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Makes all spiders in the game invisible.

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Invisible Spiders

*contains some mild spoilers*

This was an accidental mod that someone suggested might be of interest to arachnophobes.  My original intention was to make them look like nugs, but sadly I ran into problems transferring the animations.  I've played through the Storm Coast and the fade with this mod and it didn't cause any problems.  After several years and much testing this mod appears to do what I intended it to do without any issues.  Should also import with Frosty if you want.

Are they completely invisible?

You'll get a targeting reticule, a health-bar and ground rings in tactical mode.  Otherwise all you'll see is various magical effects from spells and other sources that affect the spiders.  They will not be spider-shaped in any way.

What about cut-scenes?

They're also invisible in cut-scenes.  Yes, really.  The camera will appear to be filming nothing.  This includes the opening sequences after you're finished in the character creator.

What about the huge/named ones?

The one in Crestwood is invisible and even has a normal (small) sized ground ring.  The one in the Emerald Graves is also invisible.

What about Multiplayer?

I don't use use it, but since it uses the same assets I'd imagine they'll be invisible too.  However, using mods in multiplayer is not recommended and could get you in trouble.

What about the DLC?

Yes, it makes the spiders in the DLC invisible too.

What about the big fear demon in the fade called The Nightmare?

There's an optional file that makes the big fear demon invisible.  Be warned that the cut-scenes with Hawke and the warden will look very strange.

So I won't have to look at any spiders in the entire game?

I believe there is one loading screen somewhere that has a spider on it that I've not been able to get rid of but that's it.


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Anything that affects spiders would conflict but I'm not aware of any mods that already do that.

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