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Fixes an Awakening bug where the epilogue sometimes talks about the darkspawn messenger if you had him killed

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This is just a quick fix for the bug where if you make the Messenger fight with you in the attack on Amaranthine, the epilogue will state that he wandered the land helping people, even if you told Captain Garevel to kill him after the battle.  I've made it so that telling Garevel to kill the Messenger (or leaving the decision in his hands, since his choice is just left ambiguous) clears that flag, so the slide won't play. The conversation with Garevel after Amaranthine's been saved is really short and had close to no effect on anything else in the game, so this mod shouldn't conflict with anything else or cause any weird side effects. Just drop the .dlg file into your override at any point before finishing The Assault on Amaranthine for it to work!