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Engage in Slayer vs Slayer combat within BATTLEMODE & CAMPAIGN maps. The playable Archvile is replaced with a Slayer on the demon team. The playable Pain Elemental is a passive spectator. Requires an active Internet connection to Bethesda servers. It is not recommended to play single player content with this mod installed.

Permissions and credits
How To Play

One player (the host) should create a private match and invite 1 or 2 other players (the clients).
One player should select a normal Slayer and another a Slayer on the demon team (replaces the playable Archvile).
If there are 3 players in the lobby, the host should select a Spectator (playable Pain Elemental), so they do not interfere with the fight.
Players may ready-up in a full party or the host can execute the following command to load into a map based on the numbered index.

loadDevMenuOption devmenuoption/pvp # 1

Forsaken - 1
Penance - 2
Tundra - 3
Armageddon - 4

Extraction - 5
Celestial - 6
Torment - 7
Corrosion - 8

Stronghold - 9
Fortress of Doom (Ripatorium) - 10
Cultist Base (Bridge) - 11
Doom Hunter Base (Chapel) - 12

Doom Hunter Base (Ruins) - 13
ARC Complex (Warehouse) - 14
Sentinel Prime (Gladiator) - 15
UAC Atlantica Facility (First Arena) - 16
The Holt
(Inner City) - 17

The World Spear (Catacombs) - 18

The Dark Lord (Stage 2) - 19

+20 for Endless Mode

(replace # with a number)

All players should have the same Deathmatch version and addon installed,
and no other gameplay-affecting mods.

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For DOOM Eternal version 6.66 - rev 2.2

Not Safe for Online Matchmaking

Check Mirrors for Optional Addons

Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:

DOOM Fonts:

French translation by Payoyo.
Simplified Chinese translation by 9K.CNCstar.

Most Optimal Way to Play

Due to modding limitations, some compromises have been made.
The following steps will show players how to play this mod in the most fair way possible.

- Create a full lobby with 3 players.
- All players have fast Internet and the host is geographically located between the other 2 players.
- The host chooses Pain Elemental Spectator.
- The 2 clients choose Slayer.
- The host may change the a map in the lobby settings menu.
- All 3 players must hold R to ready up.

General Information

- Any playable demon (including Spectators) will instantly respawn when killed. Slayers cannot respawn during a round.
- If the host leaves a match, all players will be kicked out of the game.
- The Resource Drain upgrade is removed it applied to all players even if another player does not select it.
- The Fists of Fury power upgrade is removed because Blood Punch is bugged and will not consume a charge when striking a Slayer.
- The UAC Firepower upgrade is applied to base kit. Does not include the Ballista damage nerf.
- The Dashing upgrade is applied to base kit.
- The Sentinel Infused power upgrade is applied to base kit.
- Start with 24 shells, 180 bullets, 250 cells, 12 rockets.
- The host may execute the following commands to remove certain entities from a map.
trigger all (removes all hazards, monkey bars, barriers, & vista effects from the map)
trigger hazard (removes all hazards from the map)
trigger monkeybar (removes all monkey bars from the map)
trigger barrier
(removes all barriers from The Dark Lord)
trigger performance (removes most vista effects from Stronghold)

Standard Upgrades
- Burning Hate: Flame Belch recharges more quickly.
- Double Down: Gain access to a second equipment charge & the frag grenade explosion is larger.
- Speed Demon: You Chainsaw & Glory Kill more quickly.
- Bottomless Missiles: Micro Missiles no longer needs to recharge & Lock-on Burst locks on faster.
- Sentinel Hammer: Gain access to the Sentinel Hammer. Deals area damage & snares other players on impact. Instantly kills fodder. Does not give ammo. Chainsaw or Glory Kill demons two times to recharge.

Power Upgrades
- BFG-9000: Gain access to the BFG. Players are not affected by the arcing bolts emitted by the BFG projectile, only a direct hit from the projectile will cause damage. Blood Punch fodder to replenish BFG ammo.
- Bonus Boom: The Equipment Launcher throws 2 frag grenades when used, they recharge more quickly, & demons killed by the grenades spawn additional cluster bombs.
- Armored Assault: Your invulnerability window is extended by 0.75 seconds after a chainsaw kill.
- Unmaykr: Gain access to the Unmaykr. A devastating rapid-fire weapon with a wide spread. Blood Punch fodder to replenish Unmaykr ammo.

Competitive Changes

- Players choose upgrades in Endless Mode.
- All Hazards, Monkey Bars, & Imps are removed.
- Additional Zombies will spawn.
- Maximum health reduced.
- Health gained from weapon kills are reduced.
- Most weapons deal slightly less damage.
- Arbalest consumes 40 cells.
- Slayer is much brighter.


