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A collection of new unique weapons from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice with unique movesets, planned to be gradually expanded with each update.

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A tribute to a game I love very much.

If you want to join the mod's community, you can find us on Discord here!

- UPDATE 4 -

Please note that this mod is a work in progress.

This mod currently adds the following brand new weapons to Dark Souls III:

[ Snake Eyes Handgonne
 ] - [18 STR] [24 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]

A crudely built scythe with a handmade gunpowder mechanism within.
- When two-handed, can be loaded and shot using L1 attacks.
- Its Weapon Art, Viper Lunge, allows one to swiftly dodge through an attack, then counter with a vicious uppercut that instantly loads the weapon for a shot.

[ Phantom Kunai ] - [10 STR] [32 DEX] [15 INT] [0 FTH]
Lady Butterfly's own razor-sharp throwable daggers.
- When two-handed, lets the wielder throw the sharp quills with all L1 attacks, and with kicks.
- Its Weapon Art, Usui Arts: Wind Whisper, imbues the quills with illusory magic, luring small swarms of brilliant souls to trail every thrown dart.

[ Talon of Hatred ] - [18 STR] [12 DEX] [25 INT] [25 FTH]
A one-handed only weapon, it takes the form of a dreadful claw of pure flame. 
- Though its regular attacks might fit that claw shape, R2 attacks, running and rolling attacks have the talon extend as a whip of pure flame. 
- Its jumping attack inflicts no damage, but forces a deafening beastly roar from one's throat, knocking down anything nearby.
- The lingering hatred of the demon the weapon was once a part of remains, and will eat away at the wielder with every hit landed. But if enough hits are landed, health will be restored to the user. Rampage to your heart's content, and let the hatred fuel you.

[ Kumogiri & Ashina Greatbow ] - [14 STR] [30 DEX] [0 INT] [12 FTH]
An unique paired weapon using both Genichiro Ashina's katana, and his battle-scarred greatbow, which is drawn during all L1 attacks.
- Neutral/followup L1s function like R2s, and can be held to charge the shot, until it is powerful enough to pierce through any shield.
- Backstep L1s will make you rapidfire, like Genichiro himself telegraphs his rapidfire attack with a backstep in the game.
- Its one-handed Weapon Art, Floating Passage, has you leap into a storm of slashes.
- Its two-handed Weapon Art, Lightning of Tomoe, calls down divine wrath from the heavens. 
- If L2 is pressed without additional inputs, you will take a great leap and crash down on your enemy with a thundering blow.
- If L2 is pressed while holding back/moving backwards, you will draw your bow, jump back and loose a lightning-wreathed arrow.
- If L2 is pressed while running or backstepping, you will take a desperate lunging leap at your enemy, thrusting towards them with all your might.

[ Blades of Conquest ] - [25 STR] [23 DEX] [10 INT] [20 FTH]
The signature paired weapons of Isshin, the Sword Saint.
- As of Update v4.0, the spear is now held in the correct hand, and the weapon has its own idle animation set for accuracy to the boss it's based on!
- Functions like a full-fledged Trick Weapon, as a Bloodborne one would. Switching 1H/2H will transform the weapon.
- Yes, it has the gun, which is used on two-handed rolling/running L1 attacks.
- Its one-handed Weapon Art, Dragon Flash, allows you to cleave through an enemy's guard. Can be charged by holding L2 to further empower the attack.
- Its two-handed Weapon Art, Lightning of Tomoe, calls down divine wrath from the heavens. 
- If L2 is pressed without additional inputs, you will strike down the butt of the spear full of resolve, and call down a thundering Lightning Storm.
- If L2 is pressed while holding back/moving backwards, you will leap back and perform a massive wide lightning sweep with the spear.
- If L2 is pressed while running, rolling or backstepping, you will leap at your enemy and come down on them with a lightning-imbued crushing blow.

