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This mod focuses on allowing the character to embody true chivalrous values and defeat worthy opponents as much as protecting allies.

The specialization is available either after you save the Redcliffe village from the undeads or after you heal Arle Eamon and grants +2 Constitution and +2 Willpower.

Permissions and credits
Knight Specialization
Version 1.1.2


[1] Description
[2] Compatibility
[3] Installation
[4] Knight abilities
[5] Knight Challengers
[6] Items
[7] Changelog
[8] Credits

[1] Description

This mod focuses on allowing the character to embody true chivalrous values and defeat worthy opponents as much as protecting allies.

The specialization is available either after you save the Redcliffe village from the undeads or after you heal Arle Eamon.
It grants +2 Constitution and +2 Willpower.

Of 4 talents, 2 are passive and grant bonuses which help the Knight to always stay in the vanguard of the party.
One of the active talents, on the other hand, is sustained and protects the nearby allies giving them a high bonus in defense.
While the other active talent attracts a single chosen enemy and grants to the Knight a temporal boost in defense and damage with the purpose of help him defeating his challenger.

With version 1.2.0 are added new items, most of them available defeating wandering knights all across Ferelden.

[2] Compatibility
Should be compatible with everything provided it doesn't use the same ID's range.
Abilities go from 355555 to 355559

[3] Installation
Just install the dazip with DAUpdater.exe (gameDirectory\bin_ship\)

To unistall just delete:
- the "knight_spec" folder in "documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/AddIns"
- the "knight_spec_package.erf" in the folder "documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/data"
- the "knight_spec" folder in "documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/override"

If you're upgrading remember to unistall before reinstalling.

If you experience a bug where the Knight Specialization doesn't unlock even after its condition are met, try to type the following in the console:
- runscript lock_knight
- runscript unlock_knight

It should solve the problem.

[4] Knight Abilities

Heavy Training (passive):
Knights are well trained in wearing heavy armors that normal soldiers would find too bulky and tiring on the battlefield, so they feel much less fatigued and
also increase their chances of defending themselves from incoming blows.
Bonus: +5 defense, -10% fatigue, +10 arrows deflection.

Vow of Protection (sustained):
The chivalric code, based on the defense of allies, makes the knight skilled in helping his companions by defending them from enemy blows.
Bonus: +20 defense on allies within about 3 meters. With Valor: +10 physical resistance.

Challenge (active):
The knight points straight to an enemy on the battlefield and challenges him into a mortal duel, gaining all his attention.
After announcing the challenge, the knight is temporarily filled with a great inspiration that drives him into battle with a high bonus to attack,
defense and damage.
Bonus: +level defense, +level attack and +level damage for 30 seconds. With Valor: +level / 4 to combat stamina regeneration.

Valor (passive):
A true knight is one who proves himself valorous on the battlefield in defeating dangerous enemies, never giving up or be seized with fear.
The knight gains a bonus to mental resistance, health regeneration and damage.
Bonus: +10 mental resistance, +2 combat health regeneration, +5 damage

[5] Knight Challengers

As your reputation in Ferelden increases, wandering knights from Ferelden (and beyond) search you and challenge you to a mortal duel to value your strenght and honor.
You can acquire their special gear after defeating them.
(You are supposed, but not forced, to fight them in 1v1 for a more balanced encounter and a better immersion)

Ser Ither of Kirkwall:

A knight of Kirkwall wearing a red armor and holding a shield with the heraldry of his city.
Where: Dark Alley in Denerim (from Back Alley Justice quest)

Ser Cahot the Red:

The avenging brother of Ser Ither.
Where: Dark Alley in Denerim (from Back Alley Justice quest), after defeating Ser Ither of Kirkwall.

Ser Bertilak de Hautdesert:
An eerie knight located in the deep of the Brecillian Forest, wearing a green armor and a two handed axe.
Where: West Brecillian Forest, near the Grand Oak, after completing the Nature of the Beast plot.

Ser Gwyn and Ser Jhon Duval:
Two dueling knights, white and black, fighting on the bridge leading to the gates of Orzammar.
Where: Frostback Mountains, near the gates for Orzammar, after completing the Paragon of her kind plot.

Ser Mikael Manheim:
An strong azure knight waiting for you in the Sacred Ruined Temple.
Where: Ruined Temple, to the entrance, after completing the Urn of Sacred Ashes plot.

Ser Gregor Clegane:
A huge knight with a superhuman strenght, wielding a massive and deadly greatsword.
Where: Lake Calenhad, near the water, after completing the Broken Circle plot.

You can also type "runscript knt_tournament" or "runscript knt_tournamentg" on the console to have some fun and easily acquire their gears.

[6] Items

Knight Armor Set

Tier: Steel or above
Where: Entrance of Redcliffe Village, near the cliff.

Knight Leader Armor Set

Tier: Silverite
Where: Ruined Temple, before the right exit of the first area leading to the Wyrmling Lair.

[7] Changelog

• 05/06/2021 1.0:
- lowered stamina cost of Vow of Protection from 50 to 30

• 07/06/2021 1.1:
- added improvements of the other talents after you gain Valor.
- fixed some active talents descriptions bug.

• 12/06/2021 1.1.01:
- added the knight achievement inside the dazip (for some reason wasn't already there)

• 15/06/2021 1.1.1:
- now compatible with awakening and every other campaign

• 02/07/2021 1.1.2:
- no more need of the troubleshooting for anyone experiencing problems

• 13/08/2021 1.2.0:
- added knight items
- added knight challengers

[8] Credits
thanks to Anshela for the help in fixing a problem with the Knight class achievement ;)

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