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Armor, weapons and outfits from Dragon age Inquisition for humans.

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Orlesian style of life. Armor bikini for male are made for http://bikiniarmorbattledamage.tumblr.com

Armor, weapons and outfits from Dragon age Inquisition for humans. You can include it in any mod you want. Just give a link on me. Final version. No more updates until new armor comes up.
I wouldn't mind if you deside to change these models but you better find untouched armor from XNALARA or XPS. Otherwise models, which the other people have worked, won't work correctly.

I am not active there so please if some issues will happen I allow moderators or administrators to upload the module in the new site.

If you want to know how to port armor- please look for Video section. I did in in 3d max and know nothing about the others.

Stats are following:
All massive armor has chracteristics of Juggernaut Plate Armor but helmets are Duty.

Shileds - Redcliffe Elite Shield.
Light armor- The Felon's Coat, Bard's dancing shoes, Red Jenny Seekers and The Long Sight.
Heavy armor and gloves - Evon the Great's Mail and Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Gloves.
Officer helmet - Juggernaut Helm
Chevalier armor - Armor of the Legion

All clothes have stats of Reaper's Vestments.
Hats have stast of First Enchanter's Cowl.

*Inpack archive to My Documents/BioWare/Dragonage/packages/core/override
*Use script: give_viva_la_orlais

Special thanks for DarthParametric, WeAreLegion,  Padme4000, RogueLass, SirensRequiem, Skaramoosh and makara5656. Also valerie1972, her mod Item Id's allowed me to avoid many problems.

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