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This add-in fix various bugs in tactics system, party members behaviors and AI. It enable new conditions and actions in the tactics system that give you the opportunity to configure your followers more precisely. It also fix some bugs that players may encounter during combat. Full list of fixes available in long description.

Permissions and credits
This add-in fix various bugs in tactics system, party members behaviors and AI.
  • It enable new conditions and actions in the tactics system that give you the opportunity to configure your followers more precisely. For example, you will find a [Dead] statement that allow you to check for a dead ally. Full list below.
  • It makes some changes in followers AI. For example, Ranged followers avoid melee with this add-in. Full list below.
  • It also fix some bugs that players may encounter during combat. Like caster freeze trying to cast a spell or melee players stopping auto attack.
  • An effort is done to translate this add-in in all languages available in dragon age: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech

Advanced Tactics is working with the single player campaign, with Awakening and also with all other Bioware's or Player's standalone module.

!! WARNING !! You probably have to rewrite your tactics after installing this add-in.

Update 3.1
  • Final fix for invisible wall. Report to me if any problem. (fix works for old saved game as well)
  • Tactics presets are now compliant with Awakening. For both old and new compagnions.


  • (v2.5) Fix the [Jump to] action to jump to the right tactics slot.
  • (v2.4) Add the [Target] condition. Conditions are applied to your current target.
  • (3.0) Enable [Dead], [Berserk], [Invulnerable] status and add [Petrified / Frozen] and [Feared] status to the status condition list. You will now be able to cast Revive and whatever you want to do with these conditions. (They all are available in [Ally], [Enemy] and [Target]. [Berserk] is also available in [Self]).
  • (v2.9.1) Enable conditions on enemies armor type, attack type, range and races. (Available in [Enemy], [Target])
  • (v2.2) Enable conditions [X enemies are dead], [X enemies are alive], [X allies are alive], [X allies are wounded], [X allies have curable effects]. (Available in [Self] and all [Followers])
  • (v2.7) Add new conditions in [Health] and [Mana or stamina] menu. Values go from 10% to 100% by step of 10%.
  • (v2.4) Add conditions list [Has debuff spell]. It contains conditions that checked if an enemy is affected by Weakness, Vulnerability Hex or Affliction Hex, Death Hex.
  • (v2.4) Add new condition [Has Curable Effects].
  • (v2.2) Add condition [X allies are exhausted] (mana < 50%). (Available in [Self] and all [Followers])
  • (v2.4) Add condition list [Game mode]. It contains [Combat] and [Exploration]. Activated abilities set with theses conditions are deactivated if you are not in the specified game mode. (Available in [Self] and all [Followers])
  • (v2.9) Add new conditions [Is a summoned creature], [Is accompanied by a summoned creature], [Is not accompanied by a summoned creature]. Available in the new [Summoning] menu.
  • (v2.4) Add [Not being attacked by attack type] condition list. It contains 7 conditions similar to [Being attacked by attack type] ones. (Available in [Self] and all [Followers]).
  • (v2.4) Add [Being attacked] condition in [Being attacked by attack type] condition list.
  • (v2.9) Add new condition [Using melee attack at flank].
  • (v2.4) Change the condition that were talking about "target" to be less confused. The word "target" has been removed : [Enemy: Target using range attack] become [Enemy: Using range attack] and you will also find [Target: Using range attack] if you want to check your target. Note that [Enemy: Using range attack] give priority to your current target to avoid target switch if the target match the condition.
  • (v2.7) Modify [Clustered] condition so that you can cast spells like scattershot. You also can cast all spells using this condition. The enemy target is the nearest enemy of the center of the cluster (I didn't change that, it is the default behavior).
  • (v2.1) Fix Hero, Main controlled and Followers target conditions so that you can now cast spell that doesn't target an enemy with those conditions (before, the character get stuck trying to cast the spell if the target was dead).
  • (v2.9) Enable [Surrounded by X enemies] condition for [Hero], [Main controlled] and [Followers].
  • (v1.0) The [Ally] statement now include [Self] too. So [Ally : Life < 50%] can return self and the mage can heal himself like this.
  • (v2.4) Add 7 new actions : [Pause] and [Change behavior to ...] that respectively allow you to pause the game, and to change the behavior of the character. ([Change tactics to Custom 1,2,3] is not doable for now)
  • (v2.9) Add [Switch to weapon set I/II] actions. For people who used 2 melee sets or 2 range sets.
  • (v3.0) Add new actions [Disarm Traps] and [Pick Locks].
  • (v2.9) [Use lesser Health Poultice], [Use higher Health Poultice], [Use lesser Mana potion] and [Use higher Mana potion] will use the lesser/higher available health poultice/potion (if others are on cooldown).
  • (v2.9) Fix a vanilla bug with the use of poisons in tactics. You can put poison on your weapons and refresh it during combat. Same for other usable items.
  • (v2.9) Preset tactics have been adjusted according to new conditions.


