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The GEM is developed for all those that seek for a stable & mature atmosphere that brings a new challenge to their DSII.

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GEM - Graphics Enhancement Mod is a new shader collection (GEM) and a new injector (GEMFX) I implemented which also uses the SweetFX shader stack 1.5.1 and is inspired by SweetFX/Enbseries to improve the look of various games.
The GEM is developed for all those that seek for a stable & mature atmosphere that brings a new challenge to their DSII.

There are several reasons that can cause a crash. Typical injector conflicts are discussed HERE

GEM is build to work best with GeDoSaTo and ENB

GEM+GeDoSaTo instructions
Download GEM from FILES section above or visit
www.gem-fx.tk (not the latest version there but 1.0)
Click the Dark Souls 2 banner in the Projects section.

Direct Link
  • make sure to open GeDoSaTo.ini and set "enablePostprocessing" to false
I made changes to GeDoSaTo's general settings, bloom and DoF featuring low/high DoF versions.
(last compatibility check to GeDoSaTo version from 24.08.2014)
LowDoF (drop the files into your GeDoSaTo folder)

HighDoF (drop the files into your GeDoSaTo folder)

GEM+ENB instructions
You can find the instructions under the DSII-GEMvXX-ENB-HD file in the FILES section above.
Be aware that ENB for DSII is yet in development and can cause some artifacts like flickering of AO.

necessary files to delete (to disable the mod)
  • d3d9.dll
optional files to delete (all installed files)
  • d3d9.dll
  • GEM_Readme.txt, SweetFX_Readme.txt
  • GEM_settings.txt, SweetFX_settings.txt
  • SweetFX
In addition to the common SweetFX_settings.txt GEM offers the GEM_settings.txt to adjust the new features that come with GEM.
Two things you can try if having performance problems
  • Turn off DoF in GeDoSaTo.ini.
  • Set ExpEffects in GEM_settings.txt to 0
Ingame Key-Toggles
  • pause-key to reload GEM
  • scroll-lock to toggle GEM
  • K-key to enable edge blur (set GBlur to 1 first in GEM_settings.txt)
  • F11 to disable expensive dynamic lightning effects (some might find them annoying)
  • OBS works if you capture the monitor instead of the game.
  • MSI Afterburner works.
  • Steam Screenshots work but do not capture all effects.

GEMFX ->LuciferHawk, Boulotaur2024, icelaglace, Matso, Boris
ENBPresetInspiration->Wickfut, JARRRNO