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Replaces the dog model with the unarmored Inquisition one. Fully tintable and with visible Kaddis.

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This replaces the dog model with the unarmored mabari model from Inquisition.

I added details on the fur to get the overall appearance closer to the clearly mastiff-inspired look in DAO, which DAI sadly seems to give up on. It also retains the different tints for all mabari in game for maximum variation and it includes kaddis matching the new mesh.

I repainted all 9 designs from the files to match, however, only 4 are available for your dog companion in the vanilla game. You can unlock 4 more with theskymoves's TSM The Mystery of the Missing Kaddis (see images).

I tried keeping them very close to the original designs, but I am aware that my texture painting skills are very limited. Therefore I am absolutely inviting anyone who would like to have a go at making better versions to please do so. I'd love to see other people's designs! (You'll just probably want to keep the alpha layers as they are, unless you want to change the way the general fur of all mabari tints.)


This would have been a lot harder without Armored Mabari by vaelsmod
Their import of the armored version gave me the initial idea and looking at their work was a major help for figuring stuff out and getting the mesh correctly adjusted.

I looked at Improved mabari texture and recolors by Deszczowyjka for inspiration on what parts of the diffuse texture to change so Dog looks like an actual dog, which was really helpful.

Also a big thank you to the guys at the DAO Modding Discord for solving the mystery of the (ab)normal map!


This will conflict with any mod that edits the texture or mesh files for the dog model.