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Fixes some textures from Theta HD mod. The original mod is not strictly required.

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I decided to include here the fixes to the wrong textures in the excellent Theta HD mod.
Theta HD relies mostly on vanilla textures and modifies only the very low-res static textures (terrain, building, etc.) which hurt the eye. It can be considered as the lightest HD mod in terms of VRAM requirements.

If I find other errors in Theta HD, I will add the fixes here. Let me know if you have found other errors or issues in Theta HD you would like to be addressed. I can have a try.

So far, I have found only one real error in Theta HD textures:
1) Wrong texture for the Loghain tent in Ostagar. The texture was erroneously changed with another one. See the pictures.
I remade the diffuse map "loghain_tent_small_02d.dds" upscaling the vanilla one to 1k and adding some canvas texture to mimic the one in Theta HD (not identical, but similar). If you only want this fix, download the file in "Miscellaneous" section.

I uploaded a full package with all Theta HD textures (the original mod is not needed). In this package, I further optimized all the diffuse maps having originally a binary alpha channel, preserving it even in the cases I think it is not needed. For the textures with interpolated alpha, I kept the original files from Theta HD (DXT5 format). As a result, the overall size of the package is reduced by 40% which should help VRAM and stability, especially in low-end PCs. In this full version, I also changed the diffuse map for the gate: "prp_wallarchiron_d.dds" from Theta HD mod, which resulted noisy, and I generated a new one at same resolution and preserving the style, but with improved details (barely visible). If you note issues with this package, stick with the original Theta HD mod and use only the Loghain tent fix in Miscellaneous files.

For purists (as me). I applied the exact canvas filter used in the other tents (GIMP Clothify) to the Loghain tent. The difference is barely visible. Probably does not worth to update if you have the previous version. I cleaned further the gate texture, but you should not see the difference in the game due to the mask in alpha channel.
Do not worry, I do not plan to do other updates, unless requested by users.

If you want the Complete Fix package, you do not need the original Theta HD mod. Simply extract the main file here in your override folder.

If you want the Loghain tent Fix only:
1) Remove the files "loghain_tent_small_02n.dds" and "loghain_tent_small_02s.dds" from the Theta HD directory in the override folder. Indeed, Theta HD is a collection of diffuse maps, while keeping the original normal and specular maps, so there is no reason these two files are present (and they are wrong).
2) Overwrite "loghain_tent_small_02d.dds" with the one in the Miscellaneous files.

Recommended mods:
Theta HD. It fixes some low-res textures with better ones, according to the overall good quality of vanilla textures. Not needed if you download the full package here.
Statues and Totems - Higher resolution textures - HR HD HQ. It applies the same concept of Theta HD to other assets. I recommend this mod together with Theta HD (Fix) if you want a minimal HD overhaul (they fix only few very low-res textures) with low impact on performance, if you have a low-end PC and you have crashes during playing.

Alternatives recommendation:
Theta HD (Fix) is superseeded by Manually Optimized Textures (AP Neural Enhanced Textures). I suggest the latter for a deeper HD overhaul of static textures, with a higher performance impact (but perfectly handled on a mid-range PC).

See also my mod YAHD - Yet Another HD mod, in which I upscale DAO creatures in HD (1k for heads and 2k for bodies) when vanilla textures are at lower res.