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It’s shameful that your most loyal companion has been neglected when preparing for the demanding actions of battle. This mod will provide new wearable armors and collars for your beloved mabari, as well as making him and his look exclusive to the PC and creating diversity among all of the ambient mabari.

Permissions and credits

There are a wide array of armors and weapons to choose from, for everyone in your party except for your adorable dog. Doesn’t your dog deserve to be armored when putting his life on the line for you? A mere kaddis will not suffice for your devoted friend. NO! He is worthy of an armor that will actually protect him.

Okay. Browbeating is over.
This mod will furnish you with actual wearable armors for your mabari, and will give you the option of choosing the breed of dog you desire. It also makes your mabari unique to you alone and will also change the ambient mabari to different breeds.
Variety is the spice of life!


** I have updated a few of the mabari/dog mods and have compiled them all into this mod for easier use.

The contributing authors’ and their mods are:

**Ishtar by File-o-soft (Original dog armor model)

**DP_Dog_as_Rottweiler by DarthParametric (Will conflict with this mod)
“Dog as a Rottweiler” mod will conflict with this mod as well as any mod that changes
The apr_base.gda and the mabari .utc’s.

**Rune Slots for Shale and Dog Companions by veetoks (Shale items not included)

**Mabari Recolours - Origins & DA2 by MsBarrows

**Grinning Jack Mabari Replacer by Veritrix

**Blood dog, Hawke dog & War dog by Nefily

**Mystery of the Missing Kaddis by theskymoves

**Torinox the Black by anzolino

**Mabari Update by tmp7704

**Many, thanks go to these brilliant authors for creating all of these wonderful mods. Without them, this mod would not have been possible.


Download the “Mabari Madness” .dazip and install with DAModmanager by Altorian or DAUpdater.

Download “PC Mabari Basic Breeds” folder under “Optional Files”.Decide which breed of mabari that you prefer and put that folder into your override. (Use only ONE breed folder) Your mabari will then change to that breed. All vanilla kaddis’ and collars will still work on your new mabari. You’re done! No need to do anything else. Your dog will remain as the breed you have chosen and will not change any of the ambient mabari.

To add the dog armors:
Enable your console and use the “runscript” command along with the script of the armor you fancy. (Script list and images are included with the download) The armor and collar icons will be added to your inventory. The armor replaces the kaddis/paint and is placed in that slot. Collar goes into the collar slot. When worn together, your dog will receive an “Item Set Bonus”. The armors and collars will also have rune slots that use weapon runes. The armor/collars do not conflict. Each set is completely standalone. You can add all of the different armors/collars to your inventory.

To Use the Wearable Armors:

The dog armors will conflict with the PC basic breed. They use the same naming system. You cannot use the basic breed with the wearable armors.I apologize, but I could not find a way to add the dog armors as standalones.

Download “Dog Armor Replacement Textures” file under “Optional Files”.
Inside this folder are separate folders containing each of the armors that are offered.
Choose the armor that you want your dog to wear. Open the armor folder and select the breed that you prefer and put that folder into your override. Make sure that you have removed or deleted the PC basic breed from your override. Each armor has been added to each breed to keep continuity.

“Gear of the Blood Dog”, “Guise of the War Dog”, “Kit of the Concept Mabari” and “Kaddis of Barkspawn” armors will be shown as is on your dog. There are no separate breed retextures for these armors. I wanted to keep these armors true to the authors’ originals.

All of the armors and collars have the same stats. You can switch out the different armor textures, but keep only one collar/armor set if you desire.


As previously stated; any mod that edits the apr_base.gda and the mabari .utc’s will conflict with this mod.

Improved Atmosphere:
For those of you that use “Improved Atmosphere” by SpaceAlex, I have included a fix. If you do not use IA, ignore this section.
Download the folder “IA Fix” and replace/overwrite the IA files with mine.
I did not change any of the Improved Atmosphere files, I only added the unique PC dog and an assortment of ambient mabari breeds.


The Winter Forge by Phaenan
The Winter Forge User Manual by Phaenan and Thandal
Make CONSOLE commands visible by Angel
pyGFF Editor by Mephales
Help with opening your console

I would also like to express my appreciation to:

Bioware for allowing the port of items between their games.
Dragon Age Nexus for a very wonderful and unique modding platform.
Setiweb for being my touchstone, my tester and for his willingness to share his immense knowledge and insights.


No one may use anything from this mod without receiving permission(s) from the original authors. You are not allowed to use assets from this file in any mods/files that are being sold for money, on Steam Workshop or any other similar platforms. You cannot upload this file to any other site.