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Keeps The Blood, Gibs, and Kills Much Longer! I can't stand when things just vanish, this fixes that! Also available for Doom 2016!

Permissions and credits

(Supported Game Build = 6.4 + DLC Part2)


+Keeps All Gibs On Screen For Much Longer
+Keeps Corpses On screen For much Longer
+Keeps Blood Decals On Screen Permanently 
+Bigger Blood Spurts From Weapon Impacts.
+Bigger Blood Decals 
+Keeps Chainsawed / Glory Killed Corpses Longer
+Keeps Some Rocks On Screen Longer
+Removed All Burn Away FX (Some Restored To Prevent "POP OUT")
+Removed The Ability For Pain Elemental To Ragdoll (now explodes on death)
+Removed The Ability For Cacodemon To Ragdoll (now explodes on death)
+Pain Elemental + Cacodemom Crucible Kills Now Cut In Half Then Explode
+Mancubus Heart Stab Glory Kill Does Signature Death Instead Of FBG. 
+Keeps Exploded Barrel Pieces Longer!
+Many (if not all) misc breakable object pieces will now stay longer!
+Mancubus Chainsaw To Heart Will Now Do Signature Death Instead of FBG.
+Restored Dev Cut FX To DreadKnight + Smoke On Baron

Ultimate Edition Features:

+All The Above Features 
+Faster Movement (Like The Always Run Key Was Finally Turned On)
+More Particles and they last a little longer
+Bloody Skinz for all default weapons and the 2016 Praetor Suit,
+BFG Uses Cell Ammo
+Unmaykr Uses Cell Ammo
+BFG Radius Increased
+BFG Damage Increased (Can clear entire rooms)
+Unmaykr Damage Increased
+Bfg uses 125 cell ammo per use
+Unmaykr uses 10 cell ammo per trigger pull.
+Unmaykr can bring down doom hunter shields 

Other Mod Incompatibilities (so far):
-"No more stagger effects" (*Soft Incompatibility* Will loose Some KTD Functionality)
-"No Tweety Bird" (
*Soft Incompatibility* Will Loose Some KTD Functionality)

If Updating
:  remove all mods from the mod folder, run EternalModInjector.bat. Exit the game. Next; verify game files through Steam / Bethesda launcher. Then begin below!

Download Updated Required Files:

7zip (If you dont already have it) = Click Here

Updated Tools - All In OneClick Here
(Extract The Archive To Your Doom Eternal Directory) - Replace All If Prompted

Mod Install Instructions:

1) Download Main File "Keep The Dead Eternal Edition Complete.7z" to a place like the desktop and Extract It there.

2) Open the extracted folder and find the various "Keep The Dead Eternal Edition v6.4 .7zip" archives.

3) Pick ONE of the 7zip archives of your choice and EXTRACT it to DOOM Eternal install Folder or root directory (i.e C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DOOMEternal\ 

4) Add +r_woundManagerMaxVerts 8096 to your doom eternal launch options.

5) Run the EternalModInjector.bat or use ModManager.

Notes: Compatibility patches are in the folder called "Compatibility Patches" files in here do NOT need to be extracted , just placed in the mods folder. Drag and Drop!


- Remove all mods from Mods folder.
- Delete "KTD.cfg" from "Base" Folder

-Run EternalModInjector.bat
Exit game as soon as in main menu (Restores backup orginal files)

-Verify file integrity through steam to replace remaining files back to original state. 


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Credits for all the Keep The Dead Eternal Edition hard work:

NikkMann, Blubber, SamIam76 , Elizabethany , Jer487 and Knightmare077

Credits to those who make that work possible and all Doom 2016/Eternal modding possible:
Emoose, Infogram, SunBeam, Zwip-Zwap Zapony, Suntado Tsukai181, Visual Studio, SEWsam and Proteh

Special Thanks
To: IDSoftware and the entire team for making such a amazing game!
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