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mike9k1- based on work done by Popyall

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Based on Popyall's great Costume Swap Cheat Table Mod (OG), this variant allows you to alter the game's playable cast to characters such as Adult Veronica, Erdwin, Serenica, Krystalinda, Mordegon, Golden Boy, Prince Faris, etc. It has since been updated for Definitive Edition, including NEW characters and costumes!

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Update 11/21:
 The NPC Appearance Swap mod has been uploaded. It does much that this mod does (and more! +++), and does not require Cheat Engine or any external application to work. See that mod page for more details.


Update 07/21: update 0.9.3+. Added new texture references thanks to UE4 AssetEditor by KaiHeilos.

Update 12/20: A new version has been uploaded for the full version of the game, as well as a new Xbox Gamepass compatible version thanks to makke007khingh, and Demolinizer5.

This mod is based on Popyall's great Costume Swap Cheat Table mod. This version adds in additional NPC costumes i've found by dumping the game's files with QuickBMS.
Simply select the character at the bottom of the drop down in each section as a replacement for their playable counterparts. 

Added Characters (so far)

-As Hero:
Erdwin, Gemma, King Irwin, Morcant, Beastly Boys Trainee, Jasper, Marcello (DQ8), Don Rodrigo, Vince Vanquish, Maya (DQ4), Nera (DQ5), Madason (DQ5), Kiefer (DQ7), Mervyn (DQ7), Terry (DQ6), Rek (DQ6), Alef (DQ1), Prince Midenhall (DQ2)
New in Definitive Edition: Gallopolis Race Outfit (Garb/Helmet/Mask), Hotto Stuff, Irwin (Dundrasil Knight)
0.9.5: Drasilian Armor (fixed -> previous version renamed to Irwin's Armor)

-As Erik:
Golden Boy (Octagonia), Mia, Beastly Boys Leader, Thief (Dundrasil), Red (DQ8), Servantes, Merchant (DQ3), Debora (DQ5), Prince Harry (DQ5), Maribel (DQ7), Auster (DQ7), Amos (DQ6)
New in Definitive Edition: Stone-Cold Killer, Lupine Look
0.9.5: Female Jester (DQ3), Pirate King's Coat (fixed -> previous version renamed to Corsair's Coat), Swindler King's Stole (fixed -> previous version renamed to Swindler's Stole)

-As Veronica:
High Lama, Young Jade, Young Jasper, Young Luminary, Young Hendrik, Young Gemma, Benigno, Dora, Lili, Parry (DQ5), Madchen (DQ5), Honey (DQ5), Auster (DQ7), Ruff (DQ7)
New in Definitive Edition: Goody Two-Shoes, Piglet, Young Luminary (Dundrasil)
0.9.5: Black Cat Suit, Uniform Chic de l'Acadamie

-As Serena:
Adult Veronica, Serenica, Gemma, The Seer, GrandMaster Pang, Queen Marina, Cleric (DQ3), Morcant, Beastly Boys Vice-Leader, Queen Frysabel, Bianca (DQ5), Queen Eleanor, Kiryl (DQ4), Jessica (DQ8), Nera (DQ5), Maria (DQ5), Milly (DQ6), Nevan (DQ6), Princess Moonbrooke (DQ2)
New in Definitive Edition: Mischief Maker, Skintight-in-Scarlet, Madame Cherie
0.9.5: Sinderella, Sacred Raiment (fixed -> previous version renamed to Saintess Dress), Divine Dancer's Costume, Uniform Chic de l'Adadamie

-As Sylvando:
Prince Faris, Jasper (Knight & Unhinged), Angelo (DQ8), Bard (DQ3), Don Rodrigo (Parade), King Gustav, Prince Harry (DQ5), Puff-Puff Girl, Dave, Prince Cannock (DQ2)
New in Definitive Edition: The Don
0.9.5: Dark Jasper, Gladder Rags, Dashing Doublet

