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Adds some Unimportant Raider NPC's to the world.

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This next installment of the Unimportant NPC's series of mods, adding a few generic NPC's to the world, adding to the population of the world.

What this mod does
For this installment, I have added some additional Raider's to the world some areas of the wasteland, with the with a new raider group setting up in Greener Pastur's Disposal Sight being the main focus.

In addition, this includes enhanced versions of two of my weapon mods, those being:
The Last Laugh - A Unique 10mm Pistol
Concussion - A Unique Baseball Bat
The updated Stats will be in the Screenshots

I also added several Named Raider Bosses to different locations. The list of there location will be in the spoiler

There are also three new patrols that walk the wasteland. The general locations will be  in the spoiler

New Unique Equipment
The Last Laugh - Unique 10mm Pistol
Concussion - Unique Baseball Bat
Light Combat Armor - Unique Rivet City Uniform
Apocalypse Gladiator Armor - Restored and Edited Unique Metal Armor
Apocalypse Gladiator Helmet - Restored and Edited Unique Metal Helmet

The Locations will be in the spoiler


DC Interiors - There is a building both chucksteel and I use in Springvale. If you use DC Interiors, please download the file labled as V2

Known Issues
None currently reported.

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