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  1. neme0
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    So there are quiet a few news since today!!

    A: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin was announced with directx 11 support (and maybe some other improvements) for PC.
    B: I just recently released GEMFX for directx 11 so I am well prepared (though ENB and GeDoSaTo in its current state will not work).
    C: Today I also released the first directx 9 supported version of the new GEMFX which will be the base for my next update. If you cannot wait pick it up here

    Some impressions on what you can expect from the new GEMFX on directx 9::

    1. User_1867404
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      Oh man!
      I can´t take anymore teases!
      Guess I will finally play the DLCs !

      This will be great to keep me busy until the DX11 release!
      Cheers neme0!
    2. Clockwerk20x0
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      Hey there! I kinda need some help with this.

      I've been fiddling with GMFX and GeDoSaTo, but for some reason I can't get it to look like any of the screenshots that are posted here.

      Do I need to have the GEMFX window up WHILE DS2 is running? Do I have to have all the SweetFX effects enabled?

      What settings for GEMFX and GeDoSaTo do you have when you make those screenshots?

      I'm asking cause I want to get my game to look as much like those images as possible.
    3. Canikeo
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      How to transfer settings from old GEM to this new GEMFX? Please tell me or release a config for GEMFX please. This is driving me crazy trying to set this s*** up, you need a better install/setup guide.
    4. ExaltedKezia
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      Yeah can't seem to get my gemfx too look quite like the pics posted above either. Would be great if you could upload the gemfx configs somewhere.
    5. celix
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      Any news about this? It's months ago since the last update (
    6. shatil42000
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      Can you make GEM version without the SweetFX? Because I am usin Asmodean from gedosato. And every time I turn off the gaussian blur in SwtFX setting, the game turns into blurry black regardless of the GEM settings.

      I think GEM+Asmodean gonna rock.

      Thank You
    7. Zeffirus
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      As for how to use GEMFX with this and to get it looking as pretty as those screenshots, it's pretty simple. Took me a few minutes to figure it out. These instructions only work if you've already downloaded and installed GEM-ENB.

      1.) Download GEMFX
      (Go to DS2/Game, rename your current [d3d9.dll] to [d3d9ENB.dll] for now. While you're at it delete your [d3d9GEM.dll]

      2.) Install GEMFX, direct the installation to your DS2/Game folder

      3.) Overwrite anything it asks (j/k it shouldn't ask to overwrite anything if you've already renamed your current [d3d9.dll])

      4.) After installation open your DS2/Game directory, rename your new [d3d9.dll] to [d3d9GEM.dll] and then rename your [d3d9ENB.dll] back to [d3d9.dll]

      5.) Open your enblocal.ini just to verify it's using the d3d9GEM.dll as a proxy.

      6.) Open up GEMFX Configurator to adjust settings to your liking.

      7.) And you're done.

      Now you can enjoy this game with ENB and GEMFX.
    8. megaflash102
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      For those in need here is a link to GEM 1.0.8: You need this link for the mods to work, but because the old forum link got taken down and this mod is dead, it wasn't up. I myself barely understand how to make the mod work, all I know is I wanted my game to look like this and it's gonna goddamn look like it.
  2. Sinxer
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    Game is closed if
    #define USE_FILMGRAIN1 //[0 or 1] Filmgrain effect
    but all fine when
    #define USE_FILMGRAIN0 //[0 or 1] Filmgrain effect
    So how fix it?
    SweetFX_settings.txt from 2-1 DSII-GEMv14-ENB-LowDoF-HD
  3. mostyfar
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    Any way to make this work with SOTFS ?
    the screenshots looks amazing, I WANT THEM
  4. Painshadow
    • member
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    Why are you telling people to disable Secure Boot? Surely there's a better way to install textures? what's with all the .dll files and the need to install some strange program. This is just way too risky. No endorsement.
    1. YngvieMalmsteen
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      what a freakin noob
  5. AZagrebelnyy
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  6. colman44
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    What is the difference between GEM-ENB and GEM-GeDoSaTo? I'm trying to figure out which one I should install.
  7. revinevin
    • member
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    I need some help with the texture modding. I installed GeDoSaTo today, made the two folders (DarkSoulsII and Override in the former) in the texture folder, enabled the texture override in the config, and when I start Dark Souls 2.. nothing.

    Running on Windows 7 32bit, not using SotFS, have all the settings in the game set to High, anti aliasing is on since I hear that needs to be a thing. I've poked around, renamed the DarkSoulsII folder to Dark Souls II and back again, Override to override and back again, and yet nothing works. Please help?
  8. danzighhh1
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    does this work for scholar too?
  9. EternalReaper
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  10. harkinian69
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    Does this work for sotfs or no and if so is there any other injectors out there?
  11. Warpy
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    Please can someone reply with how to get this to work with Windows 10 x64?

    I'm having some trouble!

    1. p4rkourist
      • member
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      Having issues as well, game starts and effect compiles but everything is at about .05 fps not even in game yet any ideas mates?