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You can not run! you can not hide!
You need to dodge! you need to fight!
Bored of the conventional gameplay? Try to complete DS using rolls as your only mean of movement. Walking, jogging and sprinting are disabled.

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Rolly Souls

What this mod does

The mod disables all conventional ways for a player to move: walking, jogging and sprinting. This leaves only rolling and attacking as the only means to change your position.

  • Some human-like enemies won't be able to move as well. For example, Havel and NPC invaders.

Installation instructions

The installation and usage is the same as with Prepare to die Again mod:

A) If you have a standard working version of PtDE from Steam:
  1. Download my files and unpack them.
  2. Download Drag and Drop mod Manager (DSDAD) and launch it.
  3. Drag and drop the content of my ForDSDAD folder to DSDAD window.
  4. Launch Dark Souls via DSDAD by pressing the button at the bottom right.

B) Alternatively, you can unpack your Dark Souls files for modding (which will take additional 7GB of space, but will let you to run the game directly from Steam):
  1. Download my files and unpack them.
  2. Unpack your Dark Souls using UnpackDSForModding mod.
  3. Navigate to: DATA folder and make a backup of the subfolder mentioned below.
  4. Replace the files in the DATA\param\GameParam by my GameParam.parambnd from ForDSDAD folder.
  5. Launch Dark Souls via Steam.


It should be fully competitive with mods, which do not change GameParam.parambnd file. For example, Anor Londo Remastered, or Perma Gravelord, or Item Randomizer.

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If you think that my work is worth it, and want to encourage me: here is my donations link. (language can be switched in the right bottom corner)