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Adds some Unimportant Mercenary NPC's to the world.

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This next installment of the Unimportant NPC's series of mods, adding a few generic NPC's to the world, adding to the population of the world.

What this mod does
For this installmen, I have added some additional Mercenaries to the world some areas of the wasteland, with the Regulator's being the main focus. Two Regulator Outposts were added to the world, one near Girdershade and one not far from Grayditch, both having a patrol outside each. There is also another patrol in the Fall's Church area.

You can get the key to both Outpost in the Regulator HQ if you have the Lawbringer Perk. 

In addition to the Regulator's, I added an additional NPC in Megaton acting as an additional guard in the town. And in Point Lookout, I added a NPC acting as a guard to Madame Panada.

There is also a new Talon Mercenary Boss in one of the outpost in the outskirts of the DC ruins with a new Unique 10mm SMG. Location in the Spoiler.


A new Sheriff Duster was added as well, with unique stats. Location is in the Spoiler


And last but not least, I added a new NPC named Bruce Morgan that can be hired for 100 caps as a simple companion. He is not essential, and he is notably weaker than the base game companions, but he has no Karma requirements and can be aquired in his small home located in Springvale. He is unfortunatly not voiced, as I don't have the ability to voice his lines.

Known Issues
Panada's Mercenary in Point Lookout looks a bit off.

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