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Enhance Daggerfall Unity gameplay by making language skills more viable and adding a new guild to the game, called "The Archaeologists Guild". Their mission is to delve into the history of Tamriel and they're interested in all creatures and races who have lived or still live there. Joining gives access to locator devices to aid in dungeon delving.

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This mod enhances Daggerfall Unity gameplay by making language skills more viable and adding a new guild to the game, called "The Archaeologists Guild". Their mission is to delve into the history of Tamriel and are interested in all creatures and races who have lived or still live there. The guild is a scholarly one and seeks nether attention, power, or riches, but rather knowledge. Its guildhalls are found in smaller towns throughout the Illiac Bay rather than the more expensive and visible cities.The guild is loosely split into members who perform field work, and the more senior members who perform research and are experts in the obscure languages of Tamriel.

Essentially contains gameplay changes I would like for my own playing once DFU is released. I hope others find it enhances their play throughs as well.

Mod Objectives
  • Enable highly intelligent characters who don't use magic to still be a viable playstyle. Sneaking through dangerous dungeons, avoiding or pacifying enemies. Uses potions where necessary, and has access to recall via potion or item.
  • Provide a balanced in-game method for reducing the massive time-sink that DF dungeons can be with the guild service that provides a locator device for dungeon quest targets.
  • Language skill checks changed so high language skills give a much better pacification chance.
  • Language skills are easier to raise.
  • New guild allows training in all language skills up to the level of characters innate intelligence.
  • New guild provides hand-to-hand training, which is missing in classic.
  • Guild service providing locator devices that enable enhanced location of quest targets in dungeons.
  • New quests to be available from the guild. (written by Jay_H)
  • Adds teleport potions & recipe to DFU.
  • Mark of recall given to all new recruits. Can be repaired or replaced by the guild for a price.
  • Book containing guild ranks, benefits and hall locations given to new joiners. Can be replaced by talking to the mark repairer with a mark that doesn't need repair.

Locator Device

The intent of this service is to balance the atmosphere and epic-ness of dungeons, with provision of an in-game method for players to avoid searching the whole dungeon for hours and hours just to complete a simple quest that gets them 5 rep and a few hundred gold. It will not ensure every quest is successful, but just shortcut hours of very boring backtracking and having to explore every single crevice and cranny in the place. It's not intended to be used in every dungeon, but sparingly due to cost.

The locator device is available to any member and provides a magically powered ability to see the quest target location through walls. It will not activate until you have explored a certain portion of the dungeon (based on rank, senior members get the best devices of course
) and even once activated doesn't help with the labyrinthine mazes, moving elements or magically held locks. Any member can purchase devices but they are be very expensive (starting at 2k gp) but can be discounted to a third of the price if you supply a holy tome or dagger. You will receive one free device for joining and for each Archaeologists guild quest taken that requires entering a dungeon, unless you play with smaller dungeons option. Since the higher ranks are only available to high INT chars, this allows for characters who are not hoovering loot from corpses to be able to afford devices as they get cheaper and more effective with each rank.

The guild obtains the locator devices from a secretive sect of mages who have a different approach to things and do not see eye to eye with the Mages guild. For this reason those with high ranks in the Mages guild (6 and above) are restricted from the higher levels of the Archaeologists. (since they will probably be hoovering up loot and wont need the reduced locator cost either) Gaining reputation with Archaeologists will reduce reputation with Mages Guild a small amount. (note that the guild level restriction can be disabled in mod settings if you don't want that, you will still lose Mages rep when completing Archs guild quests though, so you'll still need to work hard)

Guild Ranks and Benefits

Rank| Title           |INT| Benefits and services
 0   Field Assistant   30   Training and purchase locators
 1   Field Agent       50   Buy potions and library access
 2   Field Officer     55   Recharge or replace recall mark
 3   Field Director    60   Make potions
 4   Apprentice        60   24/7 hall access and Avoid Death
 5   Novice            65   Free identification
 6   Journeyman        65   Item enchanting
 7   Associate         70   Daedra summoning
 8   Professor         70   Locator devices at cost price
 9   Master            75   Locator devices at less than cost

The INT requirement is on top of the usual skill and reputation requirements for ranks. Subject to change during balancing. Rank 2 is the big one where you begin to be trusted by the guild.

Guild Skills

Centaurian, Climbing, Daedric, Dodging, Dragonish, Giantish, Harpy, Impish, Lockpicking, Nymph, Orcish, Spriggan, Stealth

Centaurian, Climbing, Dodging, Daedric, Dragonish, Giantish, HandToHand, Harpy, Impish, Lockpicking, Nymph, Orcish, Running, Spriggan, Stealth, Swimming