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For frosty or da:i mod manager. Makes modded hairstyles show up in DLCs, also beards. Also has option to preview custom hair texture mods as expected in CC & BE now! See description, extra features listed there. A couple of advisor hairs still won't work in trespasser, & some dwarf ones in descent.

Permissions and credits
Modded Hair in DLCS
What this mod does
For frosty or dai mod manager. This mod makes modded hairstyles show up in the black emporium, trespasser, Jaws of Hakkon, or the Descent instead of reverting back to the unmodded style as many do. It also works on beards.

sphleah also told me that my mod was able to stop daimod face textures from causing freezes in the DLCs if using DAIMM textures, even if you have complexions with edited shine. However, know that I have not added any fixes for .daimod file extension edits of Josephine's outfits, complexion, or hair, since her files don't work.

Daimod formalwear and dress textures should now also work at trespasser. Leliana's unhooded hair and Josie's hair will not work in trespasser due to their bundles, but Leliana's hooded hair should work (untested.) If I haven't mentioned a file as being fixed in the images, then assume this mod does not address that issue. Please refer to the images to a more in-depth explanation of what this mod may or may not fix.

This site can help you understand what the appearance of some base hairs named in the descent picture look like.

Additionally, the new hair texture slider file also adds a hair texture slider to the character creation, the 4th and last option on this slider allows you to preview hairs with custom textures in the character creation and the black emporium how you would expect them to look in-game, as not all hairs with custom textures do look as expected in CC normally. This is useful, if using frosty, when using mods like misc hairstyles for frosty or the misc files from Anto hairstyles for DAI. 

The dai mod manager version of that slider file is more just to add some variety, as I don't think there are currently any dai mod manager hairs made in a way that would require the hair texture slider file to view the textures properly in CC, for texture fixes with DAIMM you'd probably want the DLC fix files instead.

That new file also adds the unused asset hair H to CC for elves, dwarves and humans, which is totally unique to the inquisitor, not used by any NPCS. The texture slider should work for every inquisitor type, though. On top of this, if you load the mod BELOW any frosty custom hair texture mods, it will stop them from causing the other inquisitors hairs that the hair texture is not intended for from looking not as expected. 

The main DLC fixes are bundle edits and as such may conflict with any other bundle edits to the black emporium, trespasser, Jaws of Hakkon or the descent if you use those versions, usually mods that swap characters, hair, clothing, etc. 

The standard version of the texture slider mod will not conflict with bundle edits, but it will conflict with mods that edit the inquisitor or Hawke's CharacterBlueprint files, and the character creation. The main DLC fix files will not conflict with those files, though. 

However, the ECC compatibility patch version of the hair texture slider will conflict with bundle edits to the black emporium, since it includes the black emporium fix.

The frosty version of the hair texture slider may register as a conflict with some custom hair texture mods, but do not worry, so long as you load the slider mod BELOW the custom hair texture mod that you have, if you have any, it will not have any issue, I did this to stop frosty custom hair textures affecting hairs that they were not designed for. 

What this mod doesn't do:
The DLC fixes mod do not introduce any new hairstyles, beards or textures. The hair H and hair texture slider file does add an additional hair to the CC, and additional hair textures, but it doesn't edit the style of any existing hairs or textures, it just adds some stuff that was already in the files as new options.

But for major retextures and hairstyle overhauls, you will have to download those from other mods, because this page has none.

The DLC fixes are, as the name implies, are just for the DLCs, so if you have any issues with mods in the main campaign with those files, then it won't address those issues, nor will it be the cause of them.

However, the hair texture slider mod does edit some files from the main campaign, so if you're using that and you experience issues with the main game, please double-check which mod is causing it, if it is this one please give me details!

I have also provided tips in the troubleshooting section of the description in the spoiler to give you clues on many possible reasons and solutions to why a mod might not behave, regardless of whether that be in the main campaign or in a DLC. 

sapphim for their superbundle finding tutorial. and also a big thank you for discovering how to edit the character creation, and also for allowing me to include and expand upon some of the hair H and texture slider edits from their advanced character generation mod in the hair texture slider mod.
darkcouncilelite for some of the hairstyles in the previews - hair links 1 and 2, 3
Kittentails and Anto for the hairstyle in some of the custom hair texture previews - hair mod link, it's the "Amanda" style

Aileani for permission to use same bundle as used in their hair WIP
Kittentails, again, and Padme for help on which bundle used
and Kittentails a last time for allowing me to make the hair texture slider xD and for showing me some custom texture hair methods! ^^

electricfish and hongmunmu for bundle tutorial, & hongmunmu also for Cullen hair permission
kingslayvr for some help with the texture slider 

please notify me if I forgot a credit! <3

Possible issues
There is a possibility that whilst out adventuring and exploring with your companions, if you are using one of the DLC fixes,  deshined companion complexions may still not work depending on the combination of people in your party.

This is something that I realized in the making of the last update I did, and due to the sheer amount of possible party combinations there is no possible way that I could ensure that all of them work, so, this is a disclaimer. You might not run into these problems at all with the particular party you use, and I think many combinations will work, but be aware it is a possibility. I don't think this is an issue for hair mods however, just complexions with edited shine. 

If you run into this issue, consider changing who is in your party, or, if you are really determined to have a certain party, try downloading daimod complexions for them advertised as DLC compatible (usually ones without edited shine/specular map), or, downloading fbmods of their complexions.

[click the spoiler to reveal a list of solutions to common installation problems]