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This hack removes the helmet graphic from party members by placing helmets in the invisible \"cloak\" equipment slot. Item Sets fixed. Awakenings compliant.

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No Helmet Hack 1.6
by Yonline

This module hides helmets from view by placing helmets in the cloak slot. Each character maintains their own visibility setting. The helmets are visible on the inventory paperdoll for comparison and easy swapping. Item sets function normally.

NEW: Edited some origin scripts to make various dwarven quests accept helmets in cloak slots. A "Light Armor uses Dex" compatibility override is added.

Install the mod and watch the helmets disappear the next time the inventory screen is used. Use the No Helmet Rule Book to Hide or Unhide helmets on the character using the book.

This version includes a check for module compatibility. If it fails to hide helmets due to a conflicting mod, it will warn you (more like nag you).

WARNING: Since this mod actually moves the helmet between cloak and helm slots when viewing the inventory screen, if you are wearing a helmet you are currently unable to wear (via stat boost equipment equip/unequip), it may remove your helmet and give you an incompatibility warning.


Both the Awakenings version and the Origins version can be installed at the same time, allowing the hack to work in both campaigns.

Use DAModder, DAO ModManager, or DAUpdater.

The Item Set GDA override is no longer needed and has therefore been removed.


Use DAO ModManager or DAModder.

Known Issues

- There are reports of some strange behavior when the game engine strips all equipment off a character for the Silverite mine in Awakenings. Am told you should remove all helmets before entering the mine to correct this. This cannot be fixed since Awakening code is not released.

I won't be hunting for or editing single player or expansion scripts to fix these issues.

- Known conflicting mods due to improper overriding of all item base properties: Dual massive weapons, Song of the Rose (fixed in 1.1)
- Known conflicting mods due to overriding the armors I need to override: Light Armor Req DEX (only affects light armor, a compatible one is supplied), Runes for Everything


- Origins only fix, allows helmet to be hidden for Dwarf commoner origin and Deep Road quest.

1.5a 20/04/2010

- Forked awakenings version into it's own module, allowing it to be installed alongside the origins version.
- Packed dazips into 7ZIPs since the zip files were giving DaModder compatibility issues.


- Now Awakenings compliant: Added a dual extension manifest.xml. Added Origins only and Awakenings only mods as well for compliance. Registered all new follower's names. Fixed mechanism that detected when to use the party pool vs the party (used to check for the area code, which no longer exists)
- Added compatibility check that will nag you if you have a conflicting mod.
- Reassigned owners and priority folders so that this mod is less likely to be overridden.
- Item Sets with helmets now work without any workaround. This was a royal pain since the item set code was locked in the player_core script which was a no-no to override, and equip events were not overridable either. You can still copy the whole code and put it elsewhere though...
- All non-registered followers will remove helmets as a group, for future compatibility.


- Version 1.3 had some testing restrictions left on that essentially broke the book. Not good.
- Book code rewritten, should work everywhere now and not break, and is recalled if you destroy your book...


- Hiding/unhiding helmets now work on a per character basis
- Itemset fix offered


- Code cleanup. Helmets only swap with the inventory GUI now.
- Helmet swap works on all characters in the party camp now, although the rulebook does not work in the camp. Go figure.
- You can now recall a sold or destroyed rulebook via console command:
runscript give_no_helmet_rulebook

1.1b 11/30/2009

- Massive improvements.
- Helmets now visible on NPCs and Paperdolls.
- No Helmet Potion no longer needed, replaced with a No Helmet Rule Book that allows cycling between Hide All Helmets, Hide Non_Massive Helmets, and Disable Mod

- 1.1b Fixed repeating bug that spawned two maps, party selects, etc...

1.0, 11/29/2009
- Initial release.

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