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A collection of gameplay fixes, tweaks and quality of life changes.

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This started out as a small collection of personal fixes for Dragon Age: Origins that hadn't been made by any other modders, released publicly by popular request from the guys at the old BSN. It's since grown in scope to be a one-stop shop for all mechanics-related fixes in the game, plus some quality of life changes, cosmetics, and mild balance tweaks without significantly altering the feel of the gameplay. Quest and dialogue fixes aren't in the scope of this pack - try Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack if you're looking for such.

This fixpack is completely modular. The CORE folder is needed for the various modules to work together (note that they don't do anything on their own until individual modules start directing events to them), but for everything else you can freely pick and choose. For a conservative approach you might want to limit yourself to only the fixes and possibly some of the lower impact tweaks.

It's designed to be as compatible with other mods as I can make it. For the most part it should work gracefully with anything that uses event manager, though there are some events where performance and/or bugfixes necessitate monopolising the event as eventmanager can cause issues with too much event redirection.

On the note of bugs, while I dogfood the mod there's always the chance of scenarios I haven't encountered which may result in anything up to and including breaking your game, all of your saves and the computer it's being run on. No warranty of any kind is included.

I've included .nss source files for anyone curious. You have permission to use anything of mine to build upon or as inspiration to solve certain problems, but please credit me if you do.

Not intended to be compatibile with gastank's Dragon Age Rules Fixpack as of version 2.0 and above. This fixpack does include equivalents to the vast bulk of his fixes and tweaks however. I've re-uploaded the compatibility file for Dain's Fixes v1.2 for those sticking with that version.

- There's a bug with the base game where auto-pause can trigger multiple times at the start of a fight if large numbers of enemies are present. The mere existence of event overrides seem to exacerbate it, even if the events aren't being triggered. This mod makes extensive use of overrides, so it's more likely to occur.
- In Awakening during It Comes From Beneath, the Dark Theurge doesn't animate properly to possess the ogre commander. Like with the pauses, this seems caused by the mere existence of overrides.


Unzip the Dain's Fixes file and place the contents into Documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override. Optionally pick and choose whatever modules you want, but the CORE folder must remain. I strongly recommend doing this, at least for the QOL and tweak sections, as they may not all be to everyone's taste. It should work with Vortex but you'll still need to manually remove any undesired changes from the override folder.


Delete the Dain's Fixes folder from the override directory.
If using the Lucky, Fast Move or Hide Weapon VFX Crusts mods, you will additionally need to take the Uninstall.zip miscellaneous file and inflate it to your override folder. Once you have re-saved your games, it can then be removed.


Please ensure all modules are from the same version of the mod. There are some unlisted changes to make modules work nicely with new additions; for instance using 2.8 DWE fix with 2.9 suppressing fire will break the suppressing fire talent.


These don't do anything on their own, but are needed for many of the changes to work together and with other mods

* Event Manager:
Repack of Anakin55's excellent mod as per his instructions. Needed for compatibility between various event overrides and other mods that do the same.

* Effect Manager:
Similar to event manager, but specific to the apply and remove effect events. Required for performance and indirectly bug fixes (as the engine simply stops processing scripting if it takes too long, which can lead to things like cutscenes not triggering or equipment disappearing).

* Equip Manager:
More of the same. Allows graceful coordination of equip events while minimising the amount of event redirection going on.

* IOH Manager:
Coordinates Item On Hit events while minimising event redirection.


* Abilities apply impact threat:
Spells and talents which have impact threat associated with them now apply the threat correctly.

* Antimagic Ward:
Now prevents secondary effects of spells as per its description. To keep in line with other spell mechanics, this only works on hostile magic.

* Arrow of Slaying:
Changed level difference scaling from binary XOR to squared. Since this generally results in huge numbers against white-ranked enemies, it instead deals their current hp in damage (i.e. instant kill).

