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Upgrades Various Tier 1 and 2 Armour schematics to Tier 4. Available at Seggrit's shop (or mounts shop) if you don't already own them.

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Upgraded Armour Schematics

This mod adds Tier 4 schematics for various existing low level schematics. They are equivalent to the Trespasser armours The Skin that Stalks/Strikes/Shields.

There is an optional shop mod which adds the schematics to Seggrit's shop in Haven and Skyhold. I've also added the schematics to the latest version [2.1.1] of my Rare Weapons shop mod, so if you use both mods you don't need to muck about installing different shops. As before, the shop can be uninstalled after you've purchased the schematics.  The schematics mod itself has to stay installed however or the schematics will revert to Tier 1 level.

The schematics for the inquisition armours are NOT in the loot tables so they need to be purchased as they will not drop randomly. The adventurer armours are in the Tier 1 loot tables and will drop randomly if you don't buy them.

The schematics will NOT synchronise with the nug.

The armours remain class restricted but this mod is fully compatible with Armor - No Class Restrictions Remade

1. Inquisition Armour Schematics

All three schematics are in the base game but not normally obtainable. Unfortunately only the scout armour is vaguely tintable, but luna1124 has uploaded a mod that improves this considerably and adds a recolour for the battlemage armour. It's compatible with this mod.

2. Adventurer Armour Schematics

Upgrades all three tier 1 schematics.See images. All fully tintable during crafting and at the Skyhold tint table.

Porcelyn has created some nice re-textures of the medium adventurer armour that can be used with this mod. Get them here.

3. Qunari Armour Schematics

Unfortunately you have to wait until level 16 to get the superb versions of the Spoils of the Qunari DLC armours and they're not even that good. This upgrades the Tier 1 schematics you get at the start of the game in the special delivery chest. All tintable during crafting and at the Skyhold tint table. Spoils of the Qunari DLC required. These armours are NOT added to the shop because they are in the special delivery chest.

4. Free Army Schematics

Upgraded to Tier 4. They remain restricted to human inquisitors and companions only.

5. Dalish Warrior Armour

Upgraded from Tier 2 to Tier 4. Elf-trained only. No more tintable than the vanilla version but this mod is compatible with any retextures you might want to use.

6. Carta Coat

Upgraded from Tier 2 to Tier 4. Dwarf only.

7. Descent Armour Schematics

I've copied this over from my Odds and Ends mod since it's also technically an armour schematic upgrade. These armours are designated as Tier 4, but their stats are more appropriate for Tier 3. This mod just upgrades them to Tier 4. Descent DLC is required.

8. and 9. Dalish scout and Keeper schematics

Upgrades the schematics to Tier 4 and ensures they are better than their equivalent mix and match Tier 3 armours even when fully upgraded. I've also changed the redundant tint slot on the keeper robe from cloth defense to metal defense. It makes little difference to a high level mage anyway. It does mean that the metal bits of the armour can be tinted properly from before Skyhold. The mod is fully compatible with retextures and I've tested it with Sho's Dalish Armoury.

10. Warden armour schematics

Upgraded from Tier 2 to Tier 4. Slots altered somewhat. Hopefully more useful for high level characters.


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Installation instructions are here.

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Please read these troubleshooting tips at DAI Modder Central before posting in the comments section if you have a problem.


The optional shop mod will conflict with any other mod that alters the same shop.

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Thanks to the developers at DAITools for making great modding tools.

Thanks to tklivory for the great resource that is DAI Modder Central.