[ Tomb Greatstaff ] - [18 STR] [24 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
A cursed summoner's staff, surrounded by a veil of tomb frost. Functions as a unique polearm weapon that inflicts Frostbite.
- When two-handed, will cast Sorceries instead of blocking.
- Its Weapon Art, Harrowed Gate, opens a sinister portal to the Deep below one's feet, beckoning vengeful souls into the world of the living.
- Harrowed Gate's souls seek locked-on targets and are called forth at no FP cost, but the wielder is gradually Cursed as the Weapon Art is used.

[ Nightjar Sickle ] - [9 STR] [12 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
A lightweight thrust damage-based axe (shh, it's actually a sickle, but don't tell the game that).
- When two-handed, L1s will briefly coat the blade in fire. 
- This can be fluidly done between moves, extending combos or mixing them up, as well as while rolling or running.
- Its Weapon Art, Nightjar Slash, can be used to quickly rush an enemy, and when locked on, can be used both forwards and backwards at will.

[ Kusabimaru ] - [5 STR] [18 DEX] [0 INT] [0 FTH]
A masterfully crafted, lightweight, and expertly balanced katana; the signature weapon of Sekiro, the One-Eyed Wolf.
- For technical limitations, this weapon cannot be two-handed.
- Handles like the weapon does in Sekiro: Instead of R2s, R1s can be charged into thrust attacks (this includes running/rolling R1s!)
- R2s can cast equipped Combat Arts. If casting is impossible, pressing R2 will execute a simple spin attack.
- While using the Sakura Dance Combat Art, getting struck by any lightning projectile will let you execute a Lightning Reversal.
- Restores a small amount of HP and FP on critical attacks.
- Its Weapon Art, Bestowal, casts a heretical incantation on the sword. Landing a critical attack on an enemy will unleash the full effect, adding a shield-piercing effect, empowering, and increasing the range of all the sword's melee attacks- including Combat Arts- for a short time.

[ Flame Vent ] - [8 STR] [0 DEX] [14 INT] [12 FTH]
A wrist-mounted tool loaded with a fiery mechanism.
- Can only be equipped in your left hand.
- L1s will spew a small burst of fire. Holding L1 charges the gout of fire with enough force to blow enemies away.
- Holding down L1 again after either a normal or charged attack will let you keep the vent open, and move freely in flamethrower mode.
- L2 allows use of your right-handed weapon's Weapon Art.

This mod also currently adds the following armor to Dark Souls III:

[ Golden Crest Helm ]
The signature helmet of Ashina Genichiro and Isshin the Sword Saint, bearing the golden crest of the Ashina clan.
- Bestows a special effect upon its wearer that increases the damage of lightning attacks, at the cost of raising Weapon Art FP cost.

[ Sword Saint's Garb ]
The signature garb of Isshin, the Sword Saint..
- Bestows a special effect upon its wearer that reduces weapon stamina usage, but also reduces bleed, poison, curse and frost resistances.

[ Sword Saint's Skirt ]
The signature waistcloth of Isshin, the Sword Saint.
- Bestows a special effect upon its wearer that increases stamina recovery, at the cost of greatly lowering shield stability.

This mod also currently adds the following spells to Dark Souls III:
[All of these can only be cast using R2 with Kusabimaru.]


1. Install Mod Engine.

2. (Optional) Make a clean save with a new character. (This step is not required. You CAN install this mod mid-playthrough and enjoy the new weapons at your leisure without having to start over, if that's what you want!)

3. In modengine.ini, set LoadLooseParams to =1. IF YOU SKIP THIS, THE MOD WILL NOT WORK. You can also enable use of a new savefile for the mod here (you will need to make another new character if you do this), as well as online play (though you WILL be softbanned for playing online with this mod).

4. Install HoodiePatcher. Place the file in your DS3 folder where you placed the Mod Engine files, and in modengine.ini, edit the chainDInput8DLLPath line to chainDInput8DLLPath="\HoodiePatcher.dll". This will make sure Mod Engine loads HoodiePatcher, which is required for several of the weapons to function properly.

5. Place ''mod'' folder inside your DS3 folder, along with the Mod Engine files (dinput8.dll & modengine.ini)

6. The mod should now be properly installed! If an error pops up when going to the main menu for the first time, simply click accept and you should be fine.

7. You can now buy any of these weapons, armor and spells from the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine.

