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A collection of new weapons with unique movesets from and inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Permissions and credits

A tribute to a game I love very much.

If you want to join the mod's community, you can find us on Discord here!

Please check out LambentV's YouTube channel for showcases of each weapon.

- UPDATE 5 -


See also the ''Advanced Weapon Controls'' Article on this mod's page.


[All of these save for Soaring Phoenix can only be cast using R2 with Kusabimaru or the Usurper's Mirrorblade.]



- There are now 2 new starter classes. Lone Wolf, which starts with some of the mod's items, and Afflicted, which is intended as a challenging option. If you choose Afflicted, your character will not have access to Estus, not even in NG+. They will only have a single upgradeable flask of Ashen Estus, but the number of flasks cannot be increased with Estus Shards. Instead, the Afflicted starts with an alternative method of healing and FP recovery that comes with its own strange, powerful and disgusting quirks.

- The Firelink Greatsword can now be infused using 1 Ember to create the Blade of the Lords.

- There are now 2 new hair options in the character creation menu!

- Backsteps now have i-frames!

- Respecs and appearance changes at Rosaria are now infinite so long as you have Pale Tongues.

- The drop chance of covenant items has been tripled to quadrupled across the board.

- All weapons wielded in your left hand now attack using L1 and use your right hand Weapon Art with L2. The exceptions to this rule include:
- Catalysts
- All weapons that spellcast with R2
- Bows
- Crossbows
- Shields
- Torches
- Light Curved Swords, which parry with L2
- Rapier, which parries with L2
- Dark Hand, which uses its weapon art with L2
- Parrying Dagger, which parries with L2
- Fist and Claw weapons, which parry with L2
- Talon of Hatred, which uses its weapon art with L2

- The White Hair Talisman, Witchtree Branch and Saint-Tree Bellvine's Weapon Art is now Weapon Skill, allowing you to use your right-hand weapon art with them in your left hand.

- Rock Lizards in Archdragon Peak now drop Titanite Slabs, because I find them annoying and think that's an excellent way to get people to kill lots of them as revenge.
- The Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves (Dark Firelink) now sells Yorshka's set, Yhorm's set, the Hexer set, the Grotto set, the Burial Knight set, Vordt's mask, and some other curiosities. Along with the two mentioned below, these sets were present in the vanilla game but never released.

- Man-Serpent Mages and Footmen (the red-robed big hollows in Undead Settlement) now drop pieces of their unused armor sets.

- Scholars in the Grand Archives now drop their armor's unused headpiece.

- Wielding the Dragonslayer Greatshield in your left hand and Dragonslayer Greataxe in your right hand changes the Greataxe's swings to horizontal ones, and allows you to use the shield for running and rolling attacks, as well as a shield bash (block+R1). This was a change I made for myself originally- but some people liked it, so it's included, because... why not. Someone might enjoy it for a cosplay build.

- If you have a Ledo's Greathammer in both hands, L1 attacks will now swing both like a paired weapon. Why? Because hitting things with other bigger, heavier things makes me happy.

- That's it! Yep, this mod makes no changes to enemy placement or anything like that. It's just a cool gear pack for DS3 that took me two years to finish. Enjoy!


1. Place the contents of the .zip in your DS3 folder. If you're asked to replace modengine.ini or hoodiepatcher.ini, do so.

2. The mod should now be properly installed! If an error pops up when going to the main menu for the first time, simply click accept and you should be fine.

3. You can now buy any of these weapons, armor and spells from Issei in Firelink Shrine (you can see him if you stand near André, if you have trouble finding him) as well as several unused armor sets and other questionable gear from the Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves (Dark Firelink).


Will I get softbanned for using this mod?

- Are you going to port this mod to Elden Ring?

- My savefile isn't showing up!
Open modengine.ini and change useAlternateSaveFile=1 to useAlternateSaveFile=0. If you updated from 5.0 to 5.1 and can't access your 5.0 savefile, do the opposite (I set it to 0 by default in 5.1 since multiple people had this issue.)

- All the item/spell/weapon/armor names are bugged!
The mod only has English text files; to fix this, you will need to change your language to English or install a third party translation.

- Do I need to start a new playthrough for this mod?
Surprisingly, no! This mod can be installed at any point during a vanilla playthrough, and it will work just fine.

- Where do I get this new gear?
All of the Sekiro gear is sold by Issei, who can be found opposite of Karla's spot in Firelink Shrine. The Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves (Dark Firelink) also sells some gear that didn't thematically fit Issei's inventory.

Where do I find the Fool's Greathelm?
The same place you'll find some of the unused armor sets from the base game that this mod adds. (Oh no! Guess you have to actually read this page to find out, in turn reducing the chances that you'll immediately go to the comments section and ask a question that the FAQ already answers... oh, the horror!)

- How do I transform the Blade of the Lords into its five different forms?
See this article, which also contains advanced moveset controls for all the mod's weapons.

- Is this mod compatible with [insert mod name]?
No, this mod is not compatible with any mod that requires you to overwrite any of this mod's files.