  • (v2.7) Each pet has 1 preset tactics setting.
  • (v2.7) Pets now have only abilities they are supposed to have.


  • (v2.7) Fix the auto attack bug. Now, all party members (include the one you control) keep tracking their target and auto attack it if their behavior is configured to auto attack. The main things is that you can use an ability and don't have to click again to continue auto attack after the ability have landed. And secondly, if you were CC, you will continue auto attack on your target after CC.
  • (v2.9.1) Ranged follower avoid being in melee with their current target. They will run in direction of the main controlled character when needed. You can keep this behavior if you want to use melee weapons when the enemy comes in melee.
  • (v2.9) Cautious follower avoid nearby enemies. They will run in direction of the main controlled character when needed.
  • (v1.2) Scale the range with the enemy size. Now, followers will not stay in melee of large size enemies like High dragon thinking they are far enough.
  • (v3.0) AOE spells cannot be cast via tactics if an ally is in the AOE area. Moreover, allies who avoid AOE cannot attack a target that is in the area of an AOE or an incoming AOE.
  • (v2.1) Fix the freeze bug that made party members freeze trying to cast a spell. They are no longer stuck doing nothing.
  • (v1.2) Party members can cast sustained abilities out of combat. The problem that deactivate these abilities just after combat is not the same and is not fixed.
  • (v2.9) Fix the xp bug that make enemies not giving xp when killed by a non-party member.
  • (v2.9) Fix the auto pause bug. The delay between entering combat and auto pause has been deleted.
  • (v2.9) Allow the player to activate tactics for controlled characters. The option is available in game in the skill book.
  • (v2.9) Add an option to make melee rogues attack enemies from behind. The option is available in game in the skill book.
  • (v2.9) Tactics are now working when you are affected by a polymorph effect.
  • (v1.4) Change "Crushing Prison" spell, you can cast it on allies as it is on XBOX and PS3.
  • (v2.4) Your party members can see enemies at the same distance as you. So they will pick a target right after the combat start. The distance has been slightly increased from original.
  • (v2.7) Your party members will no more target an enemy that is not sensible to their damage. If an enemy is invulnerable (eg affected by force field or spell ward), the follower change his target.
  • (v3.0) Your party members will no more target an ally affected by Curse of Mortality or using Blood Magic to cast healing abilities.
  • (v2.9) Your party members will no more cast a crowd control ability on a target that is affected by a crowd control ability. Except the Fear that can be applied on a sleep target. And Crushing Prison that can be applied on Force Field.
  • (v2.9) The ability Regeneration is not castable in tactics on a target with 100% hp. So you can use it with lowest health condition.



Available localization are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish, and Hungarian. If you want to complete translation for your language, send me a translation of the talk table available in the download section.


Use the daupdater.exe located at "Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship" folder. Then select the downloaded dazip file of advanced tactics. Press install.
You can use DAModder to install this add-in.

The add-in is Core only, you can use it with other standalone mods.


There is no easy way to uninstall an add-in. You can uncheck it in the downloadable content menu.
You also can use DAModder to uninstall this add-in.


This add-in use the Event Manager :

It override 2 events :

It listen 3 events

It will not be fully compatible with other mods overriding these events.

This add-in create abilities 50000 and 50001. Guitype is new as well and is 600.
It use string ID from 8000000 to 8000132.
It also create a new event with the ID 500.

V. F.A.Q

  • I don't see skills in the skill book or my followers have strange behavior.
  • Before asking for help, deactivate all your mods but Advanced Tactics and check it is working when it is the only loaded mod. Don't forget mods in your override folder as well. Update all your mods. Run the debug script (see below).
    If it still doesn't work, do not forget to give the list of mods you use. Your request will not be considered otherwise.


You can run the debug script with the console command "runscript at_debug".

To have console enabled add option: "Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole to your startup.


This project is born from the Extra Tactics project with the help of KehlarTVH.
Thanks to all of you who send me a translation of the talk table.


This add-in is part of the Advanced Series