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Radioactiv and TradeMxrk

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Fose plugin which uses xml to display achievements

Permissions and credits
Do you wish fallout 3 had achievements? Well now it almost does!
Displays achievements on screen, along with a counter and a nostalgic sound.

You can change how long achievements display using the .ini file in the plugins folder

Make sure Fallout 3 script extender is installed - If on the steam version, this requires downpatching to work.
Requires the Command Extender plugin
Move the contents of the zip file to your fallout 3 install
Ensure Archive Invalidation is enabled in your mod manager if textures are not showing

Achievements can be reset by deleting the Achievements.txt file in the main game folder (where Fallout3.exe is located). 

*Note achievements are not retroactive and will likely not ever be, due to the nature of the plugin.

Known Issues
When on lower than high texture settings, the background will not display correctly

Thanks to the FOSE team for creating the script extender
Thanks to lStewieAl for his fallout 3 plugins which helped me to understand plugins
Thanks to the xNVSE team for helping with general questions :)
To whoever got all the Achievement Icons
To TradeMxrk for helping with xml
To Kungkobra for being great as always