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eXcalibr is the ultimate upgrade pack for CALIBR. It pumps up your FO3 experience with detailed boxes and accurate magazines for most munitions, hi-res bullets and casings (sized and shaped appropriately), scaled ballistic data, and enhanced features for modders.

Permissions and credits

eXcalibr is the ultimate upgrade pack for CALIBR.

xCALIBR is a resource extension to Tubal's CALIBR standard, providing much a needed eye-candy upgrade, enhanced detail, and standardized resources for modders. It pumps up your FO3 experience with accurate boxes or detailed magazines for most munitions, hi-res bullets and casings (sized and shaped appropriately), scaled ballistic data, and enhanced features for modders.

*****WARNING - eXcalibr installation can cause excessive ammo use*****

eXcalibr has been tested safe for use in all Fallout 3 weaponry

eXcalibr contains dangerous amounts of lead. Please don't let your children lick the bullets.

eXcalibr's carbon footprint is enormous. Especially at full auto.

This mod requires Community Ammunition Library - CALIBR Version 1.4 released 2010-08-28

eXcalibr is compatible with any mods that require CALIBR.

What's new in version 2.3
  • Updated for new rounds added by CALIBR v1.4. No new world models, but proper ballistics and leveled lists are included.
  • Updated packaging to "FOMOD ready" to reduce installation confusion.
  • Renamed optional override files. Please delete old ones if installed. Unsorted override removed due to lack of interest.
  • 6.5mm Grendel rounds from previous version now marked as defective. The 6.5mm Grendel introduced in CALIBR v1.4 now used.

What's new in version 2.2
  • Improved shell casing for many popular calibers.
  • New casings and bullets for the long rifle and heavy pistol rounds added in CALIBRv1.3
  • The 9x39mm subsonic is now available as SP5 ball or SP6 AP. New Wolf ammo boxes by Odin_ml.
  • Default 9x39mm casing replaced by a lower poly model for better performance. Hi poly version also included.
  • New 6.5 Grendal round complete with casing and Hornady style projectile and ammo box by Odin_ml.
  • Vanilla projectile entries given 'x' prefix for compatibility with FOSE commands.

Key features are:

Improved world models:
  • All ammo types now have beautiful, hi-res boxes or magazines for world models.
  • Classic ammo designs for legacy fallout munitions.
  • Augmented use of magazines, including translucent P90 mag and Hi-Res replacers for vanilla 556 and .308 mags.

Improved Naming and Pricing:
  • More descriptive naming make ammo less generic. EditorIDs are unchanged for compatibility with CALIBR and weapon mods.
  • Repricing makes ammo more expensive for overall balance. Powerful rounds are much more expensive.
  • Ammo is sorted to the top of your inventory. An unsorted override file is optional.

Shells and Slugs:
  • Expanded library of hi-res bullets pre-assigned to projectile data.
  • Expanded library of hi-res shell casings.
  • BSA packed resources reduces clutter when selecting casings.

New Ammo Crates:
  • Fallout classic 7.76 ammo crate - animated.
  • Fallout Classic .223 FMJ ammo crate - animated.
  • Fallout Classic 5mm AP ammo crate - animated.
  • C-Mag (double drum) - static.
  • Several pre-filled crate options for drag and drop ease of use.

Leveled Lists:
  • Vanilla style leveled lists for each caliber; scrounger odds, 75%, and loot
  • Compound leveled lists for vendors/containers include "pistol ammo", "rifle ammo", "explosives" and "Fallout Classics".
  • Other lists useful for modders include "all ammo" and "leveled ammo".
  • Internal naming structure allows for easy filtering
  • eXcalibr does not introduce any ammo into the game. Leveled lists are provided for YOU to use.

Projectile data:
  • Unique projectile data for every caliber. Pistol and automatic entries for dual use ammo (9mm, 10mm, .45, etc).
  • Silent projectile option for every caliber. Reduces ballistic attributes by ~ 10% but is truly silent with reduced muzzle flash.
  • Unique muzzle flashes for sniper and PDW/SMG rounds. Extra bang for extremely large bore rifles and hand cannons.
  • All projectiles set "pass through small invisible" so you can shoot through things like chain link fences.
  • Velocity, range and impact force scale up with cartridge size.
  • 40mm and 25mm grenades have gravity and low velocity for ballistic type trajectory.

