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This is a compatibility patch to get KnifeEaredJan's mabari mod to work with RogeLass's Mabari Madness. The texture and mesh files are taken directly from KnifeEaredJan's mod with no changes and renamed to match the files found in RogueLass's Mabari Madness to change the Mabari in the game.

Permissions and credits
I've gotten permission from KnifeEaredJan and RogueLass to publish this mod. The files are taken directly from KnifeEaredJan.

This mod gets DAI Doggo to work with Mabari Madness, with limits (see below).

If you want a fully compatible mabari change, there is another excellent mod that does that but the mabari look will be different.That mod is: Improved Mabari for DAO by magpiedragon, found here: Improved Mabari for DAO at Dragon Age: Origins - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

For my mod to work you'll need to download the following mods:

RLs Mabari Madness by RogueLass, found here: RLs Mabari Madness at Dragon Age: Origins - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

DAI Doggo (with Kaddis) by KnifeEaredJan, found here: DAI Doggo (with Kaddis) at Dragon Age: Origins - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

Install Mabari Madness DAZIP file using your prefered dazip installer

Install this mod into your override folder.

From DAI Doggo, you'll need the following:


I've included a Kaddis folder to put them in.

To see what my mod does, please go and look at the original mods.


I've included a mod that only changes Rabbit aka Barkspawn, leaving the ambient mabari untouched for those who want to have a unique dog. Thanks to KnifeEaredJan for suggesting I post that. I have posted pictures of what some of the ambient mabari will look like with the new kaddis.


The following optional files from mabari madness won't work with this mod: 'Dog Armor Replacement Textures', 'PC Mabari Basic Breeds', and 'Mabari with Longer Muzzle'.

Also, doesn't work with Puppy Eyes, in case people were wondering. The mesh is too different for that mod to work, I've tried.

Other Recommended Mods

Dog Gift Tweaks by kend7510: Dog Gift Tweaks at Dragon Age: Origins - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

Dain's Fixes by dainbramage (has an optional Dog Inspiration that gives dexterity boost similar to other compaions): Dain's Fixes at Dragon Age: Origins - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

TSM The Mystery of the Missing Kaddis Store by theskymoves: TSM The Mystery of the Missing Kaddis Store at Dragon Age: Origins - mods and community (nexusmods.com)

Full credit to:

RogueLass for Mabari Madness (and all the authors who made that mod possible).

KnifeEaredJan (the original Author of these renamed files) and those that assisted in creating the original mod

Please endorse their work, they deserve full credit.