F.A.Q, Also known as ''before you post'':

Will I get softbanned for using this mod?

- Do I need to start a new playthrough for this mod?
Surprisingly, no! This mod can be installed at any point during a vanilla playthrough, and it will work just fine. Since the items are bought from an existing NPC, there are no new loot drops in the world that would require a new save, so you can install this mod anytime without having to abandon characters/builds you sunk a lot of time into.

- Where do I get these new weapons?
Since this is an early build, and I have made no big changes to the game/loot locations yet, all weapons are sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine- as well as infinite Twinkling Titanite and Titanite Slabs (pending change, as soon as I figure out how to properly limit this), and a cheap soul consumable that gives 50k souls, so you can quickly level your character and test these weapons out, if you don't like waiting and leveling up until you have the right stats for them.
This is a temporary solution and will likely be removed in a future update, once there is enough new content in the mod to spread them out over the world in a satisfying way.

- The handmaid isn't selling the weapons! Is this a bug?
No, you did not install the mod correctly.

- Is this mod compatible with [insert mod name]?
Cinders: No.
Ashes: No.
Anything that, when combined with this mod, requires you to overwrite files: No.

- Are you planning on adding compatibility for-

- Is there a way I can make this mod compatible with [insert mod name] myself? Surely it can't be that hard if it's only a few weapons.
If you're prepared to do ~75% of the work I did to make this mod in the first place by yourself, then yes. For those who think they can probably pull that off in an afternoon, that includes-
* Manually writing all the attack data/hitboxes for each weapon, their specific attacks, and their projectiles (you can't just copy the lines I did and add them to another mod, you have to manually copy each value/line of each attack and add it to the mod you're trying to merge it with, one by one, for hours on end)
* Individually registering every move in their movesets so that they actually work in-game
* Setting up their sheath/hold data properly for each weapon, since several weapons will still break if you don't do this
* Manually adding the visual effect models/textures for each custom effect I added
* Rebooting your game well over 50 times a day just to check if your changes are working properly (I promise you'll get tired of those logos very quickly)
* Setting up lua scripts so that attacks on specific weapons combo properly the way I set them up (not just a one-line copypaste- and if you mess up and leave out a single closing argument somewhere, the entire game breaks until you find and fix it)

For those of you still wondering why this mod isn't merged with any bigger mod yet, this is pretty much why. I have zero intention of repeating all the work it took to add each weapon to the game a second time, especially if I have to adapt everything I've done not to interfere with or replace anything in the mod I'm adding it to.

- Can I add weapons from your mod to my own mod and publish it?
If by ''adding'' you mean copying them entirely, then no, I'd really prefer it if you didn't.
Several people have repeatedly asked if they could copy over weapons from my mod to their own mod and redistribute them that way, but I need you to understand that this mod is constantly in development, and things change frequently. Every mod that copies from mine would need to update their branch of things with the tweaks I made every single time, and this will likely result in many things breaking outright. 
This mod also uses several resources ported by other people, who likely wouldn't be happy if you just copied it all without asking them too. For example, if you would like to use the Sekiro weapon models, please ask my friend El Fonz0 if you can use his ported models.
If you want to just combine this mod with another purely for your personal use, though- of course, feel entirely free to, but you probably won't have an easy time with that combining process. Things like enemy/item randomizers should work just fine however, since this mod doesn't change anything about item or enemy placements in the base game.

- Will these weapons come to Cinders or Ashes?
Not anytime soon, if ever.
I've had discussions with the Ashes team about it, as well as the Cinders dev. Ultimately though, I have plans to expand this mod overtime, and I do not want my work to end up as just an ''add-on'' to one of the bigger mods. I want it to be able to stand on its own. Letting other people take and totally re-interpret the stuff I spent months working on is also something I don't feel comfortable with, and I know the developers of those bigger mods tend to feel the same way.

- Can you add [insert Bloodborne weapon, or any weapon from another game]?
No. I will not add any requests unless I am personally interested in the weapons to begin with, so please don't spam me with them.

- The mod isn't working!
Please check the installation instructions carefully. 90% of the time, this issue is caused by people not editing (or wrongly editing) their modengine.ini file.