Menu Changes:
- The playable Archvile character is replaced by a playable Slayer.
- The playable Pain Elemental character is changed to a Spectator. The Pain Elemental is much smaller, has 1 health, cannot deal damage, or use its demon card decks. Attacking will instantly kill the Spectator. The Spectator should attack to kill themself if the Slayer on the demon team is killed.
- Most BATTLEMODE strings in the UI are replaced with DEATHMATCH.
- Slayer City light music plays in the lobby (instead of Arc Complex ambient).
- All default Slayer weapon mods are available to choose from in the loadouts section in the lobby menu.

Map Changes:
- Heavy music based on the map's campaign equivalent plays on round start.
- Starting spawn positions for each Player are father apart.
- Portals are deactivated at the start of each round but will activate after 10 seconds.
- Portals & Jump Pads do not trigger a cooldown after use.
- Meathook Nodes are present in most maps. Using one will trigger a 3 second cooldown on your Meathook before it can be used again.
- 5 Zombies & 4 Imps spawn and will infinitely respawn when killed (instead of 4 Zombies & 3 Imps).
- Slayers do not have outlines. They were removed because the host could not see them. Instead, Slayers have a bright green render parameter attached to their render model.
- Only 2 players are required to start a game (once the map has loaded).

Weapon Changes:
- The Combat Shotgun has reduces spread & will stagger fodder mid-range to point-blank.
--- The Stick Bombs mod has no change in mouse sensitivity, no FOV zoom, & its projectiles instantly explode on direct hits.
--- The Full Auto mod has reduced spread, increased range, no change in mouse sensitivity, & no FOV zoom.
- The Heavy Cannon base fire is hitscan.
--- The Precision Bolt mod FOV zoom is remove & it requires 10 bullets to fire (from 8). This was changed to balance out the increased maximum bullet count.
--- The Micro Missiles mod projectile speed is 25% faster & its projectiles instantly explode on direct hits.
- The Plasma Rifle base fire will increment in damage the longer it is fired. After 15 shots, the damage is increased by 1. After 30 shots, the damage is increased by 2. The Power Surge mastery damage will only increment by 1. This effect will reset after no longer firing the weapon.
--- The Microwave Beam (Lightning Beam) mod no longer reduces movement speed & it no longer locks onto a target. Instead, the weapon mod is a mid-range rapid-fire hitscan attack.
- The Rocket Launcher projectile speed is 33% faster.
--- The Lock on Burst (Charged Burst) mod projectile speed is 33% faster & it no longer locks onto a target. Instead, 3 rockets can be loaded and launched freely.
- The Super Shotgun has reduced spread. This was changed to make the weapon stronger at close-range.
- The Ballista deals more damage the further away you are from the enemy.
--- The Arbalest mod deals more damage the further away you are from the enemy, its FOV zoom is removed, & its projectiles instantly explode on direct hits.
--- The Destroyer Blade mod is available but it does not have the Incremental Blade mastery.
--- The Mobile Turret mod no longer reduces mouse sensitivity or movement speed.
--- The Energy Shield mod is not available because it will crash clients.
- The BFG projectile speed is 25% faster & the weapon swap delay is 75% faster.
- The Unmaykr spread no longer shifts as you fire & requires 2 argent ammo to fire (from 1). This was changed to incentivize commitment to close-range combat.

General Changes:
- Many of the Slayer's arsenal have received damage scaling that only affect an enemy Slayer.
- All Slayer are 15% larger & have a bright green render parameter attached to their render model.
- Audio & screen damage effects are applied to most secondary firing weapons to better communicate what kind of weapon hit the player.
- Playable demons instantly respawn. This was changed to prevent a bug where if a Spectator dies, a Slayer on the demon team would be unable to move for the respawn duration.
- Chainsaw kills will automatically give the player health & ammo (instead of spawning loot drops). This was changed to prevent other players from stealing loot.
- Blood Punch kills will give the player 60 argent ammo (BFG/Unmaykr ammo).
- The Sentinel Hammer snares other players on impact but does not give ammo. Chainsaw or Glory Kill demons two times to recharge.
- Loot drops no longer seek to a nearby player. Instead, loot drops can be picked-up by moving near them. This was changed to mitigate loot stealing.
- All PVP loot drops last 3.5 seconds before despawning.
- The UI low health indicator occurs when the player reaches below 80 health. This was changed because players can die quickly in Deathmatch.

Classic Mode

- Hostile AI do not spawn. Instead health, armor, & ammo pickups will spawn throughout each map. Each pickup will respawn after 15 seconds. BFG ammo pickups will respawn after 60 seconds.
- Health pickups restore 25 health. Armor pickups restore 50 armor. Ammo pickups restore full ammo of their type.
- All Slayers have the Double Down, BFG-9000, & Unmaykr end-of-round upgrade unlocked from the start.
- Micro Missiles always has Primary Charger active & Lock on Burst locks on faster.
- Slayers do not have Blood Punch, Chainsaw, or Flame Belch. Melee deals 20 damage.
- Slayers start with 100% regular ammo & 0 BFG ammo.

