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Fight an onslaught of demons with friends in BATTLEMODE maps and Final Sin. The playable Archvile is replaced with a Slayer. At least one player should select a Slayer on the left podium slot. Requires an active Internet connection to Bethesda servers. It is not recommended to play single player content with this mod installed.

Permissions and credits
How To Play

One player (the host) should create a private match and invite 1 or 2 other players.
One player should select a normal Slayer and the other player(s) select a Slayer on the demon team (replaces the playable Archvile).
Players should not ready-up, the host must execute one of the following commands (depending on the map they want to play).

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 1 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 2 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 3 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 4 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 5 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 6 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 7 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 8 1

loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 9 1

Final Sin
loaddevmenuoption devmenuoption/pvp 10 1

Both Co-op versions are compatible with each other.
The host may change the difficulty for all players at any time in the settings menu.

Once the scripted encounters are finished,
an endless randomizer will activate.

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For DOOM Eternal version 6.66 - rev 2

Not Safe for Online Play

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Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:
If you want to discuss modding with us, join the DOOM Eternal Modding Hub Discord server:

French translation by Payoyo.
Simplified Chinese translation by 9K.CNCstar.

Things to Note

- Each Slayer has a fully-upgraded arsenal with a few exceptions.
- Slayers have the Horde Hammer equipped.
- Slayers have the Savagery, Punch and Reave, Blood Fueled, and Desperate Punch runes equipped (+ Air Control). Players could not change their rune loadout with pvp logic. Other runes were not chosen because they are buggy or affect players that do not have the rune equipped.
- Slayers do not have Ice Bomb. This was removed because it caused lag and may crash the game for clients.
- Slayers do not have the Chaingun Energy Shield weapon mod. This was removed because even having it equipped would crash the game for some players.
- Slayers do not have the Health for Blood and Armor for Blood crystal upgrades. These were removed because the client was unable to fill the Blood Punch meter with health or armor pickups, even though they could pick them up at full health or armor.
- No Slayer can damage each other, regardless of team. As a consequence, Rockets and Micro Missiles no longer deal self-damage.
- Non-host players (clients) cannot see HUD notifications. If you see enemies with the red buff, that means a Buff Totem is nearby.
- Enemies will always drop 5 health on death, the threshold for health drop quantity at low health has been removed. This was done because Slayers on the center and right podium slots would not trigger the health drop threshold if they were at low health.
- Archviles, Armored Barons, Blood Maykrs, Screechers, and Tyrants never spawn. They are too buggy or unstable for cooperative play. Spirits will not possess other enemies because clients cannot kill them. However, they will possess enemies in the endless randomizer section and respawn when killed.
- Any player may change the music switch with the following commands (numbers can range from 1 to 3 for each music state):
"trigger ambient1", "trigger light1", "trigger heavy1", "trigger boss1"
- If a player on either team dies, all players will be prompted to select a retry option so they may restart the encounter.
Alternatively, the host may execute the "restartmapwithlobby" command.
- If you want to play this solo, execute the "pvp_skipreadyup 1" command before loading a map.
- To exit a map but stay in your party, all clients must first execute the "disconnect" command, then the host should do the same after all clients have successfully disconnected.

Custom Enemies

Resources available here:

- Armored Arachnotron: Black and yellow Arachnotron. The armor is weak to Full Auto, Microwave Beam, & Mobile Turret. Breaking the armor will drop 30 armor pickups. Doing so with Full Auto will drop 9 shotgun shells in addition. The Armored Arachnotron cannot be faltered nor can its weakpoint be destroyed while armored. Once the armor is destroyed, a normal Arachnotron with timed life will spawn. The armor does not regenerate. The turret is more accurate and fires faster.
- Gemstone Gargoyle: Grey and purple Gargoyle. They are weak to Heat Blast, Remote Detonate, Arbalest, & Flame Belch. They drop 15 plasma cells when killed. Their projectiles will bounce off of geometry multiple times.
- Cyber Cacodemon: Blue and green Cacodemon. They are resistant to the Rocket Launcher, Ballista, & both of their weapon mods. They are weak to Blood Punch. Their projectiles will create lingering hazards on the ground.
- Frenzy Knight: Black and red Hell Knight. They are weak to Blood Punch & the Sentinel Hammer. They are slow and bulky but their melee attacks will temporarily slow down the player. Once they reach 70% health, they will buff themselves and all nearby enemies until they die.
- Venom Knight: Black and purple Dread Knight. They are faster and have a health pool similar to a Baron of Hell. Their scythe attack launches 3 fast purple Destroyer Blade projectiles that bounce off of geometry.
- Giga Mancubus: Grey and blue Mancubus. They are slightly faster and have a health pool similar to a Tyrant. They fire Tyrant rocket barrages instead of mortars. They do not have their close-range flamethrower attack. This enemy serves to compensate for the lack of Tyrants in Co-op.


Menu Changes
- The playable Archvile character is replaced by a playable Slayer.
- Most BATTLEMODE strings in the UI are replaced with CO-OP.
- DOOM Hunter Base ambient music plays in the lobby (instead of Arc Complex ambient).
- All Slayer weapon mods are available to choose from in the loadouts section in the main menu.

