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Change your old hero face and hairstyle anywhere in the game.

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Yes, you can finally change your old hero appearance with any of the myriad hairstyles, colours and appearance mods, without restarting the game, nor rewriting common elements - making everyone look the same.
The enclosed utility lets you import in your current save game (even in those so large the editor can't open) the head morph from any another character save game or morph file.

And chanage your soundset too:

!! Note:

Thanks to the helping NewByPower, author of Dragon Age Face Replacer, this mod is out of the woods. Visit him at:


and please give him credit.

Thank you, NewByPower!!

How it works?:

0. Save your game with a recognizable name, like "testmod".

1. Install all the hairstyles and mods you want
2. Create a new temporary character with the desired aspect, and create a new save game (any race/gender/class), or prepare a Morph file (.mor) you may have
3. Use the "DAOSaves.exe" utility to import in this on-going play-through saved game, the head-morph from the newly created save or from the morph file you prepared (select morph file in open file dialog)
4. Delete the temporary character if you want.
5. Enjoy & Endorse

IMPORTANT COMMENT: Importing morphs between geometrically incopatible characters, like inter gender / inter racial, will result in deformed characters. See picture about "practicing magic effect on dwarves". So I please ask users not to complain about it in the forum - it's not an issue, it's how it works - and giving the new users the impression that its somthing wrong with the mod. It is not. Thank you.


None, you just unpack and run "DAOSaves.exe". You will be prompted to select the destination and source save games.

The application its made in VB.NET 2008, so you likely must have Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed. Not a biggie.

Starting with this version (1.3) we are out of betas. So, go ahead with confidence.

Note that every time you run the utility a backup with ".bak" extension is created in your save-game folder, replacing the old ".bak".
First backup also makes an "*.original" file, that never gets overwrited. Use it to restore your original save if you wish.

Handle with care & have fun!

Sir A