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My Isabela mod to make her look like her DA2 self.

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Not Everything is included with this mod, check the read me in the download for the required mods.

Place the textures folder & the mor file into your game's override folder as well as the three required mods. Make sure that you do not have any other duplicate mor files, as they will conflict with my mod.

If you do not know where the game's override file, consult the following:

C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Override

I added a second optional version of Isabela, she will have her DA2 Hair and the face I made, but she will not be wearing the armor from Hsli. You still need the hair from Hsli's mod, but you do not need anything else. Isabela will have the face I made plus hsli hair and she will appear in her vanilla armor unless you decide to download an armor mod for her, this morph should work for that as well.

By request I added an Isabela mop file to be used in the character creation screen. Keep in mind the face will not be exact to my Isabela mod as the character creation screen does not have the diverse options that the toolset has, so nose & eyes will look a bit different.