* Attack Speed mod:
Fixed behaviour where an attack speed mod of less than -0.5 resets to normal attack speed. Most fixes change core scripts (bad for compatibility) - this caps it in character properties (.gda config file) before it reaches the engine.

* Aura stacking:
Fixes the benefits of auras (such as Rally or Rock Mastery) being applied twice after transitioning areas.

* Beyond the Veil:
Now provides +20% movement speed as per description.

* Blood Control damage on resist:
Now applies damage correctly, and only when the target can't be charmed (due to having dialogue) or it passes the mental resistance check.

* Bloody Grasp:
Fixes Bloody Grasp causing its icon to linger in the status bar indefinitely.

* Canine Howl:
Now applies the defence penalty to target as intended.

* Chain Lightning:
Now benefits from spellpower, using the same scaling as other spells (i.e. 100 spellpower doubles damage). It also no longer bounces to the propagating target, can also continue to propagate if the bolt kills the target, and centres its AoE on the correct target when selecting enemies to bounce to.

* Chevalier Set Bonus:
Set bonus now gives +3 Willpower rather than -3.

* Combat Magic tooltip:
Upkeep now shows in the tooltip.

* Condition groups:
Fixes the ability to use multiple mutually-exclusive modals (e.g. Shale's modes, bard songs or mage weapon enchantments) if queued up.

* Conditional modals:
Fixes modals sometimes not being turned off when they should on equipment change. and turning off when replacing a weapon with an equally valid one.

* Crow Poison:
Crow Poison and the concentrated variant now correctly have a chance to stun the target with each hit.

* Crushing Prison targeting friendlies:
Allows targeting on all targets. If targeted on a friendly unit that is not affected by forcefield, nothing will happen (no animation, mana won't be deducted, no cooldown).

* Cone of Cold:
Now must pass a physical resistance check in order to freeze a target.

* Curse of Mortality:
Now prevents combat health regeneration.

* Damage Ward:
Removes all incoming threat when damage ward effect is applied (source of damage immunity for Forcefield and Strength of Stone). Game engine instead resets outgoing threat.

* Destroyer:
Changed to proc on normal hits as well as crits, as per description.

* DOT stacking:
Fixes multiple DOT heartbeats being active when refreshing DOT effects. For instance the Corrupted Spider Queen's infamous poison spit damage, or casting Walking Bomb then Virulent Walking Bomb at a target resulting in a double potency VWB.

* Dual Striking:
Fixed one of the three animations failing to apply the attack impact event and so always whiffing.

* Dual Weapon Expert:
No longer triggers on self damage, may trigger if the target already has other DoTs applied, and you must hit an enemy with physical damage in order to cause the bleed. Also corrected the damage to its intended value ([level+7] damage over [level/5 + 2] seconds, minimum 5 s).

* Dual Weapon Sweep:
Sweep occasionally misses if the target is directly in front of the caster. Fixed this.

* Earthen Grasp rank adjustment:
Fixes Earthen Grasp applying the full duration to targets of all ranks, rather than yellow and orange enemies shortening the duration.

* Fang:
Changed stats to that of the console version.

* Find Vitals:
Now applies intended benefits of +10% crit chance and +20% crit damage rather than +5% spirit damage.

* Fire and ice cancel out:
Fire DOTs now remove the paralyze effect of cold spells in addition to petrify and DOTs, and added Blizzard and Hand of Winter to the list of spells it removes. Cold DOTs (effectively only Blizzard) still remove all fire DOTs as per vanilla behaviour.

* Friendly abilities dropping stealth:
Characters are no longer dropped out of stealth when receiving friendly effects.

* Friendly fire party damage:
Friendly fire no longer adds to the total party damage tally in line with not adding to a character's. Only works for non-fatal damage though (fatal sends event type death instead of damaged, and the death event doesn't contain the damage dealt).

* Fightening Appearance buffs Threaten:
The Frightening Appearance talent now passively buffs Threaten, causing it to draw triple threat rather than double.