- An onslaught of demons will spawn shortly after the announcer says "fight".
- Forsaken and Tundra start with scripted encounters. Each will take around 10 - 15 minutes to complete. An endless randomizer will then activate.
- Armageddon, Corrosion, and Stronghold start with an endless randomizer.
- Heavy or boss music play from the start.
- Starting spawn positions for each player are closer together.
- Portals and Jump Pads do not trigger a cooldown after use.
- Only 2 players are required to start a game (once the map has loaded).
- Sound occlusion is not bypassed.
- The end-of-round upgrade screen has been replaced with a retry screen. Players will not receive upgrades, instead they may select a retry option to retry the slaughtermap.

Final Sin Changes
- Start Final Sin and proceed through the level like normal.
- Portals will open up in the into lobby as players progress through the level.
- Fade volumes will teleport players to the intro lobby.
- The encounters have been beefed up greatly. The Icon of Sin is faster and much tankier.
- Energy Barriers block the path forward and are removed after the encounters have been completed.
- The host may trigger the Icon of Sin fight in Final Sin prematurely by activating one of the Skull Switches in the Slayer's starting lobby. If the Icon of Sin fight has already been triggered, execute restartMapWithLobby first.

General Changes
- Slayers cannot damage each other.
- The Flame Belch + Flame Hook armor and Chainsaw + Hammer + Maykr Drone ammo loot drop count has been reduced; however, the quantity of each pickup has been increased to roughly equate to the same amount as in single player.
- Ammo loot drops now last for 10 seconds instead of 3.
- The Chainsaw will recharge every 30 seconds and stop recharging after 3 pips have been filled.
- Chainsaw kills will automatically give the player ammo (instead of spawning loot drops). This was done to prevent other players from stealing loot.
- The Microwave Beam mod's 3rd-person FX does not show its muzzle FX. This was done to reduce lag when a Slayer used the weapon mod.
- All Slayer render and clipbox models are 15% larger and 100% brighter.
- Cursed Prowlers can be locked onto, faltered, and killed by normal means if you are cursed. This was done because the curse resistance rules did not affect clients.
- Maykr Drones will drop health and ammo from any kill type. This was done because resources sometimes do not drop if a client head-shots them.
- Pain Elementals do not have spawn FX. This was done because their spawn FX would aggressively fluctuate on death.
- Turrets have reduced death FX. This was done because if a Turret was damage, the client would see their death FX play repetitively until it is dead.
- All enemies have double the normal amount of attack tokens per difficulty. This means that more enemies will be attacking players simultaneously.

BATTLEMODE Maps - Known Issues

- The player who chose the 3rd podium slot may not see player outlines.
- Shield Soldiers would not lower their shield if a client Meathooks onto them.
- DOOM Hunters visually retain their energy shield even after their sled has been destroyed. They will still take normal damage from other weapons.
- DOOM Hunters sometimes cannot be glory killed by clients.
- Cacodemons will not flash when staggered and cannot be glory killed by clients.
- The BATTLEMODE announcer does not announce if a Slayer's health is critical & the "low health" text warning is not displayed, but the red screen FX remains. These were removed to alleviate a bug where the music would stop playing if every player health values were low.
- After uninstalling this mod, attempting to change the Archvile's loadout may cause the game to crash. Verify file integrity / repair files to fix this issue.
- Players with relatively low-end machines may experience frequent crashes on match startup or shortly after a round begin. There is no noticeable pattern as to when it will happen.
- The Slayer's customization menu in the demon team displays cosmetics for the Archvile, and the Archvile is much larger than normal. Any changes here will affect the playable Archvile character. Cosmetic changes to the normal Slayer will affect a Slayer on the demon team.
- Clients do not show up in the podium intro and victory/lose screens.
- If the player's FOV is above 120, chainsawing an enemy will sometimes reduce their FOV and prevent Precision Bolt and Arbalest zoom (the weapons still function none-the-less).
- Loot drops from the host's sync kills are delayed. This increases the chance for clients to steal their loot. There is no known method to prevent loot stealing.
- The host sometimes cannot see BFG projectiles launched by clients. It appears as if the client fires their Super Shotgun and there was a delayed impact (where the BFG projectile impact would be).
- A Slayer on the demon team will not respawn when killed and the dead Slayer cannot spectate its living ally.
- The Destroyer Blade projectile appears smaller and may linger when fired from the host. This is only a visual issue.
- Clients cannot see some of the host's weapon projectiles, ribbons, or impact FX (they still function regardless). The following are not visible:
Full Auto, Precision Bolt, Heat Blast, Meathook Chain, Mobile Turret, BFG Tendrils.

Final Sin - Known Issues

- The issues above apply.
- Clients may experience visual inconsistencies regarding doors, movers, hazards, or AI spawn positions.
- Clients may clip below geometry when executing a Chainsaw or Glory Kill in the Icon of Sin stage 2 arena. There are invisible teleporters below that can be activated but the client may need to move around a little to find it.
- Clients cannot view the ending cutscene in Final Sin. The Slayer is invulnerable during this time and should immediately exit the game once completed.
- Clients cannot view the Icon of Sin's health bar.
- The Icon of Sin's armor won't appear destroyed for the clients, but its flesh will.
- The Icon of Sin's walking animations throughout the level may appear buggy for clients.
- The AI may prioritize one player and stare at their general location while ignoring a player that is closer to them. Players should always stick together to mitigate this issue.
- Living AI demons will die if the round ends during an encounter. There is no currently known workaround for this.
- AI demons may appear to be offset compared to their intended position. This is more noticeable with static AI like Turrets.
- Crashes may occur late into the level, usually by the upper Atrium arena or Icon of Sin encounter. Unfortunately, there is no known way to replicate this issue since there is not error log and the crash timings seem random.