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Set a custom framerate cap and use a borderless window.

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DS3DebugFPS - Unlock the frame rate in Dark Souls III

For this mod to work properly, you must play in windowed mode which is why I have forced the game to run in a borderless window, it will stretch the game depending on your screen size if you play on ultrawide. If you do not want this, change the resolution in the game's settings and it'll revert.

This project is open source
If you really like this mod, you can fuel my coffee addiction here 

Move D3DCompiler_43.dll and FPSconfig.ini into your game directory.
I've added an executable version that will only work when the game is open, using D3DCompiler_43.dll will be much better though.
Edit FPSconfig.ini to your liking. 
FPSconfig.ini Preview:
; Config file for DS3DebugFPS
fps = 144.0              ; Fps Cap
UseCustomScreenDimensions = 0 ; Set to 1 to change how the game is stretched, by default it will stretch the game to fit screen (optimal)
; UseCustomScreenDimensions must be enabled for these
ScreenWidth = 1920           
ScreenHeight = 1080
EnableCursorClip = 0       ; Set to 1 to enable the cursor clip hotkey, used to keep the mouse locked in the window
CursorClipHotkey = 0x7A    ; default: f11 (0x7A). You can still alt tab out of the window. This value is in hex.
; Hotkey list can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/inputdev/virtual-key-codes

If using the executable, you must place FPSconfig.ini in the same directory as ds3DebugFps.exe.

default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game

Cursor Clip - DLL ONLY
You can now set a hotkey to clip the cursor to the window, this should work for those with multiple monitors.
By default this is off and set to F11, you must edit the config file to activate it.

You can use the new executable with PyreProtecc however you will be missing the cursor clip features.

This mod is compatible with Blue Sentinel

Can I use this online?:
Yes, there's a very low chance that this bans.
Edit: 2020/8/1 - Users have reported that the mod is safe for online use without penalization, but please use it at your own discretion!