-As Jade:
Krystalinda, Whambelina, Michelle, Mistress Miko, Roxy (Heliodor), Martial Artist (DQ3), Barkeeper, Mistress Bev (Heliodor), Tuppence (DQ5), Alena (DQ4), Thief (DQ3), Aishe (DQ7), Ashlynn (DQ6), Terry (DQ6)
New in Definitive Edition: Scarlet Slayer, Female Martial Artist (DQ3)
0.9.5: Whambelina (Pink), Puff-Puff GIrl (Black/Pink), Minerva's Raiment (fixed -> previous version renamed to Warrior Princess's Dress), Hot Bikini, Jinxed Jade, Hare-Raising Suit

-As Rab:
Amber (Cobblestone), Derk, Chalky, Maxime Medaille, Sultan (Gallopolis), Eegoltap (Watcher), Nautica Chancellor, Merchant (DQ11), Prince Charmles (DQ8), Ruby (Heliodor), Priestess, Borya (DQ4), Dominico (DQ8), Madason (DQ5), Sancho (DQ5), Rolo (DQ8), Maribel (DQ7), Milly (DQ6), Ashlynn (DQ6)
New in Definitive Edition: Grandest Master, Clown Clothes
0.9.5: Potentate's Pallium, Drasilian Dress Coat, Yggdrasil Dress Coat

-As Hendrik:
Mordegon, King Carnelian, Heliodorian Guard, Marcello (DQ8), Viking Chief, Don Rodrigo, Vince Vanquish, Drustan, Ragnar (DQ4), Bo (Gallopolis), Ortega (DQ3), Pankratz (DQ5), Dave, Yangus (DQ8), Mervyn (DQ7), Aishe (DQ7), Carver (DQ6)
New in Definitive Edition: Twin-Eagle Armor, Clown Costume
0.9.5: Field Marshal's Finery

Bear in mind that most of these characters are chosen as replacements both because they fit their counterpart(s) well without causing much weirdness, and because the asset ID's in the game's files often match as well. For example: Erdwin is in the game's files under "N101' with his primary (and only) variant under the label 'E210'. Almost every NPC i've tested under 'N101" through "N108' seem to correspond to the game's main 8 characters, with their respective labels 'P001' (Hero) through 'P008' (Hendrik). All of these NPC's seem to rely on (*VERY*) similar skeletons, and can use the same base mesh.

Many (N101-N108) characters have their own meshes listed in the dropdown (E.g. Erdwin and Mordegon), however some common NPCs (N001-N015) share their mesh assets with another character.  Any characters that use the same mesh will only show the first match in the dropdown when selected. So if another character's name remains displayed, that's why.


-Credit goes to sackchief who uploaded a YouTube video using Popyall's Cheat Table to showcase Adult Veronica. Went on to show that she was in the game as a ninth character, almost as she was intended to be playable. And indeed, her character ID is 'P009' in the game's files.

-Credit also goes to these guys as well. Unfortunately, I do not understand much Japanese, but they show off quite a few impressive modifications on the PS4 version of the game. I have yet to fully grasp how to edit the game's audio files in the manner they've shown. Would be quite interested in creating a retro music mod in the PC version if someone had the resources to help: I have the .uass (Unreal Engine 4 Asset) files extracted from the Orchestral Overhaul mod, but I haven't acquired the tools to open and modify them. S/O to infogram on the ZenHax forums for his work on DQXIHook.
**Check out the Retro Music Mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonquestxi/mods/89  Note: It has not yet been updated for Definitive Edition

-(0.7.8 edit) BIG thanks and kudos to Komodo for the asset ID's of Don Roberto and Vince Vanquish. Anyone who's interested in DQ11 modding should definitely check out their Discord. I've spent a lot of time compiling my own detailed ID list (sorted by mesh type, including "Common NPC's") from scratch before discovering their documentation. A great centralized resource for developments in DQXI mods.

Keep in mind, this mod requires Cheat Engine (tested on 7.0)