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Enhances game immersion and fixes job turnover issue at Steel Mill.

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Enhances game immersion by removing job expiration and train car despawning. This fixes the job turnover issue commonly experienced when shunting at the Steel Mill, but it also does so much more:

  • procedurally generates each subsequent job in the chain only when the current job is completed
    • cuts down on track reservations, which improves the ability to generate new jobs
  • closes the job chain loop
    • train cars now get repurposed after Logistical Haul and Shunting Unload jobs rather than despawning
  • prefers (deferred) scheduling of Shunting Load jobs after completion of a Shunting Unload job
    • will still generate Logistical Haul jobs for train cars that aren't used for exports by the station at which they're unloaded
  • stations now only spawn train cars upon first visit
    • can be reset by briefly deactivating the mod via the Unity Mod Manager overlay (opened using Ctrl+F10 (default key binding))
    • comms radio can be used to spawn new train cars; they will be picked up into the job cycle
  • train cars don't despawn... ever
    • yes, this includes the tutorial hopper; taking it to SM should generate a Logistical Haul job for it now
    • this also includes player spawned locomotives
    • this does not affect automatically spawned locomotives, which will re-roll as usual
    • use the comms radio to clear unwanted train cars (or just deal with the fact that they exist)

Note: Do not report bugs to the developers of the game if you are using mods!

How to Install

  1. Download and install Unity Mod Manager
  2. Download the mod
  3. Install the mod using Unity Mod Manager or Extract the archive and put the mod folder into Mods folder of the Game (\Steam\steamapps\common\Derail Valley\Mods).
  4. Run the game