* Hit Rate:
Characters' Hit Rate heroic attribute should no longer erroneously show 100% towards the end of the game (however this won't work retroactively).

* Increases Hostility and Intimidation:
Implemented this item effect in line with source comments. Now increases threat by 5 per attack (like Increases Hostility) and adds an effective 10 strength when evaluating an Intimidate roll.

* Increases Monetary Gain:
Implemented this item effect in line with source comments and codex rewards. Gold from killing enemies is increased by 5% per such item held by the killer. Fully stacks with codex xp increase.

* Item set on party change:
Applies item set bonuses to characters when they are swapped into the party. Compatible with No Helmet Hack.

* Lacerate:
Currently does absolutely nothing (the game checks if the character has a modal active, not a passive ability). Fixed it to apply the intended DoT.

* Legion of the Dead heraldry:
Adds +3 all stats rather than +20.

* Life Drain:
Applied heal is now dependent on the damage the target takes: affected by target resistance and damage scale, caster spirit damage amplification and forcefield. Blood Sacrifice is likewise affected by forcefield and damage scale, and fixed the caster health cap not taking into account the 2x heal multiplier.

* Mage Chest key:
Opening the chest at ostagar no longer removes the key from your inventory. This allows you to complete the lonely deserter, and still open the chest in Return to Ostagar.

* Magebane and Soldiersbane drain:
Fixed Magebane and Soldiersbane to drain mana/stamina rather than increase it.

* Mana Cleanse:
Fixed Mana Cleanse to reduce target mana rather than increase it.

* Mighty Blow:
Now applies a 50% slow for 5 seconds, as per description.

* Morale:
Implements the High Morale and Low Morale item properties. Grants the respective high morale and low morale traits, which give +2 armour, +5 defense and +3 strength, and -2 armour, -5 defense and -2 damage respectively.

* Oghren Dwarven Resistance:
Gives Oghren the Dwarven Resistance ability.

* Paralysis Explosion:
Fixes Paralysis Explosion not checking for spell resistance when Glyph of Paralysis is used last.

* PC crit chance:
Fixes the player character lacking a base 3% chance to crit.

* Plus heal:
Fixes the +% heal item property having no effect.

* Poison stacking:
Applying a poison or coating will remove any existing poisons or coatings first.

* Power of Blood tooltip:
Changed the descriptions of Blood Thirst and Tainted Blade to reflect them being sustained rather than active abilities.

* Ranged aim speed:
Fixes Haste and Swift Salve reducing aim speed instead of increasing it.

* Reaper's Cudgel:
Changed the rewards in Origins and Awakening to use the same model as in Golems, fixed the issue where no rune slots are present, and reduced its absurd value to (presumably) what was intended.

* Reduces Hostility:
Implemented effect. Reduces character's threat to each enemy in combat by an additional 0.5*<item power> per second. As a side effect this also fixes Shale's Rock Mastery modal, which will decrease threat at 4 points/second.

* Repeater Gloves:
Reduces rapid aim property from -3.0 seconds aim time to -0.3 seconds.

* Rock Barrage:
Fixes Shale's Rock Barrage having no effect.

* Rune Slots:
Fixed Crow Dagger, Ageless, Imperial Edge and Warden Commander Armor (awakening & DLC only) to have rune slots where applicable. You'll need a different mod to import wcm into other modules, I use KigenAngelo's excellent mod which this is compatible with.

* Scattershot:
Can now propagate if it kills the primary target on impact.

* Shale immunities:
Gives Shale the various golem immunities (which are many, but the only ones likely to be used against the party are Stun and Daze). It's present in game but given to Shale's model reference before she was moved from the base game to DLC.

* Shale quake:
Now knocks targets back as per description.

* Shattering blows:
Corrected appearance flags so that this will now apply. Additionally added appearance flags to revenants and the Varterral.

