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Improved Descent/Spoils of Qunari DLC armour stats, swapped head-piece models for Encore and Wrath of Lovias, Trespasser Inquisitor "re-armed" and wedding dress, various schematics, staff appearance changes, heavy helms for Qunari and other miscellaneous mods and bugfixes.

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Tirnoney's Odds and Ends

**********WARNING - Trespasser Spoilers below - mod (3), (4) and (5)**************

This is just somewhere for me to upload various mods that I made for my own use that other people might also find useful but are not really big enough to justify a page all to themselves.

1. The Descent Armour Fixes - Requires The Descent DLC

They sit at the top of the pile every time you craft a new suit of armour, taunting you with their substandard armour rating, despite claiming to be tier 4.  Well, not any more.  I've changed the recipe so they now require the same base quantities of materials as the Trespasser nexus armours (The Skin That Stalks/Strikes/Shields).  When crafted with a tier 4 metal, Revered Defender Armor will now have an armour rating of 339 - the same as The Skin that Shields.  The rogue and mage variants have been altered similarly.

2. Staff Head-piece Changes - Requires Trespasser DLC

This alters the style of the crafted versions of Wrath of Lovias and Encore to use the same model as the Masterwork Archon Staff or the unique loot drop Staff of the Void.  (similar model to Malcolm's Honor from DA2).  It doesn't affect the loot drop versions of those staves.

Update: Added optional file in the downloads section that only changes Encore.

3. Inquisitors Arm Restored - Requires Trespasser DLC

It might occasionally look injured/limp, but it will still be intact.  No need to install until just before the end of Trespasser.

This mod will likely be compatible with any formal wear texture replacer because it simply alters the equipment asset file, not the textures or meshes.

4. Formal Wear Wedding Dress Replacer with restored arm- Requires Trespasser DLC

This will change the Inquisitor's formal wear to the wedding dress (includes the basic formal wear Skyhold wardrobe selection). It will display with whatever wedding dress replacer texture you might have installed. It will also display in all the cutscenes in Trespasser where Formal Attire would normally show.  The one in the images here is from Sho's beautiful Dalish Bride - Queen of Roses mod. Your arm will be intact but a bit limp in places during the final Trespasser cutscenes. I suspect this mod will only work with HF and EF but I've not tested it with any others.

To wear the wedding dress in Skyhold, just select "Winter Palace" from your wardrobe. No need for any other mods.

Should be compatible with most wedding dress retextures but will likely clash with other mods that attempt to do the same thing.

I've also uploaded:

5. Formal Wear Wedding Dress Replacer with restored arm and wedding dress crafting - Requires Tresspasser DLC

Same as (4) but also changes the appearance of crafted formal wear to the wedding dress. It will take on the appearance of whatever wedding dress replacer you have installed. As before the photo shows it with Sho's Dalish Bride - Queen of Roses mod. As with the other wedding dress replacer, it will appear in all Trespasser cutscenes instead of the default formal wear or the "armless" formal wear.  It's for the inquisitor only.  Will not work for companions as I was never interested in crafting any sort of companion formal wear.  If I ever release it as a proper mod, I may fix that.

6. Crafted Deathward and Stormbreak.

****Now obsolete**** Please see my Rare Weapons mod instead. You can upgrade seamlessly.

7. Trespasser staff model changes.

Changes the visual models for the three "heart" staves to make them look a bit more interesting and less generic.

  • Heart of Pride - Same model as Stormbreak.
  • Heart of Despair - Same model as Tyrdda's Staff.
  • Heart of Rage - Same model as Staff of Corruption.

Also shown in the images is Sho's Dalish Armoury - Keeper Robe retex and Skara's Side Swept Hair for EF.

8. Templar armour mage variant change.

Changes the appearance of the Templar armour on mage Inquisitors to look like the rogue variant. Only changes it for the inquisitor. Compatible with all my other mods including Armour - No Class Restrictions Remade and Immersive Starting Armours.

9. Formal wear MP Keeper Tunic.

Developed as part of a modding request on DAITools. Changes the crafted and non-crafted formal wear for elven female inquisitors to the Multiplayer Keeper Tunic. Everyone else will retain the normal formal wear appearance. I've also beefed up the formal wear stats a bit and added a leather defence slot. It's now comparable to The Skin that Stalks. The armour is not tintable like the Trespasser variant, but it will pick up any retextures you install. See the image for more information.

10. Heavy Helmets - No Race Restriction.

Mod request. Removes the race restriction on crafted and looted heavy helmets in the base game only. Allows them to be worn by Qunari. Some will still not display although they can be equipped. Some will clip with the head and horns and others will not display neck seams properly.

Now includes optional file for Descent crafted helmets only. They will display on qunari inquisitors but not Iron Bull as the hashes are simply not present.

If anyone wishes to take my version and make it into a proper mod with DLC coverage, they're more than welcome. If you're looking for a mod that allows your Qunari inquisitor to wear the crafted version of Dread from JoH, try Companion Hats FOR YOU by Hilliary.

11. Qunari Armour Upgrades.

Unfortunately you have to wait until level 16 to get the superb versions of the Spoils of the Qunari DLC armours and they're not even that good. This mod changes the stats for the Tier 1 recipes you get at the beginning of the game. It makes them equivalent to the Nexus armours (The Skin that...) you get with Trespasser. If you don't want to have Tier 4 armour at the beginning of the game, just delay installing the mod until your character is higher level. It won't affect any armour you've already crafted when you install it. Spoils of the Qunari DLC required.

12. Descent Helmet Fixes.

The Descent crafted helmets can cause face distortion and "melting" both in the armour crafting menu and when worn and subsequently unequipped. This mod should fix the problem. It may cause certain face types and beards to clip however.

13. Templar armour warrior appearance for all classes.

Changes the appearance of templar armour for the inquisitor and companions. It will have the warrior appearance regardless of class. It will still be class restricted so you'll need Armour - No Class Restrictions Remade or silverite to unlock it.


All mods compatible with all my other mods, including Armor - No Class Restrictions Remade.

The staff appearance changers will conflict with No Class Restrictions on Weapons mod.


Go here for installation instructions and links to download Mod Manager.

Join the DAI Modding Discord if you need further help: https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq


Please read these troubleshooting tips at DAI Modder Central before posting in the comments section if you have a problem.

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Thanks to the developers at DAITools for their tireless work in trying to keep up with Bioware's relentless stream of patches.

Thanks to tklivory for the great resource that is DAI Modder Central.