- I can't equip almost any of the weapons in my left hand!
This is intentional- a lot of the weapons use left-hand mechanics that you can't see, but as a result I can't let you equip them in your left hand, or they can and will break. I am planning to include some left-handed-only weapons as well, but due to game restrictions the majority of this mod's weapons will be only usable in your right hand.

- I can't Lightning Reversal Nameless King's Swordspear lightning attacks or Dragonslayer Armor's lightning smash with Sakura Dance, it just stuns me out of it and I take full damage!
This is intentional, because these attacks would still hit you with a giant weapon even if you negated the lightning part of the attack.
With Kusabimaru, Sakura Dance lets you reflect the following attacks:
* All player-used Lightning miracles
* Dragonslayer Swordspear's Falling Bolt Weapon Art
* Sulyvahn's Beast's lightning breath
* Nameless King's lightning attacks
* Soul of Cinder's lightning attacks
* Pygmy's Lightning Spear/Stake (The Ringed City DLC)
* Gael's blue lightning strikes (The Ringed City DLC)
* Kumogiri & Ashina Greatbow's Lightning of Tomoe 2H Weapon Art
* Blades of Conquest's Lightning of Tomoe Weapon 2H Art

Further info:

Currently, this mod is only just starting out, so I ask you to be patient while me and my testing team work out all the kinks for each weapon/addition. I plan to release updates that each add a few new weapons (and/or armor pieces), as well as gradually make some gameplay changes, and other fun, secret little additions that you will have to find yourself. Bloodborne weapons are not off the table right now, but I refuse to add any weapon unless I know I can thoroughly polish it to a point where it feels up to par with all the other weapons in Dark Souls III.

The main aim of this mod is to avoid reskin weapons like the plague, because god knows there's enough of those in the base game. If you enjoyed the variety in the DLCs' weapons, I hope this mod can scratch your itch for more just a little bit.

I have several fun things planned and a hefty list of planned weapons to work down bit by bit, so I urge you to try this mod out if you're curious, and stick around if you like what you find. 


For porting 99% of the models used and helping brainstorm awesome ideas for this mod, my partner in crime:
- El Fonz0

For testing these weapons extensively to find and quickly squash bugs, creating moveset videos, as well as numerous valuable suggestions, my Seven (there's really only four of them, but seven is a cooler number) Spears;
- Portunya
- LambentV
- SoulBlade17
- Richard Longflop

Extra thanks for helping out as an amazing community manager and setting up the community Discord:
- LambentV

For helping moderate the community Discord:
- Law
- Great Mighty p0
- Hat Skeleton

For Animstudio:

For his HKX editor and Mod Engine:

For porting all the Bloodborne animations, weapon models, various awesome Sekiro animations, and making them all easily publicly available:

For Yapped/Yabber:

For FLVER Editor:

For HoodiePatcher:

For helping me gain deeper understanding of the basics of HKS lua script, helping me figure out 1H/2H separated WAs, and clean trick weapon 1h/2h switching:

For helping me figure out the last missing piece of trick weapon functionality and generously sharing many amazing and extremely useful findings:

For figuring out behbnd behavior chaining with me and helping me understand how to register new animation IDs;

For all original assets, and making me lay down in fetal position and cry about Elden Ring:
From Software

For keeping me (mostly) sane in stressful times:
The Cinders community (until I open #suggestions)
The Champion's Ashes team (ask me to port Bloodborne assets one more time and I'll take you off the list)
The ?Servername? community and its ever-ongoing devoted research into what makes this game tick

Special thanks

SVTDI, for his great and lengthy videos using these weapons on bosses, and helping me figure out how to balance them better in the process.
Utsurogi Pori and Distractioncrab for their fun lengthy streams playing the mod and helping me identify several high-priority bugs in the process.
MaxTheMiracle, for lending me his ported Sekiro hair
Vawser, for his Cinders mod that breathed new life into the game, his tireless work on it, and help with various smaller issues I ran into
The Elden Ring marketing team, for driving me to insanity enough to start making this mod in my free time