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Enables Gravelord enemies, Good and Evil Vagrants to always spawn.

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Welcome to the Perma-Vagrant-Gravelord mod!

This mod enables Gravelord enemies, Good Vagrants(normal) and Evil Vagrants(Gravelord) to spawn. This was previously made by Wulf2k, but his site is down, and was the only source of the mod. That's why I've decided to recreate this.

!WARNING! This mod conflicts with enemy placement mods!

This mod can be used with the All enemies are Gravelord Phantoms mod.

List of Gravelord enemy locations:

List of Vagrant locations:

How to install (with DSDAD):

Get the Drag and Drop Mod Manager(DSDAD):

1. Drag all the files onto DSDAD.
2. Click "Launch Dark Souls with mods".


1. Run DSDAD.
2. Drag all files into "(GameDirectory)/DATA/dadmod".
3. Click "Launch Dark Souls with mods" on DSDAD.

How to install (manually):

1. Unpack your game archives.
2. Make a backup of all the msb files inside "DATA/map/Mapstudio/".
3. Place the modded files into "DATA/map/Mapstudio/".
4. Launch the game.

How to uninstall (with DSDAD):

DSDAD auto uninstalls them once the game session has ended.

How to uninstall (manually):

1. Delete the msb files inside "DATA/map/Mapstudio/".
2. Restore backups in "DATA/map/Mapstudio/".