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For frosty. Nightcrawler's cinnamon hair buns converted for the inquisitor, currently just for EM, EF, HM, HF, DM, DF & QF, but will be converted in future to other inquisitors. Track for updates.

Permissions and credits
Nightcrawler Cinnamon Hair Conversions WIP

For frosty. Replaces the bun on humans, elves and dwarves, and the short, spiky, shaved style on QF. Any mesh settings for EF, but only ultra mesh quality settings for everyone else. The elf, human and dwarf versions look best with a scalp texture edit, this mod doesn't include one but any scalp textures that edit the Aniston scalp should work with it for those inquisitors.

The qunari female version is best used with the hair texture slider mod, because the qunari use a different hair texture then everybody else and so it looks a bit different, so I recommend using this mod so you can pick the texture I intended this mod to use.

Nightcrawler gave me permission to convert their cinnamon hair to DA:I. The mesh is made by them, all I did was convert it.

The hair will not look exactly the same as the original due to having to re-uv map it (so that it works with DAI hair textures), and the process of fitting it to different heads. 

Currently this mod is just for dwarf female, dwarf male, human female, human male, qunari female, elf female, and elf male,  but will be updated bit by bit when I finish conversions for other inquisitor types. I have a few unrelated WIPs I am working on right now so I cannot give an exact ETA when all these files will come to the page, I recommend tracking the page to see when it receives updates.

The hair clips with ears on HF and EF, I *might* adjust it in future but for now wanna focus on other conversions. Also sometimes bottom of fringe clips with chin on DM.

Nightcrawler for the original mesh and permission to convert
Padme4000 for frosty alpha blender export/import settings and help with backfaces
dunmr cuz blender help with normals etc
Kittentails for info about sims mesh porting and help
artizanna for testing and help

please notify me if I forgot a credit! <3