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Instead of dumping all DLC/promo items in your inventory or Bodahn's shop, distributes them throughout the game in lore appropriate spots, adding 57 'new' items to the looting experience. Includes a rebalance of the Feastday Gifts.

Permissions and credits
Inspired by darthbdaman's incredible DLC Item Integration, I decided to create my own solution to this problem, one that I found more immersive and satisfying in gameplay. This mod serves as a replacement to darthbdaman's implementation, and the two are inheritedly incompatible.

This mod is modular, so that you can delete any components should you not want every item to be redistributed as loot.

DLC Integration
DLC and promo items will no longer start in the player's inventory or be sold by Bodahn. They've each been hand placed throughout the world in spots I felt were lore appropriate. 

Feastday Gifts and Pranks Rebalance
Bodahn is no longer Santa Clause and all gifts are spread as loot throughout the game. The approval bonuses have been tweaked to be more balanced with other gifts. A character's personal gift now gives +10 approval, while their prank gives -5 approval.
The four generic gifts each had a single copy placed throughout the game to mirror other vanilla gifts. Added two console commands to create more of each for those who like to cheat: give_feastday_gifts and give_feastday_pranks

Awakening Upgrade:
Items with Awakening versions (Blightblood, Bulwark of the True King, Battledress of the Provocateur, Bregan's Bow, Reaper's Cudgel, Sorrows of Arlathan, Vestments of the Seer, Dragonbone Cleaver, Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering, Pearl of the Anointed, Sash of Forbidden Secrets, High Regards of House Dace) will automatically upgrade when you first start Awakening, Golems of Amgarrak, or Witch Hunt. I might implement a better solution in the future.
silencer711's DLC Transfer To Awakening Patch is required for this functionality. Without it, you won’t get any promo items. As an alternative, you can run the console command give_awakening_dlc to get each of these items. 

Install silencer711's DLC Transfer To Awakening Patch for Awakening support
Remove darthbdaman's DLC Integration from your override if it exists
Drop in override folder
Works best with a new playthrough

Item Locations: