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Some small fixes and tweaks that I haven't yet found done by others.

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A collection of small fixes and tweaks.  Changes are modular, so install the folders you want. 

--Missing Codices:  restores some missing codex entries. 
--Intro Chests:  Unlocks the locked chests in the intro if the PC is a mage or warrior.  
--Oghren's Gifts:  Resets Oghren's gift counter so that it doesn't count Origin's gifts against you, and also adjusts his approval based on Origins. 
--Baroness's Reward:   You now actually get the reward you bargained for. 
--Ines Without Wynne:  if you killed Wynne (or just don't want to talk to her), the quest to find Ines will be on the Chanter's Board instead.  Also changes a dialog check about Ines' books to look for the Herbalism skill instead of whether the PC is a mage. 
--Little Dialog Edits: restores a few cut lines in two endgame dialogs. 
--Everybody Lives (except Varel): Prevents the erroneous codex entry updates that say your followers die when left at an upgraded Vigil's Keep, if the epilogue will say they survived. 
--Open Guardhouse:  Gives you the guardhouse key once you're committed to Law and Order, so you can recruit Jacen even if you play lawfully.  
--Rumblings Reward:  Get rewarded for turning in the quest Rumblings from Beneath, like the game says you do.   :)

Conflicts:  will obviously conflict with most other mods that attempt to do the same things.  The only ones I know of, though, are:
Qwinn's Fixpack for Oghren's gifts (having both installed won't cause any problems), and
Baroness Reward Fix, which, after pulling it apart, actually only seems to fix the bloodmage specialization reward part.....so replace that mod with mine.  ;)

The Architect codex restoration will conflict with both Silverite Mines fixes on the Nexus.  I personally use TerraEx's, so I made my dialog edit to be compatible, as long as my mod loads after.  

Altered files:

More recommended Awakening fixes:
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i9h's Awakening endgame cutscene fixes and Joining ritual fix for Awakening companions
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mintflavoredwindows' Awakening Lore-Friendly Epilogue Rewrite and Awakening Messenger Bugfix
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