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This mod description contains major end-game spoilers

No Sebastian Climax Crisis 
Sebastian takes a seat with the rest of the non-Anders companions... literally, he's been moved into the group shot. He yells a lot less, because as a DLC companion nobody was actually programmed to listen to him anyway. The overdramatic ultimatum has been nearly completely removed, as have all the really unnecessary camera angles. Bring both Anders and Seb into the endgame if you wish.

What it does:

  • About half of Sebastian's dialogue has been completely removed from the Chantry boom climax scene. Full details are in the read me tab, for the curious. Most of it was weirdly narmy or completely unrelated to what anyone was talking about at the time.
  • Sebastian protests Hawke's decision if 1) Hawke tells Anders to either leave or to fight with the mages AND 2) Sebastian's approval is maxed out one way or the other. This was the easiest way to handle it given the limitations. No more being forced to choose which of the two you want to have in your party for the end game.
  • Sebastian has been moved around to better positions and the claustrophobic camera angles have been zoomed out so he no longer appears to be an angry floating head shouting into the void.
  • Anders' mopey "Thank you for my life" line, which was added only after the Seb confrontation, has also been removed 'cause it was bumming me out.

Files modified:
  • mcr310_argument.cnv
  • mcr310_argument6182459.cl
  • mcr310_argument6182461.cl
  • mcr310_argument6182467.cl
  • mcr310_argument6182488.cl
  • mcr310st_argument_anders.stg
  • mcr310st_argument_blast.stg
  • Basically this will conflict with any mod altering the entire climax argument, both before and after Chantry boom, not that any currently exist.

  • Place the .erf in packages\core\override to install, delete to uninstall
  • Can be installed or uninstalled at any point without harming anything, though you obviously want to install before heading to the climax