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Allows you to use the language skills to convince enemies to join your party, and follow you around the world. Also adds conversation options for trading and naming your party members.

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Allows you to use the language skills to convince enemies to join your party, and follow you around the world. Also adds conversation options for trading and naming your party members.

The language skills comprise of Centaurian, Daedric, Dragonish, Giantish, Harpy, Impish, Nymph, Orcish, Spriggan, Streetwise and Etiquette. You can form a party of any enemies that speak these languages.

A rebalance of the language skills has been added where:

Spriggan becomes Animal Taming (Any animal can join your party)
Nymph becomes Necromancy (Any undead can join your party)
Centaurian becomes Sylvan Tongue (Centaurs, Nymphs and Spriggans can join your party)

This rebalance can be turned off in the mod settings if preferred


  • Make your own pacification attempts using language skills
  • Adds conversation options with pacified enemies
  • Ask up to 4 enemies to join your party, and follow you around the world
  • Trade with pacified enemies
  • Ask for the direction of the quest item in your current location
  • Name your followers
  • Friendly Fire option to prevent you harming your party
  • Option to add new Animal Taming, Necromancy and Sylvan Tongue skills
  • Enemy follower specific abilities
  • Level up your party members


To attempt to pacify an enemy - Click on a nearby enemy to make a pacify attempt. This will succeed based on your language skill and Personality. Each attempt will raise your language skill slightly. You can set the max amount of pacify attempts allowed per enemy in the mod settings (3 by default)

To converse with an enemy - Click on a pacified enemy, this will open a selection of conversation topics. Each conversation topic will again succeed based on your language skill and Personality, if you fail you will lose the conversation topic for that enemy.

How are you? - Shows you HP, MP, primary skills, level progress and enemy type. You can also check your animal party members' happiness here, pet them now and again to keep them happy.

What is your name? - Allows you to name the pacified enemies.

Follow me
- Will ask the pacified enemy to join your party and follow you round the world. This skill check gets progressively harder the larger your party size.

Party member AI - Your party will follow you until they see an enemy, and after the enemy has been dealt with they will return to following you. If you are too far away they will teleport behind you, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. If party members do get stuck or lost you can also use the console command teleparty, just make sure you have enough room behind you and they will teleport there.

Don't Attack Anything - Disables the enemy infighting for your entire party. Use this if you don't want your party to engage in combat. This can be toggled back on at any point using the Attack On Sight option

Excuse Me - If an enemy gets pacified and they are blocking passage, you can use this to pass through them.

Friendly Fire - By default you will not be able to harm your party (except with AOE spells), you can change this in the mod settings for extra difficulty if you prefer.

To heal your party - Resting for 7+ hours at a time will fully heal your followers. If you are unable to rest for that long you will have to rely on healing spells to keep your party healed. There is an additional 'Rest At Inns Required' option available in the mod settings for extra difficulty.

To level up your party - Ask 'How are you?' to see if a level up is ready. Resting for 7+ hours at a time will level up each party member, if they are due. Party members with a higher level than the player will not level up.

Enemy specific abilities - Many enemy types will have a unique skill you can use once per day, if they are in your party eg. A Thief can open locks for you. Check the Docs tab for a full list of these.

Automatic pacification - The auto attempts used in the base game are disabled by default, you can turn this back on in the mod settings if you prefer.

Illegal Necromancy - By default bringing any undead creatures to town is considered a crime, and guards will chase you down. This can be disabled in the mod settings if preferred.

Complementary Mods

  • Skill Books Allows you to also train your language skills with books
  • NPC Health Indicators Gives you a colour indicator of which team enemies are on, and tells you how much health your party members have left if they are injured (You can use the “How Are You?” conversation option for this information if you prefer not to use this mod)
  • World Tooltips Shows you the names of your party followers when targeted
  • Archaeologists Trainers can improve language skills, and some quests are language oriented
  • Vanilla Enhanced / HD Enhanced Improves variety of enemy sprites
  • Daggerfall Enemy Expansion Increases the variety of enemies you can recruit

Future Enhancements

  • Flesh out the trading options, add extra items depending on race
  • Add Racial abilities for your followers, magic spells that differ depending on race
  • Make Comprehend Languages add a buff to the conversation requirements
  • Add articles to the display pop ups if name has not changed eg. The Orc instead of Orc
  • Display party avatars in UI
  • Add an option to require Talk Mode to be enabled to talk to pacified enemies
  • Add 'Friendly Fire' option to prevent harming your own followers

Special Thanks
  • thenameisthegame for extensive playtesting and excellent suggestions