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Changes Genitivi and some other NPC's outfits to be more fitting

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This mod changes Brother Genitivi's and other NPCS outfits to be more fitting. I'll update this when I get a new idea or find something I think needed a change.

Genitivi is no longer wearing just commoner clothing, Aneirin has now more fitting mage robe and Urn Spirits Shartan and Hessarian also have more fitting outfits. Ashalle and Taliesen have also new outfits.

NEW: Riordan now wears Alistair's Grey Warden coat from Thedosian Grey Wardens.

Installation: Put the files in your override folder. Don't like them? Remove them. However, you need to load a save before you have visited:

* The Gauntlet for Urn spirit mod to work
* Haven for Genitivi mod to work
* Brecilian Forest for Aneirin mod to work.
* Dalish camp for Ashalle mod to work
* In Denerim, Taliesen encounter for Taliesen mod to work
* NEW: Arl Howe's estate for Riordan mod to work

Remove them from override folder if you don't like them.


* Genitivi: Viva la Orlais - Viva la Orlais -main file: Chantry -folder -> Sister -folder
* Aneirin: Dalish Keeper Robes - v7 Enchanter Mesh
* Shartan: The Guardians of Cadash Thaig -Main File
* Hessarian: Tevinter Nights -Main File
* Ashalle: RL's Swan Song -SWAN SONG LIGHT ARMOR MODULAR FILES PART 2-file: Heritage of Mirkwood Cuirass -folder
* Taliesen: Raptures Witcher -Raptures Witcher v1_0 -file
* NEW Riordan: Grey Wardens of Ferelden and Thedosian Grey Wardens (there is also a version that is meant to be used with Unique Characters Overhaul, only use one of the Regular/USO versions)
** Thedosian Warden 1.0 -file and Core Mod GWoF - REQUIRED -file only needed

If you don't have any other file in your override named

* ntb220cr_aneirin.utc (for Aneirin)
* bed200cr_ashalle.utc and epi200cr_ashalle.utc (for Ashalle)
* urn110cr_genitivi.utc and epi200cr_genitivi.utc (for Genitivi)
* den510cr_riordan.utc, cli300cr_riordan.utc and drk_riordan.utc (for Riordan)
* den920cr_taliesen.utc (for Taliesen)
* urn230cr_hessarian.utc and urn230cr_shartan.utc (for Urn spirits)

you're fine, as this mod doesn't conflict with any other mod.


commanderstrawberry, IceBucketsRogueLassInBleedingRupture and Ladyofpayne, NeoKingArthur, makara5656 and ilsolas for their wonderful mods.