Projectile data is roughly aligned with the standards used in Einherjrar's 19th and 20th Century Weapons mod.

  • Light P.Cal. (ie; 9mm Makarov):= 11k speed/5.5 impact force
  • Medium P.Cal. (ie; 9mm Para):=== 13k speed/6.5 impact force
  • Heavy P.Cal. (ie; .45 ACP):===== 15k speed/7.5 impact force
  • P.D.W. Cal. (ie; 4.6mm H&K):==== 25k speed/12.5 impact force
  • Light R.Cal. (ie; 5.56mm NATO):= 30k speed/15 impact force
  • Medium R.Cal. (ie; .308 NATO):== 40k speed/20 impact force
  • Heavy R.Cal. (ie; 30.06 NATO):== 50k speed/25 impact force

How do I install eXcalibr?

Open the download with 7 zip and extract the fomod file to your fallout3\FOMM\Mods folder.
Use FOMM's package manager to install the FOMOD file. Go here for a FOMOD tutorial.

Manual Method:

You can open the FOMOD file with any ziptool. If you do so, it is presumed that you know what you are doing.

The two files and two directories in green must be installed to your fallout3\data directory (same as every other mod you've ever installed).
Please familiarize yourself with file manager and 7zip if you are not already.


What is the Load Order for eXcalibr?
xCALIBR.esm should be installed immediately after CALIBR.esm in your load list.

    [X] Fallout3.esm[X] Lings.esm[X] Anchorage.esm[X] ThePitt.esm[X] PointLookout.esm[X] BrokenSteel.esm[X] Zeta.esm[X] LingsDLC.esm[X] CRAFT.esm[X] CALIBR.esm[X]xCALIBR.esm[X] Streetlights.esm[X] 20th Century Weapons.esm[X] Mart's Mutant Mod.esm[X]merge01.esp[X] xCALIBR_override.esp

The xCALIBR_override.esp is optional and can be activated at the end of your load list to over-ride any mods that make ballistic changes.

How do I use eXcalibr?

After installation, some ammo boxes and magazines will be upgraded by default, but most of changes lie dormant until used. The full benefit of eXcalibr requires use of GECK. Specifically, when you change the ammo type of a weapon, you can now also select the appropriate projectile data and shell casings. When building a cell, you can now populate it with a huge assortment of identifiable ammunition types. If you are building an armory, you NEED this mod!

See the three GECK screenshots on the images tab for more info.

Known Issues:

  • eXcalibr should be fully compatible with any mod that uses CALIBR as a master.
  • eXcaliber is primarily an "eye-candy" mod. No attempt at "realism" has been made. FO3 makes a poor platform for a real world ballistics simulator.
  • Tracers IMHO are consistent with the design goal of eye-candy. If there is enough interest, I will look into doing tracer-free version as well.
  • xCALIBR is 100% complete.
  • No laser ammo changed. This is all about bullets. 2mmEC is include because its a classic munition and not part of vanilla FO3.

Primary Resources & Credits:

CF Ammo by Listenerr
AG Ammo Can v1-2 by ApocalypticGirl
Shells and Slugs by odin_ml
Fallout Ammo Pack by Gennie
SSR_VINTOREZ_AR by Nesterman (9x39mm AR ammo only)
Toastys Action muzzleflash

Thanks to Dude716 for his re-texture of the Stalker RPG.

Special thanks to einherjrar for the generous use of magazines from 19th and 20th Century Weapons

Special thanks to odin_ml for the amazing new resources he built for this mod.

Special thanks to Conifer (Khugan) for letting me play with his 7.62mm models.

Special thanks to Bullet6 for building the great animated models for the ammo crates.

Special thanks to MunkeeNuts for help with the P90 clip.
Mag model: Short Fuse
Mag texture: Cyper
FO3 compile\port: MunkeeNuts
Edits: Earache42


This is the final release of the eXcaliber Ammo eXpansion pack. No further developments or fixes will be released. This mod is free of any major bugs in either content or installation. If you are having problems with resources, then your issues are generic and not specific to this mod.

Modders are free to do whatever they want with this mod short of re-uploading the content in whole or in part.
The mods eXcalibr Munitions shop and eXcalibr Universe – Book of Earache are no longer available on Nexus, but they live on in cyberspace. Google it.