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Fixes every single issue with the UI on ultrawide monitors.

-- For game version: 1.05.0 --

Permissions and credits
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Completely fixes all of the UI issues that are present in the vanilla game on 21:9 and 32:9 monitors.

  • Repositions all HUD elements that are supposed to be on the sides of the screen to be in proper places.
  • Resizes all menu and pop-up window backgrounds to cover the entire screen, as intended.
  • Fixes loading screens and cutscene transitions so you don't see the world loading/flickering on the sides.
  • Expands world map screen to fit the entire screen instead of having empty spaces or black bars on the sides.

Customization Addons

If you don't like the main HUD elements being pushed to the outside edges of your very wide screen I have included some options to change that.

  • 21x9 - Use 16x9 HUD
  • 32x9 - Use 16x9 HUD
  • 32x9 - Use 21x9 HUD

  • Download and install Mod Engine 2. (Can be installed anywhere on your PC you want - doesn't have to be in the game's folder)
  • Download and extract the variant of the mod you want.
  • Move the "menu" folder to be inside Mod Engine 2's "mod" folder.
  • Launch the game through Mod Engine 2.
  • You will need to use a mod such as Remove Black Bars to remove the black bars on the sides of the screen.

If you're interested in modding games yourself you can check my Game Modding Communities spreadsheets for relevant Discord servers and websites.
Information about the tools and resources I used to make this mod can be found in the "permissions and credits" section above.