- Are you planning on adding compatibility for [insert mod name]?
No. Sorry that it has to be said so bluntly, but there is no such thing as DS3 mod compatibility unless the mods don't overwrite eachother's files. If any overwriting is necessary, you need to either merge the mods completely in every separate file that's overwritten. This is an insane amount of work, and not worth the time nor effort.

- Can you add [insert Bloodborne weapon, or any weapon from another game]?
No. I don't take requests, this mod is finished, and I am not adding any more content to it.

- I can't equip almost any of the weapons in my left hand! Is my game bugged?
This is intentional- a lot of the weapons use left-hand mechanics that you can't see, but as a result I can't let you equip them in your left hand, or they can and will break. The only weapon that currently allows this is the Talon of Hatred.

- I can't two-hand Kusabimaru and the Usurper's Mirrorblade! Is my game bugged?
This is also intentional due to the game's limitations. Kusabimaru's animations are from Sekiro, and though Wolf holds the katana one-handed, he swings it using both hands. To keep the weapon consistent with how it works in Sekiro, the weapon can only be used one-handed. Usurper's Mirrorblade functions like a big Kusabimaru, so it works the same way.

- The red-eye effect from Waters of the Deep doesn't go away when I die! Is my game bugged?
The Waters of the Deep's effect can be cured using Purple Moss or Blooming Purple Moss. I also strongly recommend reading the item descriptions, as these usually explain most of what you need to know. However, there are some unintended issues with this item in multiplayer, so I recommend being careful using this item for co-op.

- The Vestige of Hatred isn't working! Is my game bugged?
This is usually because you have the Waters of the Deep active. Like the Dragon Head Stone, you can only have one transformation item active at a time.

- I can't Lightning Reversal Nameless King's Swordspear lightning attacks or Dragonslayer Armor's lightning smash with Sakura Dance, it just stuns me out of it and I take full damage!
This is intentional, because these attacks would still hit you with a giant weapon even if you negated the lightning part of the attack.
Sakura Dance lets you reflect the following attacks:
- All player-used Lightning miracles
- Dragonslayer Swordspear's Falling Bolt Weapon Art
- Sulyvahn's Beast's lightning breath
- Nameless King's lightning attacks
- Soul of Cinder's lightning attacks
- Pygmy's Lightning Spear/Stake (The Ringed City DLC)
- Gael's blue lightning strikes (The Ringed City DLC)
- Kumogiri & Ashina Greatbow's Lightning of Tomoe 2H Weapon Art
- Blades of Conquest's Lightning of Tomoe Weapon 2H Art


For porting almost all the models in this mod, giving the advice I needed when I needed it, and being the best co-modder I could wish for:
- El Fonz0

For testing these weapons extensively to find and quickly squash bugs, creating moveset videos, as well as numerous valuable suggestions, my Seven Spears:
- Portunya
- LambentV
- SoulBlade17
- Richard Longflop
- Law
- Great Mighty p0
- Hat Skeleton

Extra thanks for helping out as an amazing community manager and setting up the community Discord:
- LambentV

For helping moderate the community Discord:
- Law
- Great Mighty p0
- Hat Skeleton

For an absolutely stellar performance as Issei the Pincushion, the mod's weapon merchant:
Greg Katerman

For Animstudio:

For his HKX editor and Mod Engine:

For porting all the Bloodborne animations, weapon models, various awesome Sekiro animations, and making them all easily publicly available:

For porting the Nightjar animations and several Genichiro animations:

For Yapped/Yabber:

For FLVER Editor:

For HoodiePatcher:

For helping me with map editing, custom NPCs, voice file adding/replacement and talkESD scripting

For helping me gain deeper understanding of the basics of HKS lua script, helping me figure out 1H/2H separated WAs, and clean trick weapon 1h/2h switching:

For helping me figure out the last missing piece of trick weapon functionality and generously sharing many amazing and extremely useful findings:

For figuring out behbnd behavior chaining with me and helping me understand how to register new animation IDs;

For all original assets, and making me lay down in fetal position and cry about Elden Ring:
From Software

For keeping me (mostly) sane in stressful times:
The Cinders community
The Champion's Ashes team (ask me to port Bloodborne assets one more time and I'll take you off the list)
The ?Servername? community and its ever-ongoing devoted research into what makes this game tick

Special thanks

SVTDI, for his great and lengthy videos using these weapons on bosses, and helping me figure out how to balance them better in the process.
Utsurogi Poly and Distractioncrab for their fun lengthy streams playing the mod and helping me identify several high-priority bugs in the process.
MaxTheMiracle, for lending me his ported Sekiro hair.
Vawser, for his Cinders mod that breathed new life into the game, his tireless work on it, and help with various smaller issues I ran into.
The Elden Ring marketing team, for driving me to insanity enough to start making this mod in my free time.
Hideaki Anno and Shiro Sagisu, because I can put whoever I damn well want in my credits section, and because Evangelion has gotten me through many tough days this year.