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Adds female follower to The Drunken Bee tavern in Riverville.

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Amanda - Enderal SE Follower

You have my permission to do whatever you want with mod files as long as you credit me as original author (also add a link to this page) and don't make any money on your mod. You can also send me PM with a link to your mod and I might add it in this description.


Since in vanilla Enderal there are no companions besides ones that will follow you during quests I decided to make one myself. This mod adds female follower named Amanda. You can find her in The Drunken Bee tavern in Riverville. She is very basic companion and only can follow you and carry your stuff (unless you install EFF, more info below). If you like this mod, please endorse and comment.

Some important info

I recommended using Extensible Follower Framework with old Enderal version of the mod, as it adds a summon spell, waiting, stats bars, outfit management and more, but I never used EFF for SE and didn't test it yet, so I have no idea how compatible with Enderal SE it is. I might add more info on this subject later.

- This mod originally came out in 2016 on Skyrim Nexus and was later updated for Forgotten Stories and uploaded to Enderal Nexus, so if you want to read comments about the mod or old changelogs, click one of the links.
- Bear in mind that there are some places (mostly story-related) she just won't follow you and I can't do anything about it. Some people also reported crashes during some quests if you have Amanda by your side.
- Screenshots made on old Enderal: FS with Bijin skin and modified version of Rudy ENB.


KS Hairdos - Renewal by Kalilies and Stealthic - As you all know, the BEST hair mod ever

Thanks to:
SureAI for making Enderal - the best Skyrim mod EVER
Eddoursul and Enderal SE team for SE conversion
G_k for Cathedral Assets Optimizer
ElminsterAU and the xEdit team for xEdit

Video for v1.2 (go to 13:07)