* Shield Wall damage:
Shield Wall now reduces damage dealt by 20% as per description.

* Slow Rune duration:
Now scales with item power. Changed slow duration to (3 + power) seconds in line with other effects. Chance to proc remains at 10% (twice as likely as paralyse).

* Spirit death:
Spirits now properly deactivate abilities on death (no more permanently lingering aura of pain/captivating song), grant xp, and refill stamina if killed by a warrior with deathblows.

* Suppressing Fire:
Now only triggers on ranged attacks or talents, rather than any form of damage. E.g. tainted blade won't trigger it on yourself, and throwing an acid flask won't trigger it on enemies.

* Sweeping Strike:
Can now choose where to aim cone when already targeting an enemy.

* Total damage:
Increases the total damage heroic attribute (and party version) so that it can't be reached in a normal game without cheats.

* Vessel of the Spirit:
Wynne must now have Aneirin's Token equipped to gain the bonus effects, rather than in inventory.

* Weakens Nearby Darkspawn:
Implemented effect. Creates a 5 metre radius aura that applies the effects of the Aura of Weakness spell (-10 attack and defence, physical resistance check for 30% slow) to any darkspawn entering it. Didn't attach any vfx as the Hide AoE VFX QOL doesn't currently work if applied by an item - this may change in future.


* Alistair's Oath:
If all wardens get an amulet made from their joining blood, how come Alistair doesn't have one? Now he does.

* Attack resolution:
This is 4 mods in one, which are unfortunately inextricably linked. You can enable/disable each by editing the attackresolution_options.gda file with GDApp.
    - Normalises the behaviour between auto-crit (autocrit effect e.g. pinpoint strike, death hex and attacking from stealth) and never-crit (dual strike, rapid shot), with each such effect canceling an opposing one out. Vanilla behaviour with both causes non-crit rolls to convert to crits and crit rolls to convert to hits, incentivising a low crit chance.
    - Allows backstabs to land when under the effects of Misdirection Hex, if the attack threatens a critical.
    - Implements the Messy Kills item property, doubling the chance of a deathblow.
    - Calculates attack timing with Dual Striking as the average of both weapons, rather than the main hand only.
The various talent changes are all compiled with this tweak and will respect the options gda file, defaulting to vanilla behaviour if this tweak isn't included.

* Awakening metal scaling:
Armour made from white steel and volcanic aurum has a huge fatigue penalty and minor armour bonus compared to dragonbone. This sets the scaling of the high tier metals in line with tiers 1-7.

* Blizzard disabling effects:
Existing behaviour only checks once each to slip and freeze - when entering the blizzard, and on the third (globally, not per unit) heartbeat respectively. Blizzard now has a 12.5% chance to do each of those actions on every heartbeat (75% chance of no effect). The freeze may also now allow enemies to be shattered.

* Crushing Prison disables bosses:
Crushing prison can now disable bosses. With a base duration of 9s, it's still a weaker disable than many that can already target bosses, so I see no reason why CP (and only CP) should have that exception. Contains the fix above; using both isn't needed.

* Dog inspiration:
Dog starts with a massive dexterity inspiration. This is almost classified as a fix, as it's all in the game just the dog can't gain or lose approval to trigger receiving it.

* Don't dispel 3rd party modals:
Dispel no longer removes buffs from third party sustains. For example, it won't remove Haste provided by another mage. If dispel is cast on the mage sustaining the effect, it will still be deactivated.

* Dual Striking reduces anim speed:
Makes dual striking increase animation time by +25%. Used to counterbalance the big power increase from the fix to the broken animation above. The tweak and fix are independent; use both.

* Follower scaling:
Caps autoscaling of allies to level 7. The goal is to prevent autoscale from ruining followers that join later, not to remove their build identities.

* Lucky:
Implemented the item property. Gives +1% crit chance, evasion and spell resistance per power level.