Endless Mode

- There are an "endless" number of rounds.
- All Slayers have Double Down, Speed Demon, Burning Hate, Bottomless Missiles, Sentinel Hammer, BFG-9000, & Unmaykr end-of-round upgrades unlocked from the start (the upgrade menu is skipped).
- Applicable for both Eternal and Classic mode. Add 20 to the first numerical value of the loadDevMenuOption commands to activate.

Hunting Mode

- Players may teleport outside any campaign map (except The Dark Lord) & participate in a "hunting mode" where one player chases the other throughout parts of a campaign map. This is a sandbox mode where players may determine the rules/restrictions.
- Most entities are removed except portals, jump pads, & gorilla bars.
- Execute trigger hunt in the console to teleport outside of the arena.
- Execute trigger return to teleport back to the main Deathmatch arena.
- There are no resources in the hunting grounds; therefore, it is recommended for each player to execute the g_infiniteAmmo 1 command to disable ammo consumption. Execute g_infiniteAmmo 0 or restart DOOM Eternal to enable ammo consumption.

Damage Scaling to Slayers

Combat Shotgun - 35 (point blank)
Sticky Bombs - 20 (direct) + 40 (splash) = 60
Full Auto - 35 (point blank)

Heavy Cannon - 10
Precision Bolt - 30
Micro Missiles - 1 (direct) + 9 (splash) * 12 = 120
Micro Missiles (Primary Charger) - 2 (direct) + 11 (splash) * 12 = 156

Plasma Rifle - 6 (direct) + 1 (splash) + 2 (damage increment) = 9
Heat Blast - 30 (1 charge), 50 (2 charge), 70 (3 charge)
Heat Blast (Power Surge) - 7 (direct) + 1 (splash) + 1 (damage increment) = 10
Lightning Beam - 5 (per tick)

Rocket Launcher - 35 (direct) + 35 (splash) = 70
Charged Burst - 15 (direct) + 15 (splash) * 3 = 90
Remote Detonate - 40 (close range)

Super Shotgun - 80 (point blank)

Ballista - 30 (close range), 40 (long range)
Arbalest - 0 (close range direct), 40 (long range direct) + 60 (splash) = 60 - 100
Destroyer Blade - 80

Chaingun - 2
Mobile Turret - 2

BFG - 70 (direct) + 80 (splash) = 150
Unmaykr - 8 * 3 = 24 (point blank)
Sentinel Hammer - 40

Frag Grenade - 8 (direct) + 50 (splash) = 58
Cluster Bombs - 8 (direct) + 17 (splash) = 25
Blood Punch - 20 (direct or splash)
Melee - 1

Client-Host Issues

- Clients may experience visual inconsistencies regarding AI and pickup spawn positions. This is due to positional "entity offsets" for network replicated entities, which only occurs to clients. The entities will appear roughly 5% closer to the world origin (x = 0, y = 0, z = 0). There is no known method to fix entity offsets.
- When a host Slayer is at max health or armor, and comes into pickup range of health or armor loot drops, clients may see the loot drop ribbons magnetize to the host Slayer. This is only a visual bug and does not impact gameplay.
- Sticky Bomb projectiles fired from a client Slayer will see the projectile pass through AI or players even though it explodes and deals damage. This is only a visual bug and does not impact gameplay.
- Heavy Cannon tracers fired from a client Slayer will deal slightly more damage against fodder than a host Slayer. There is no known method to fix this bug.
- The flame screen effect from the Meathook may not appear when a client locks onto another player.
- The host cannot see dynamic player outlines. Because of this, player outlines have been removed and replaced with a bright green render parameter.
- Clients cannot see some of the host's weapon projectiles, ribbons, or impact FX (they still function regardless). The following are not visible:
Sticky Bombs, Full Auto, Precision Bolt, Micro Missiles, Heat Blast, Lightning Beam, Lock-on Burst, Meathook Chain, Arbalest, Destroyer Blade, Mobile Turret, BFG Tendrils.

Other Issues

- If the player's FOV is above 120, chainsawing an enemy will sometimes reduce their FOV and prevent Precision Bolt zoom (the weapon still function none-the-less). Executing a Chainsaw or Glory Kill again may resolve this issue.
- When firing Charged Burst then immediately switching to a different weapon during the firing animation, 1 or 2 rockets will not fire. Wait for all 3 rockets to fire before switching weapons to mitigate this issue.
- A Slayer on the demon team will not show up in the podium intro and victory/lose screens.
- A Slayer on the demon team will not respawn when killed and the dead Slayer cannot spectate its living ally.
- Health gained by Chainsaw or Glory Kills may display +80 on the 1st-person HUD and look like it adds up to 50 health. Players will always gain 40 health and if they take damage or heal from a loot drop, their 1st-person HUD will correct itself. This is only a visual bug and does not impact gameplay.
- Blood Punch does not consume a charge or show a visual indicator when striking a Slayer. To compensate, Blood Punch deals low damage against a Slayer.
- The end-of-round upgrades are still present in Endless Mode but they will not give upgrades.
- Portal Barriers may not properly reset on round end in Endless Mode. When this happens, the host should execute "trigger portal" (without quotations) in the console to fix it.