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Name: Reilly's Rangers Expanded
Version: 1.1
Date: 2010-08-17
Category: Locations/Factions
Recommended: Fallout Mod Manager
Author: Tubal

Don't have any reason to return to the Ranger compound after completing Reilly's quest besides the caps? Feel that a mercenary team of 4 seems a bit small to operate in the DC ruins?
Reilly's Rangers Expanded adds new rangers and new features to the compound over time. As you help the rangers to explore they expand their operation.

The Ranger Compound in Seward Square.

This initial version adds new rangers as guards for the compound, a merchant, a player-owned tent, a wearable ballistic mask, and a few other minor tweaks. All features will become available by returning to Reilly with mapping data. Currently there is no consideration for how much data is needed, so 1 map marker is all that's needed to unlock another step. Leave the area for a day or so for the expansion to take place.
Also retextures the Ranger Battle Armour, and the ranger logos decorating the place.

Additional features are planned for the future.

This mod is distributed as a FOMOD ready archive, and the RECOMMENDED way to install it is to use the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM):

1. Open FOMM.
2. Select Package Manager.
3. Select Add Package.
4. Open the mod archive file.
5. Find the created mod in the list and activate it.

To uninstall using FOMM:

1. Open FOMM
2. Select the Package Manager
3. Find the mod in the list and deactivate it.
(4. optional: Right-click the mod and select Delete to remove completely from hard drive)

The mod can be installed by extracting it into the Fallout 3 data folder. No instructions will be provided by me on how to do this.

The mod is incompatible with others that change the named rangers, Ranger Battle Armour, the outside of the compound (the inside is not touched in this version), and possibly the random event involving Donovan.
Depending on the type of change there may be acceptible conflicts, eg changing the Battle Armour will not affect the expansion of the compound.

Known Issues or Bugs
No bugs are known at this time.

1.1, 2010-08-17 - Minor fix release
1.0, 2009/08/01 - Initial release.

I can be found at the Bethesda forums, or the Nexus forums under the nickname 'Tubal'.

Credits to ME. You hear that?
Mezmorelda for Fallout Wanderers Edition, which is how I play Fallout.
Timeslip for the Fallout Mod Manager.
Robin at the Fallout 3 Nexus for hosting.

Tools Used
DDS Converter
Fallout Mod Manager
Paint Shop Pro 8
the G.E.C.K
Opera Browser
lhammonds's Readme Generator (which really could use a Fo3 port)

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.