* Qunari attributes:
Qunari don't have any racial bonuses. Added +3 Str and +1 Dex as their attribute bonus.

* Random Encounter frequency:
Greatly increased the chance of the starmetal encounter, slightly increased chances of other easter egg encounters.

* Random Encounter frequency (Awakening):
Many of the awakening encounters are never able to trigger, and transit becomes a dull affair. Fixed their trigger conditions.

* Rewards from all kills:
Enemies killed by other enemies now grant xp to the party and may generate random loot.

* Shield offensive talents:
Changed shield base damage, and changed the damage calculations when shield mastery is present to be more in line with their descriptions.
Shield base damage in vanilla is hard coded as 5, with a maximum damage of 0. Instead gave shields their own damages:
Small shield: 1
Round shield: 2
Kite shield: 3
Large shield: 5

All have a damage range of 1.4 (i.e. the max damage is 1.4x the base damage, so a large shield does 5-7 damage). Damage scales with material. This is a net buff (albeit a minor one), except for small shields and low tier round shields.

Shield bash - (with shield mastery) doubles the attribute bonus, instead of adding it a second time. This increases critical damage, and changes the probability distribution of damage (two random numbers are more likely to be near the mean, rather than extremes).
Shield pummel - as with shield bash, doubled the attribute bonus on the shield hits rather than adding it a second time.
Overpower - no direct change. However, shield mastery in vanilla set it to use shield max damage (0), rather than within the damage range. This actually reduced its damage. With the modified shield damage, shield mastery now results in an increase in damage (as presumably intended).
Assault - no change.

* Silverite Asala:
Changes the material of Asala to Silverite so that it's actually a viable weapon by the time you get it.

* Spider Queen Poison Spit:
Increases the damage of the Corrupted Spider Queen's Poison Spit talent by 50%. A 2x multiplier was originally implemented in game code but is commented out with the note "removed, too powerful". The DOT stacking fix applies a severe nerf to this ability however, so this tweak is to restore the vanilla difficulty of the fight.

* Uncap health regen:
Increases the health regen cap from +20 per 2s tick to +100. Mostly a big buff to the Regeneration spell and Shale's Regenerative Burst.

* Winter's Grasp freeze:
Target must now pass a physical resistance check to resist freeze, rather than it being level based (previously was 5% per level, max 95% at level 19+). Frozen targets can now be shattered.


* Bergen's Honor:
Uses the winged helmet model as per its icon.

* Chasind Great Maul:
Uses the chasind crusher model rather than the generic maul.

* Staff of the Magister Lord:
Uses the twisting metal model as per its icon.

* The Edge:
Uses the crow dagger model as per its icon.

* Varathorn's Ironbark armour:
If you give Varathorn ironbark and ask for armour, he'll turn it into... silverite? Changed the material of the reward to ironbark (and increased the armour enchantment slightly so that it retains its original power).

* Warden Tower Shield:
Changed its description so that it's not an exact duplicate of Duncan's shield.


* Apply party buffs to new members:
Applies partywide buffs (Flaming Weapons, Frost Weapons, Telekinetic Weapons, Song of Valour, Song of Courage) to party members when they are switched in, revived or summoned.

* Autoloot containers:
Automatically loots containers when opened. Will instead open the inventory screen if inventory is full, or the container has a plot item or item which triggers an event on pickup (such as adding a codex entry).

* Autoloot kills:
Automatically loots any enemies killed by the party at the end of combat. Flashes a warning if the party's inventory is full.

* Display received items:
Displays the name of any item(s) received.

* Fast move out of combat:
Increases movement speed out of combat by 50%. Note that the buff will stick around in save games if the mod is removed - resave games with the included remover to fully uninstall.

* Helm of Honnleath strength requirement:
Removes the strength requirement from Helm of Honnleath. Inspiration for this was it bugging out with the No Helmet Hack on my low-strength rogues.

