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Fixes the \"Enemy Clustered with X Allies\" condition in Advanced Tactics 3.1. Dragon Age Origins ONLY

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For Dragon Age Origins ONLY

Just copy the patch folder to your "\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\" folder. I have included my sources as well for those who are interested - they are not required for anything and can be deleted. Anyone is free to do anything with my clustered function, just credit me for it. For everything else see my Improved Potions mod and the AT mod's permissions.

Advanced Tactics 3.1 is required.
I have integrated the fix into the modified advanced tactics scripts used for my Improved Potions and Custom Number of Tactics mods, but it should work just fine whether you have those mods or not. If you do use one or both of these mods make sure to use the version of the patch files posted on my Improved Potions mod page, since there is an extra file there and different installation instructions.

I always had trouble getting the "Enemy Clustered with X Allies" condition to work in Advanced Tactics, and saw alot of complaints about it in comments on mod forums, so I decided to fix it.

When checking the condition my function in "cluster_h" goes through the 20 closest enemies and returns the nearest enemy target that has at least the specified cluster size # of enemies within the radius of the aoe ability being used (the target enemy being the center). The tactic will fail and be skipped if no enemy is found that meets the criteria.

The size limit of the cluster varies depending on the ability's radius of effect.

AOE talent/spell area sizes (per vanilla abi_base.gda)
scattershot 15m radius
rock barrage 10m radius
fireball 7.5m radius (seems more like 10m in game but I need to verify)
cone of cold projects 10m in a 35 degree area in front of caster (width at furthest point ~7m)
flame blast projects 10m in a 35 degree area in front of caster (width at furthest point ~7m)
shock projects 10m in a 35 degree area in front of caster (width at furthest point ~7m)
mana cleanse 10m radius
mana clash10m radius
mass paralysis 10m radius
sleep 10m radius
Death cloud 10m radius
Blood wound 10m radius
default10m radius

Special handling is done for cones. I assume that the enemy target will be near the center of the outer edge of the cone, so the cluster (if any) must be in a radius around that enemy equal to about 1/2 the width of the outer edge of the cone to stay within the AOE. The radius is fairly small compared to other abilities so don't be suprised if your characters don't use the tactic very often with cones (try lining up a shot manually to get an idea of the radius).