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A tool to stop cheaters from crashing/Banning your account.

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Version 0.0.4 update.
This tool aims to patch out most cheats and malicious actions from cheaters in Dark Souls III such as: 

* Forced items in inventory
* Forced Animations
* Crashes from bullets
* "Crash-Bow" / "Slayer Crossbow"
* Malicious  effects such as curse and freeze
* A wide array of networking exploits

V.4 Update:
To all the people affected by the item inject cheat with my mod I'm terribly sorry. This was a huge oversight on my end. I identified the issue nearly the next day I was told about this and fixed it right away. The reason for the huge delay in this update was due to my PC crashing from hardware failure and I need to replace it. Upon doing so I lost all my personal files and such. But I managed to piece it all back together and re-worked quite a bit of code in this especially on items. You will not receive another hacked item such as a +21 stormruler again, I made sure of this. I also took a look into some new crashes and exploits people have found and patched those out as well. There may be coming but I'll keep up to date with this as much as I can! 
Anyways lets get to the updates! 

*I have removed the console window that showed a few things and moved it to the GUI. Now when someone cheats they will have the symbol "(!)" in front of their name. This indicates that they are stat cheating. Player names will not show up unless they are in the session with you so don't be worried that the GUI isn't working! If you experience any issues with it try taking a look into the "Config" file, this provides detailed explanation of what to do ! 
When a person cheats in a session with you the cheat will be moved to the "CheaterList" file along with the reason they were disconnected from you.

*PyresNightmare will no longer be "turned on" by default. A lot of people had issues with it and didn't understand how to use it properly so I do apologize for any inconvenience there . If you did like it you can simply head to "Config" file and edit it as you liked before! 

*I have had so many people tell me that everyone was abusing the kick that my tool offers. I have removed it as it was getting too common, sadly a group of people had to ruin it for everyone. You can still disconnect from the session and the kick on cheating still functions the same! If you run into a cheater that uses NoDead or something just DC and block them. You can even send me their steamID so that they do not connect with PyreProtecc users again. I have plans in the future update to run a server with a cheaters database that will make everything automated! In the meantime im sorry for those who didn't abuse it but it has to go, hope you understand !

*I have taken huge measure against people cheating with my tool as well. You can no longer use certain scripts while in a session and not at firelink shrine. You must be there to use anything like ItemGib, I understand that this is an inconvenience but I ran into a few people using exploits that PyreProtecc patches and I don't condone this. Other cheats are detected too but I'm looking into more methods and ways to stop people from cheating with PyreProtecc . 

*As always with new code new bugs can be introduced! Simply just report them here or on my discord and I will update it asap! Thanks so much for all the kind words and support even while I wasn't able to update things fast. You guys are the best! 

If you are to encounter a cheater this tool will not only stop them from using cheats on you it will log their actual Steam-ID in Hex and URL-form for easy posting. It will break the connection from you and then cheater to avoid any further exploits being attempted. This tool also has an error reporting service that logs crash info to the file so that you can contact me and I will work hard on improving this tool further! It will log every person you encounter in sessions with time-stamps.

This tool is not meant to compete with the PVP Watchdog for Dark souls III, please use Watchdogs if you prefer it instead as the creators of that tool also put in hard work and no-one wants to take that away from them.

Will I get banned? 
You will not be banned for using this tool as portions of the anti-cheat have been modified to allow this tool to run undetected.

How to contact me? 
You may join my discord server if you have any questions or issues! 

Feel free but not obligated to donate to me, I appreciate anything very much! 

How to install?
Drop the contents of the .zip into your Dark souls III game directory located here :
*Drive:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III\Game*

How to uninstall?
Delete the contents of the .zip from your game directory! 

Thanks so much for everyone who helped test this tool along the way.
Thank you Saucy, Viktor, Drastic, KamikazeRaptor, Snipz, and all else who tested the tool and gave input on how to improve it!

Thanks to all the feedback from you guys and the huge support! It really means a lot to me. As always please report any issues and they will be looked at asap and fixed!

Secondary link to mod : https://github.com/SaucyX/PyreProtecc

For Chinese users, QQ group 224340687 may get latest updates!
-Translation will be done soon!