* Hide modal AoE VFX:
Hides the aura effect of AoE spells and talents such as Rally. Effects show for 2 seconds then are hidden.

* Hide modal VFX:
Hides the crust VFX of modal talents. Effects show for 2 seconds then are hidden.

* Hide Shale crystal VFX:
Hides flames/sparks/etc on Shale's fists when higher tier crystals are equipped.

* Hide weapon VFX crusts:
Hides the crust VFX on weapons from enchantments, both inherent/runes and applied by mages. Effects show for 2 seconds then are hidden. Stealth's crust is sadly hard-coded in the engine and can't be removed.

* Modal exploration irritations:
Removed the damage heartbeat from Blood Thirst, The Tainted Blade and Aura of Pain during exploration, and Berserk preventing stamina regen while exploring.

* Mute modal AoE SFX:
Mutes the "boom" sound from entering Rally's AoE, and the periodic shockwaves from Air of Insolence.

* Party skill for disarm:
When disarming traps, checks for the skill level of the most talented rogue in the party, rather than the disarming character. Also reduces the disarm time from 3 seconds to 0.1 second and removes the kneeling animation. Does not apply in combat.

* Party skill for unlock:
If the controlled character fails to unlock a door or chest and there is a capable rogue in the party, they will automatically unlock it. No attempt will be made if a key's required, the object isn't pickable, or the rogue's skill is insufficient.

* Reactivate modals after combat:
Berserk, Aura of Pain and Blood Magic are reactivated when the game disables them outside of combat. Feign Death and Captivate are still left as is.

* Stealing cooldown:
Reduces the cooldown on stealing to 0.5 seconds.

* Stealing no stealth drop:
Stealing no longer drops the thief out of stealth.

These are installed separately - see the Extras pack and included readme. Where these are listed as alternatives I suggest removing the default version.

* Autoloot kills (conservative):
Alternative to Autoloot kills that does not loot any enemy holding a plot item or item which triggers an event on pickup.

* Dual Weapon Sweep Crits:
Alternative to the Dual Weapon Sweep fix above that additionally allows Dual Weapon Sweep to score critical hits.

* Modcore:
module_core override. Fixes bug with autopause triggering multiple times and prevents Berserk, Blood Magic and Aura of Pain sustains being turned off outside combat. Makes QOL -  Reactivate modals outside combat redundant.

* Tactics slots:
Significantly increases the number of tactics slots available for all characters (will need to wait until level-up to be applied to existing characters). Split into separate fixes for Origins and Awakening which must go into different folders.


Greatly improved the speed of the effect handler (more optimised than vanilla code now) - should make combat more responsive and bugs like losing equipment at the urn fire less likely.
Added morale, shale immunities, spirit death and total damage fixes
Added hide shale crystal vfx QOL
Added extras file with module_core override, and moved autoloot kills (conservative), dual weapon sweep crits changes to it.
Fixed tactics slots preventing gaining the third spec in Awakening if imported below level 22 - as this changes the install process it's now been moved into extras.
Fixed debug floaties being left in the lacerate fix and lucky tweak.
Fixed weapon vfx crust remover causing weak points sound to loop when runes equipped.
Fixed no stealth drop fix causing issues in darkspawn chronicles during burn the venedahl (and anywhere else where the castat event might be listened to by placeables).

Added chevalier set bonus fix.
Added alistair's oath, dog inspiration and lucky tweaks.
Added bergen's honor and cgm cosmetics.
Fixed lacerate fix not working.
Fixed haste not being applied to new party members.

Added bloody grasp, crushing prison targeting friendlies and suppressing fire fixes.
Added follower scaling and uncap health regen tweaks.
Added new Item On Hit manager and reworked mage/soldiersbane, slow rune and crow poison fixes to use it.
Fixed on-equip modules (conditional modals, weapon crust vfx) always triggering fatigue and heavy armour tutorials on game load.
Fixed no modal vfx not removing alpha effects; however I deliberately left stealth's alpha in.
Toned down spider queen's spit tweak from x2 to x1.5 damage.
Changed weakens nearby darkspawn to use aura of weakness as the base ability rather than weakness, so it'll now stack with weakness.

