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Increases bullet speed for xCalibr

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Updated to include FWE
You can now choose between no tracers and visible tracers! All of the projectiles included in FWE, but not xCalibr, now have increased speed as well. Choose ONE file which best suits your needs and taste.


A small mod that modifies the projectile speed of all ammunition added by xCalibr. The formula used is 23.1 in game units = 1 real life foot. It was then a matter of multiplying 23.1 by the estimated feet per second a bullet travels.

For example, vanilla Fallout has a 5.56mm round at a value of 10,000 units (which translates to 432 FPS in real life). This mod changes it to 67,308 units (2,914 FPS). Generally, the fastest projectile velocity in this mod, is right around 70,000. Most rifle calibers in this mod travel at a range from 40,000 to high 60,000s. Most pistol projectiles in this mod are around 25,000 units of speed, which means that the pistol projectiles will be anywhere from 2 - 3 times as fast as they are in vanilla Fallout. Almost all projectiles (not pistol or rifle, but all) in vanilla Fallout are right at 10,000 units for speed. There are also some projectiles here and there in Vanilla that are a little slower than 10,000. Needless to say, the speed at which bullets travel are drastically increased compared to the vanilla version.

Every other value regarding the projectile has been left untouched. The only thing modified is velocity and the presence of tracers, depending on which version chosen.

I tried to pick a middle ground regarding ammunition. There are many different kinds of ammunition for each caliber, and each one travels at a different velocity. I generally tried to stick with the velocity of FMJ rounds when I could, and I would usually pick a velocity that was in the middle of all of the calibers that I found. Meaning, if company A advertised a velocity of 3,000 FPS, company B advertised a velocity of 2,500 FPS, and company C advertised a velocity of 2,750 FPS, I would generally settle for a speed of 2,750 FPS. It really doesn't make a noticeable difference ultimately, as projectiles get sizable boost in velocity regardless of what velocity I chose.

Description of Files
RBSxCalibr - Use this if you only have xCalibr installed. Tracers are present on all projectiles for every shot (like vanilla Fallout).
RBSxCalibrNoTracers - Use this if you only have xCalibr installed. Tracers are NOT present.
RBSxCalibrNoTracers_FWE - Use this if you have xCalibr and FWE installed and do NOT want Tracers to be visible.
RBSxCalibr_FWE - Use this if you have xCalibr and FWE installed and want tracers added back in (FWE disables tracers by default)

How does this affect gameplay?
It doesn't. This is a purely cosmetic mod. I had originally thought that it was easier to hit enemies since the bullet traveled faster, but I found out Fallout 3 uses hitscan for its projectiles. What hitscan means is, the game checks to see where your reticule is in relation to an enemy, adds in random spread modifiers from your current gun, stance, etc., and then calculates where the bullet will hit in relation to your aiming reticule. This is all done before you actually see the bullet fly through the air towards the enemy, meaning the tracer is purely cosmetic and hits where the game has already decided it will hit. It also means that the player doesn't have to account for if an enemy is moving, bullet drop, the Coriolis effect, or whatever else. Aiming at what you want to hit, regardless of what the enemy is doing, is the best way to actually hit the enemy. The increased speed might look a bit weird to most players at first, but it's just visual.

VATS animations that follow the bullet as it travels through the air still work, function, and play at default speed. I'm also assuming (I haven't actually tested it) that enemies projectiles are sped up as well, but it shouldn't matter as their bullets are likely hitscan as well.

Just install like normal. Add the zipped file to your package manager and then activate.

Manual Installation
-Drop in "Data"

VERY IMPORTANT This mod can go anywhere, as long as you put it AFTER other mods that modify projectile (PROJ). Common mods that modify PROJ are: FWE, Apocalypse Armory, and xCalibr (or any compatibility patches that include one of the aforementioned). If you are unsure where it should go, just set it at the bottom of the list, above your merged patch.

As far as I'm aware, this isn't sorted by BOSS, and LOOT will put the xCalibrammo_FWE.esp plugin after this one, which you don't want. But it's very easy to rectify, as all you have to do is edit the meta data for this mod to make sure it loads after the xCalibrammo_FWE.esp plugin. Just drag and drop, and the next time you let LOOT sort your plugins, it will correctly set it at the bottom.

Required Mods
Calibr by Tubal
xCalibr by EARACHE42

FWE by Peekaboom

You must have the proper mods installed for this plugin to function properly.

If you like this mod...
Then be sure to head over to the Calibr , xCalibr , and FWE pages and endorse them, because they are the ones that put in the hard work.

This file is free for all modders to use however they see fit, except for using in a paid mod which is forbidden.

The picture is completely unrelated to the mod, but I felt that this mod needed a picture.