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A New Dress to replace Hawke's home outfit and her MotA party outfit.

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DAI Noble Dress Replacer

A nice looking dress for Hawke to wear at home and at the party in the Mark of the Assassin dlc.
Choose between four colours for each outfit. Both replacers are standalone so you can have different colours for each replacer.
New version 3 now with a sparkling necklace fit for a true noble.


version 1 and 2 of this mod is a retexture of a port by vaelsmod in this mod: Ferelden Fashion
Bioware for creating the assets
QuenchedSteel for the blender export script


You're free to make your own retextures as you see fit. If you retexture version 1 or 2 make sure to credit vaelsmod for porting that mesh.

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