Fixed autoloot containers preventing the game from recognising looting of Howe's silver during Crime Wave, and possibly any other situations that depend on the item removed event being fired.

Added frightening appearance buffs threaten fix, stealing cooldown QOL and added dual striking timing to attack resolution tweak.
Made reactivate modals additionally check immediately prior to combat starting, as dialogue-combat transitions were causing abilities to deactivate without turning back on.
Display received items now also shows the material where appropriate.
Rewards from all kills no longer grants xp when an ally is killed (they may still drop loot however).
Fixed abilities apply impact threat not appling as much impact threat as they should. Additionally added the walking bomb bonus threat penalty to virulent walking bomb too.
Fixed hide modal vfx causing grab/overwhelm to end early, and made it no longer apply to permanent hostile effects (such as miasma).

Fixed shattering blows fix causing CTD. Restored Shale, added revenants and varterral to it.

Removed Shale from shattering blows fix as seems to cause CTD sometimes

Added condition groups, crow poison, earthen grasp, and fire & ice fixes.
Added weapon VFX crusts QOL and 3rd party dispel tweaks.
Added equip manager core util to handle equip and unequip redirection as event manager caused too many redirects at the urn of sacred ashes. Set conditional modals fix and weapon vfx crusts QOL to use it.
Updated aneirin's token fix to also apply to vessel deactivation debuff.
Updated shattering blows fix to also apply to constructs in DLC (Warden's Keep, Stone Prisoner and Golems of Amgarrak; awakening was already included, other DLCs add no new constructs).
Fixed apply buffs to new party members causing upkeep to display twice as large as it actually was (actual mana cap wasn't affected).
Minor performance/organisation improvements to a number of modules: destroyer, inc host and intimidation, reduces hostility, slow rune, mage/soldersbane, impact threat, hide modal vfx.

Fixed hide modal vfx breaking miasma, enabled it to work with captivating song and stone aura.

Added increases monetary gain, poison stacking and paralysis explosion fixes.
Added messy kills fix: due to being inextricably linked with crit normalisation and backstab misdirection, these were incorporated into the 'attack resolution' tweak. Recompiled talents to use the options GDA file for this.
Reworked forcefield tweak to operate on damage ward effect instead of the forcefield spell; reclassified as a fix as resetting threat was clearly intended for the effect but implemented incorrectly.
Reworked autolooting corpses: now tracks enemies killed by the party and loots them at the end of combat, rather than hoovering up items from nearby corpses. Added a variant that won't loot autoloot important items.
Fixed modal vfx breaking summons.
Fixed shale quake having debug prints left in.

Fixed bugs related to too much event redirection: added effect manager core util, set dot stacking, increases hostility & intimidation, weakens nearby darkspawn and hide modal vfx to use it, and made conditional modals fix no longer use event manager (sorry compatibility).
Added shale quake and aura stacking fixes.

Added weakens nearby darkspawn fix and modal exploration irritations QOL change.
Fixed DOT stacking and hide modal vfx sometimes causing the Apply Effect event to redirect too many times
Abilities apply impact threat now also takes effect when entering an area of effect (e.g. miasma).
Disabled Hide modal aoe vfx for modals that hold the user in place (e.g. captivating song) as it was causing them to cease being applied. Hopefully this will just be a temporary workaround.
Fixed reactivate modals after combat sometimes erroneously triggering in combat (e.g. if berserk is disabled due to running out of stamina), and made it work with hide modal aoe vfx

Added mighty blow and slow rune fixes.
Re-added autoloot containers QOL. Now (hopefully) bug-free but worse for compatibility.
Changed party unlock to command an eligible rogue to unlock on failure rather than override the unlock attempt, in order to fix bugs with the event override e.g. being unable to enter Owen's smithy or being able to unlock the mage's chest at ostagar during daytime.
Party disarm now also removes the kneeling animation.

