flux Capacitor
30 Find a 1.21 Gigawatt power coil
40 Search for a Mr. Fusion Battery
50 Return the parts to Doc Brown
60 Kill Hitler
70 Speak with Doc Brown
80 Quest complete

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: Quest ID xx00212C, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_Pimpin, Stages:

5 Talk to Sam Cruel
10 Head to the exchange location
15 Free Mary-Kate and Ashley
20 Search for information
30 Read "Huggy Bear's Note"
40 Steal the weapons shipment
50 Kill all the ambushers
60 Search the bodies for clues
65 Read the "Enclave Note"
70 Return to Sam
80 Quest complete

Excess Baggage: Quest ID xx12FEAA, Editor ID: OAR_ShannonKidnapQuest, Stages:

10 Ask Nate in the B.O.G. Bunker for work.
20 Investigate Mahkra Fishpacking Plant for Shannon's whereabouts.
30 Read Shannon's Pip Pad Diary.
40 Investigate the Gunner overpass mentioned in Shannon's diary.
50 Read the Note from Trimboli.
60 Search Vault 75 for Shannon.
65 Read Whitmore's Diary.
70 Find Sloan and acquire his Cybernetic Pain Inhibitors.
80 Head to Vitale Pumphouse and make the hostage exchange.
90 Access the pumphouse and talk to Shannon.
100 Retrieve the explosive charges from Hub City Auto Wreckers.
110 Search house near Big John's Salvage for HVAC equipment.
120 Find the washer/dryer parts at Fairline Estates.
130 Retrieve the plumbing parts from Coast Guard Pier.
140 Locate the turbopump bearings at Electrical Hobbyist's Club.
200 Report back to Nate (if Shannon alive).
300 Report back to Nate (if Shannon dead).

Quantitative Easing: Quest ID xx005316, Editor ID: OAR_Quest_Quantitative_Easing, Stages:

10 Talk to Sam Cruel about some work
20 Read the "Bounty Note"
30 Search Dorchester Heights in South Boston for clues
40 Read the "Federal Reserve Note"
60 Audit the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
70 Gather Intel on Vertibird Ben
110 Talk to Vertibird Ben (or kill him is stage 120)
130 Retrieve the bottlecap press
140 Return to Sam (also check out the bathroom when you're done)
150 Quest complete

Paradise Lost: Quest ID xx011911, EditorID: OAR_Quest_ParadiseLost. Stages:

10 Ask Mike McBride at the B.O.G. Bunker for work.
20 Check in on Mike's brother Gabriel.  He has been spending time at a cabin up in the hills west of Walden Pond.
30 Retrieve Frank's Journal from Deathclaw Valley
40 Kill a Mythic Deathclaw and loot its balls.
50 Return to Gabriel at his cabin.
60 Check out Gabriel's Bunker.
70 Talk to Gabriel about the next steps.
80 Read the intel from Frank's Journal that Gabriel just gave you.
90 Search the South Boston dock area for clues about the GECK's location.
100 Find the missing G.E.C.K.
110 Talk to Gabriel.
120 Search the East Boston area for clues about Blackfinger's location.
130 Kill Blackfinger and retrieve the crossbow he took from Frank.
140 Talk to Gabriel.
150 Return to Mike McBride with the G.E.C.K.
155 Talk to Gabriel.

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