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An assortment of dialogue edits too small for their own mod page

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I've got enough little baby mods clattering around my override that it's time for a mod collection where I can dump them all. This will host mods I don't feel warrant an individual mod page.

Anders Minds His Business: * New Oct 2021 *

  • An unromanced Anders won't bring up a romance with Fenris (the infamous "wild dog" line) or Merrill during his Act III Justice quest.
  • Compatible with any Anders mods that don't mod his main plot file (below), which as far as I'm aware, is all currently existing mods, including Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul, Anders Dialogue Edits, and Kirkw(All) poly romance mod.
  • File modified: plt_and000pt_main.plo

Equal Opportunity Lirene:
  • Restores both versions of Hawke's "He sounds too good to be true" response about Anders when talking to Lirene.
  • Restores "No one's that selfless. He's probably got bodies hidden in his basement." as the purple option for fHawke.
  • Restores "Tell me he's got killer eyes and a nice smile, I'll marry him on the spot." for mHawke. The line is now clearly marked as flirtatious and remains available after asking if Anders is a mage.
  • File modified: and111_lirene.cnv

Fenris Always Arranges Arishok Fight:
  • Normally Fenris, if in your party, only gets to arrange Hawke's duel with the Arishok if Isabela doesn't return with the tome. Now he'll pipe up in both cases.
  • I removed the part where the Arishok whines about having to fight a female Hawke, because he has no such qualms in the multiple other scenarios that result in him proposing the duel himself, and he doesn't need Fenris to explain the intricacies of qunari gender theory.
  • File modified: qcr000_arishok.cnv

Gayer Cassandra:
  • Cassandra has a crush on the Champion. I know it, you know it, Varric knows it.
  • Default version: Cassandra's reaction to the Arishok duel plays the same for fHawke as it does for mHawke:
    • Cassandra: The Champion killed the Arishok in single combat? It just sounds so... romantic.
    • Varric: If I didn't know better, I'd say you're developing a little crush.
    • Cassandra: Don't be ridiculous. The Champion just seems very… heroic in your tale.
    • Varric: Mm-hmm.
  • Alt version: Cassandra still has her fetish for powerful women:
    • Cassandra: The Champion killed the Arishok in single combat? It just sounds so... romantic.
    • Varric: If I didn't know better, I'd say you're developing a little crush.
    • Cassandra: Why? Because I have respect for a woman who built herself from nothing?
    • Varric: Mm-hmm.
  • File modified: qcr000_varric6068104.cl

Leandra Tweaks:
  • Leandra's three lines where she tries to matchmake for Hawke have been altered to respect Hawke's sexuality (by way of which party members Hawke has flirted with). Somewhat experimental, I suggest talking to your intended love interest at least once in the act before talking to mom for the best chance of success. You may prefer algaeabomination's Leandra Dialogue Edit.
  • Updated v1.1: Several ambient lines have been altered to play only once per game, and no longer preempt any other comments she may have.
  • New v1.1: Much of her dialogue in Act 2 wouldn't play if First Sacrifice wasn't completed in Act 1. This prerequisite has been removed.
  • File modified: dae000_mother.cnv

Shut Up Gamlen:
  • Removes the following lines Gamlen makes about your love interest:
    • So, I hear you've been playing house with that elf wench.
    • Those Dalish don't really wear clothes, right? Nice!
    • So I hear you've been slipping it to that pirate slut from the Hanged Man.
    • The bitch turned me down flat.
    • What's that like? Two women? I've always wondered...
    • I guess I don't have to ask which one of you's the girl.
  • The following lines remain:
    • I hear you've moved that apostate boy into your house.
    • You really are your mother's daughter.
    • So, you're into elves, huh?
    • It takes all kinds...
  • File modified: dae000_gamlen.cnv

Shut Up About Gangs:
  • Yes, yes, there are sidequests. Your party members will stop whinging about how unsafe the streets are every time you step foot out at night.
  • File modified: dae000_party_night_comment.cnv

[MotA] Blasted Turnip:
  • Replaces the line where Duke Prosper calls fHawke a "filthy whore" with his "blasted turnip" variant for mHawke
  • Files modified: eye500_cut_prosper_dies.cnv

[MotA] Serendipity Tweak:
  • There are three major branches through the conversation with Bran and Serendipity at the party. This remove's Tallis' awful "awkward..." line from the branch that will play under most circumstances, in which she's not actually reacting to anything that's been said. (For the curious, I've discussed this in futher detail on tumblr.)
  • This has the potential to make the conversation hilariously abrupt (five lines at the shortest) but Bran kind of openly disdains Hawke so that's, you know, in character.
  • Files modified: eye200_seneschal_bran.cnv, eye200_seneschal_bran6240564.cl

[Modders' Resource] Tlk Dump:
  • A dump of DA2's talktables into plaintext files. Campaign base, core, Black Emporium (one), Exiled Prince (seb), Legacy (drk), MotA (eye), and item pack (mtx) talktables included. No promotional or exclusive items.