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A bunch of little mods that don't really warrant separate mod pages. Some of these have been floating around on my blog for a while.

Permissions and credits
All That Doesn't Remain
This DOES:
  • Trigger Following the Qun immediately after both Prime Suspect and Offered and Lost are completed, skipping All That Remains entirely
  • Leave Leandra hanging around the estate commenting on your life choices through the end of Act 2
  • Do literally anything else, up to and including:
  • Add Leandra back to your house in Act 3
  • Remove any references to your mother’s death
  • Do your laundry, wash your dishes, or clean out your litterbox
Files Modified:
  • qun200pt_missing_qunari.ncs
  • ser270pt_suspect.ncs
Mod Compatibility:
  • This may be used alongside anshela's Save The Day, which DOES do some of the things this mod does not do, such as adding Leandra to the estate in Act 3 and removing references to her death. Although as far as I am aware, that mod won't do your laundry either.

The Last Stand
  • This removes the hard cap on the number of allies you can have on the field during the boss fight with Meredith.
  • (Originally, the cap was at eight total, which usually boils down to: Hawke + Cullen + three party members + three more)
  • There is still a soft cap determined by the number of events during the fight that can trigger new allies to spawn in, so you still won’t get everyone available, but you can get maybe 1-2 more out there.
  • File modified: mcr370cr_boss_meredith.ncs

The following debug scripts are for use with the console. Refer to the wiki for instructions on enabling the console.

DEBUG: zz_approval
  • This debug script allows you to view the exact approval of all followers in the party pool at once, and change any follower's approval to a new total.
  • Known issue: This doesn't unset any flags that may have been set by having previously completed Questioning Beliefs at 50 or 100% approval, and so the game may react accordingly even after the approval change.
  • Known issue: The script may fail to acknowledge certain specific followers when used in certain specific locations. So far this has only been noted for Aveline and Sebastian in the Chantry in Acts 2-3.
  • Usage:
    • To view approval of all followers: runscript zz_approval
    • To alter one follower's approval total: runscript zz_approval [follower] [approval]
    • For example, to change Isabela's approval to 50% rivalry: runscript zz_approval isabela -50

DEBUG: zz_horoscope
  • This debug script shows the number of points Hawke has in each of the three personality categories.
  • Hawke's personality variables reset over each act transition, so run this command late in the act for best results.
  • Usage: runscript zz_horoscope

DEBUG: zz_plot
  • This debug script is a MODDER'S RESOURCE that will allow you to check, set, and unset plot flags.
  • If you don't know what to do with this, it's not for you.
  • By default, this fires the plot script whenever setting or clearing a plot flag. To set the flag without firing the plot script, append "-s" to the end of the command to enable "silent" mode.
  • Usage:
    • Syntax: runscript zz_plot [set|clear|check] [plot id|guid] [flag] [optional:-s]
    • To check if a plot flag is set: runscript check [plot id] [flag]
    • To set a plot flag as true: runscript set [plot id] [flag]
    • To unset a plot flag without firing the plot script: runscript clear [plot id] [flag] -s
    • Example, to check if Hawke is a mage: runscript zz_plot check gen00pt_class_race_gend 256
    • Example, to increment Hawke's red personality variable: runscript zz_plot set genpt_personality 0

See sapphim's Dialogue Mini Mods for more mini mods