Fixed item sets on party change breaking the scaling of newly acquired party members.
Removed autoloot containers until I'm satisfied it won't break quests.

Fixed autoloot containers breaking containers with special scripting.

Added increases hostility and intimidation, reduces hostility, repeater gloves and shattering blows fixes.
Added rewards from all kills tweak.
Fixed hide modal vfx sometimes not hiding effects when many were applied simultaneously, e.g. after area transition.
Neatened up plus heal and oghren dwarven resistance fixes.

Added canine howl, conditional modals, DOT stacking, and friendly abilities dropping stealth fixes.
Added autoloot containers/corpses, display received items, hiding modal vfx/aoe vfx/sfx, party skill disarming/unlocking QOL changes.
Added spider queen poison spit tweak.
Fixed impact threat fix occasionally duplicating applied threat.
Made reactivate modals after combat QOL account for any condition pre-requisites.

Fixed drain life having a huge damage multiplier (for debugging purposes) left in.

Added QOL category and moved hoh, stealing and tactics tweaks to it
Added impact threat, blood control, curse of mortality, dual striking, find vitals, item sets, legion heraldry, lifedrain, mage/soldiersbane, mana cleanse, oghren dwarven resistance, pc crit chance, +% heal, ranged aim speed, rock barrage, scattershot and shield wall fixes.
Added dual striking speed, forcefield, crit interactions and silverite asala tweaks
Added party buffs, fast move and reactivate modals QOL changes
Repacked event manager as a mandatory core utility as the number of copies of it was getting ridiculous.

Fixed stealing no stealth drop sometimes causing no items to be given
Added combat magic tooltip fix

v 1.1:
Fixed additional tactics slots not applying for levels 26-35 in awakening and DLC

v 1.0 stable release:
Added Beyond the Veil and Sweeping Strike fixes
Added Helm of Honnleath strength requirement tweak
Destroyer fix now also applies to talents
Reclassified warden tower shield as cosmetic

v 0.7:
Added Antimagic Ward, Destroyer and friendly fire fixes.
Added rune slot fix for Imperial Edge
Added The Edge cosmetic change
Reworked Dual Weapon Expert (again) to not use rules_core, should fix bug with gifts in awakening
Added compatibility for Dragon Age Rules Fixpack

v 0.6:
Added Fang, Power of Blood, Reaper's Cudgel and Rune Slot fixes
Toned down the blizzard tweak, from a 50% chance to slip/freeze every 2 seconds to 25%
Separated Scattershot damage instances to preserve old interaction with suppressing fire (applies the debuff twice)
Noticed I had an old version of shield talents in, which maximized attribute rolls as well as weapon damage. Now actually does what I claim.

v 0.5:
Reworked dual weapon expert fix. New implementation should fix all previous bugs, but is terrible for compatibility.
Cone of Cold now uses its own script instead of overriding spells_cone

v 0.4:
Changed Lacerate fix to worth with Anakin's event manager, and act as a listener. This should improve compatibility with other mods, and fixes an existing bug with the Spirit Apparatus during the Paragon of Her Kind quest line.
Added Hit Rate fix
Fixed Dual Weapon Expert preventing scripted behaviour in the Sloth Demon, Branka and Archdemon fights.

v 0.3:
Updated naming convention
Added Vessel of the Spirit fix
Added Blizzard tweak
Added Dual Weapon Sweep tweak
Added Winter's Grasp tweak
Fixed Dual Weapon Expert fix preventing thugs fleeing from Isabela at the Pearl
Reclassified Staff of the Magister Lord as fix

v 0.2:
Fixed Dual Weapon Expert fix preventing enemies from surrendering

v 0.1:
Public release